We get a lot of Eva Green fancasting messages, tweets and emails from fans from around the world and we thought that we’ll do a little poll experiment. We’ll be posting two of the most requested fan cast for Eva recently: CATWOMAN and POISON IVY. Which one do you prefer? Reply your choice

Photo: Eva Green by Ellen von Unwerth© for Paris Match (May 2005) ; Eva Green by Satoshi Saikusa© for L'Officiel Paris (December/January 2011-2012)
Catwoman & Poison Ivy images was taken from dc.wikia.com


244 and 245/365 sketches challenge: trying out a more “animated” and “cartoony” style to see how it looks. I chose to draw batman and catwoman and their identities. I may do more DC characters.

I’m just a step away

I’m just a breath away

Losin my faith today

Falling off the edge today!

I am just a man

Not superhuman

I’m not superhuman!

Someone save me 

From the hate

It’s just another war

Just another family torn

I’m falling from my faith today!

Just a step from the edge

Just another day in the world we live 


Bruce Wayne~Batman

Selina Kyle~Catwoman

Jim Gordon

Ivy Pepper~Poison Ivy 



I found the GIFs on Google.