As of this week, Catwoman is officially bisexual.

Catwoman’s coming out is significant because the character is iconic, having debuted back in 1940 in Batman #1. As the title character in an ongoing series, Selina is one of relatively few out characters with real influence, and, as The Mary Sue notes, that we see her start a relationship with a character of color is doubly admirable. DC has struggled to date when it comes to representation; while there are plenty of LGBT characters like Batwoman, Midnighter, Apollo, and Green Lantern Alan Scott, few enjoy the same prominence as the core Justice Leaguers. (And remember the Batwoman marriage debacle of 2013?) Having a complex, storied character like Catwoman come out so matter-of-factly in her own book — and without attention-grabbing fanfare — goes a long way toward broader acceptance.

lostwithoutmyconsultingdetective asked:

I'm so excited and happy that Catwoman is bisexual. I knew I connected with her on a deeper level. She has been my favorite since I was a kid when I first saw her in Batman: the animated Series and Batman Returns. I may seem silly sending you guys a message about it but I'm just so excited! <3

Oh trust me, we know, we are so excited too.  Join us for jumping up and down like giddy schoolgirls!  This makes Catwoman the most ‘high profile’ bisexual character in mainstream superhero comics today!