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// 01. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend - Marilyn Monroe // 02. Gunpowder and Lead - Miranda Lambert // 03. Miss Jackson - Panic! At the Disco // 04. Elastic Heart - Sia // 05. Girl Got a Gun - Tokio Hotel // 06. Run This Town - JAY Z, Rihanna, Kanye West // 07. Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At the Disco // 08. Hurricane - Halsey // 09. Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds // 10. Miss Independent - Kelly Clarkson //




Make That Our Future
from Batman 317 1979-11

This is a great series of panels showing Selina and Bruce in a real life situation involving hurt feelings and forgiveness.

Their relationship back then had attraction, uncertainty, mutual admiration, jealousy, affection, misunderstanding, and having fun.

Their 1978-10 (when Selina went “good”) to 1987-02 (just before Batman Year One) run had all of this, both in costume and out of costume.

Sadly, the modern era has not had this Cat and Bat dynamic. They’ve hooked up a couple times (literally) and been in an on again, off again relationship.

But DC doesn’t let any Selina and Bruce relationship last, in or out of costume. It gets quickly cut like at the end of the first Hush series.

I think some of this has to do with the darker, grittier, more controlling Batman, aka the “Batgod” - a super capable, stern, distant hero.

Hopefully, DC’s Rebirth will return Selina to Gotham and she can start to interact with Batman/Bruce periodically.

And, maybe, just maybe, he can go back to occasionally showing attraction to Selina which has become much less frequent in the Modern Age.