Batman has Batmobile. Nightwing and Tim have their own cars at one point. Catwoman has Catillac and Joker has Jokermobile. Mr. Freeze has his ice truck/tank and Penguin has his giant ducky. Mad Hatter I think has a giant floating hat. Two-Face has two-toned porsche and Poison Ivy has giant plant. Damian built his own Batmobile, Batgirl has her purple bike. Are we really not going to make Gotham Cart a thing?

Gotham Cart brainstorming

Unless of course everyone’s sick of the Batmobile in Arkham Knight


Tim Burton Catwoman inspired shorts. I found these for 4 bucks and then hand stitched them. #cosplay #catwoman #casualcosplay #dccomics #womenofdc #palegirls #gothgirls #timburton #selinakyle