Capitulo 34 postado!

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É isso mesmo povo, depois de muito tempo, chegou o novo capitulo!! Me perdoem pela demora, mas como eu já expliquei por aqui algumas vezes, muitas coisas aconteceram nesse período que me impediram de postar. Espero que me perdoem por isso ‘-’

Enfim, espero mesmo que vocês gostem do capitulo e não se esqueçam de deixar um comentário (por aqui ou por lá!). Muito obrigada a todos que acompanham, vocês são os melhores leitores que alguém poderia ter! *-*


Gotham cast chat with tvguide at SDCC!


We have some really fantastic cosplayers for our Batman photoshoot but we still have characters we need!

We’re still looking for a Riddler, Catwoman, and Scarecrow in Florida. The photoshoot is 100% free. If you’re interested please message me!

Cosplayers pictured:
Poison Ivy: andy-doescosplay
Mad Hatter: wezamanus
Harley Quinn: missharleenfquinzel
Batman: Unnamed Facebook User
Joker: cosplay-in-the-usa

“The Women of the DC Universe – Alex Ross Homage” (Apr 29, 2014)

An art jam/commission 2 years in the making with contributions from various well-known comic artists at different conventions!

In order of contribution:

blue lines: Greg Woronchak
Supergirl: Stephane Roux (NYCC 2012)
Catwoman: Terry Dodson (ECCC 2013)
Wonder Woman: Ebas (ECCC 2013)
Batgirl: J. Scott Campbell (WWC 2013)
Hawkgirl: Mark Brooks (C2E2 2014)


Detective Comics, Vol. 1 # 844, Pages 9 and 16, and Detective Comics, Vol. 1 # 846, Page 22 - penciled by, inked by Derek Fridolfs, and scripted by Paul Dini.

*Paul Dini, Dustin Nguyen, and Derek Fridolfs crafted one of my all time favorite creative team runs on the Dark Knight. it was so, so good from start to finish!*

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I just see Bog and Marianne in everything now…

…but the question is:

Which one is which in this scenario?

Inspired by EriksTrueAngel’s Masks, Wings, and Lofe fic.


➥ Selina Kyle

« You say you’ve never seen a girl like me before
That you had a feeling as soon as you saw me
Said that I especially shined even among the many people
Come to me, baby come onI’ll walk over to you like a cat, picking a rose
I’ll give it to you, I’ll surprise you