This is what remains of the overgrown greenhouse at Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel, once the most notable of the Borscht Belt resorts, which shut its doors over 30 years ago.  In the summers, there were thriving flower gardens throughout the carefully landscaped grounds; in winters, a small botanic garden in here.  Located right near the 18-hole golf course - the only part of the resort still functioning (under new ownership), and on the hill where artificial snow was used for the first time for skiing, the greenhouse is still performing admirably - although now it’s weeds and climbing vines rather than flowers and exotic trees growing inside.

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If you make it to the Catskills, make sure to stop into the Phoenicia Diner, which is potentially the prettiest diner I’ve ever been to, and it makes sense, it’s owner, Mike Coffi has spent his career building sets for movies and TV. Always lovely and always delicious and always on my list when I ramble upstate.