Energy Reading for @catsfeltlings

Can you do a reading for me, please? Here are my results. Root: open (44%) 
Sacral: open (50%) 
Navel: open (38%) 
Heart: open (56%) 
Throat: open (62%) 
Third Eye: open (44%) 
Crown: open (44%) 

Blessed be.. :) Cat

— catsfeltlings _______________________________________________ Merry Meet Cat ! These results are quite remarkable :) you are an Old Soul so most of our life path is connected with others. There is a great sense of equality and justice, and our mind comes from a very magical place, where fantasy is just part of how u work. You are very spiritual and can easily communicate with our Guides, so you can get inspiration at the most random moments. u have very good intuition so u read others easily, you are very into giving, and can get really involved in try to help others. u r very good at giving advice, and often people come to u to ask for ur opinion (even strangers). You are an artist, and you have a very active mind that can create beauty with unconventional materials. You probably either sing or write, so you are very good at expressing yourself. u started loving yourself more, recently and I can tell you are in a loving relationship. I’m happy that u are with someone with whom u can share love and amazing sex. you work surrounded by people, and I feel they are very active and cheerful (prob children). you are really patient and often look at them as a future hope. you r very sexual and probably enjoy a more intense experience(fetishes and kinky stuff) good for you !you have amazing meditation practices, and you probably work with healing for a living, u are very prone to having rituals that allow u to direct ur energy towards the things u love, but also towards a bigger scale of impact, and I feel that where uare u completely change the thinking patterns of the people that surround you =D Merry Part a Merry Meet again, dear sis. Blessed Be. These readings are free, but if you resonate with what I said, I leave it up to ur conscience and you are welcome to use the Donate button (upper left corner of my blog), so I can take new Channeling/Healing workshops and we can all evolve together, or you can just go to my SHOP and get a awesome new poster or postcard made with my artwork for your room =) 

catsfeltlings  asked:

Hi Yamino! Hope you are all settled in and doing fab!! ♥ Real quick question... I went to Kickstarter to add to the SC pool of fundage and used the Paypal link and once it went through, it says Joseph Stillwell ??? Tell me it went through to you!! Or did I just give some random Joseph a Christmas gift? :) Much love to you and Ash!

No worries, Joseph (aka Jojo) is managing this Kickstarter for me, he is the CEO of Hiveworks. =)


My largest needle felted Marceline, inspired by Adventure Time, thus far… She measures at 21.5" tall and oh gessh, look as those lovely vampire toes.  I was so excited to create this for a customer and when she said she wanted her to be large (so very large) and that she wanted the exact outfit she was wearing in the episode, “It Came from the Nightosphere” INCLUDING THE FLIP FLOPS, I was thrilled.

Her hair is something new .. it’s wool with a tencel interweave so it has the appearance of being ‘real’.  A customer recommended I try it – I’m not sure I like it 100% but I do like it on her.  Maybe because she’s so big?  I don’t know.

As always, 100% wool – NO sewing, NO gluing…. just one needle, some glorious wool, my hands and a lot of time.

***I am not affiliated with Cartoon Network nor Adventure Time – I’m strictly a huge fan and love to create these purely out of adoration and appreciation of the show.***