Cathy Nguyen


Strangers Again.

Stage One: Meeting.

Stage Two: The Chase.

Stage Three: Honeymoon. (Best Stage)

Stage Four: Comfortable.

Stage Five: Tolerance.

Stage Six: Downhill.

Stage Seven: The Break-Up.

Strangers, again (by WongFuProductions)


Story behind this video;

Right when Ryan was lending in to kiss Cathy, Wes pops out of nowhere. It’s so cute and adorable! I totally ship them as a couple. This just makes all the Wes and Cathy rumors better ;D

Submitted by christy-nuyen


I’m behind on “online” life right now but here’s a video of me, Cathy Nguyen (lilcdawg), and Nessa Rica (@nessarica & 52ness on youtube) 

…singing my original “throwback” tune MEANT TO BE! :) 

Thank you to Andrew Rose for filming and editing!! :)