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The worker at the pet shelter is really pretty Ive adopted three cats just to see them again AU, SeaMexican!

i’m so sorry this took so long to get to, anon. i hope you like it!

(btw Adam and Cathy are not dating in this she’s more of a sisterish figure to him)

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“Adam, I think we need to talk,” Cathy said, eyeing him with concern.

“Huh? There’s nothing to talk about,” Adam said, not looking at her.

Her mouth twisted in pity. “Yes there is, honey. I think you may have a problem.”

Adam shook his head, petting the cat in his lap instead of answering verbally.

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Lately you have been asking about your body - wondering about your size and shape, why you look the way you do, why others look different.

Important questions that I’m glad you asked, and for now, this is my best answer:

You were born to be you.

You are not supposed to look like your sister, like me, or like any of your classmates.

You might notice similarities, and that’s fine, but you are completely unique.  You are important to this world, you are supposed to be here, and the design of your body is part of the greater plan of who you are – it should be no other way.

You may hear that you are supposed to look like this or that, or you may notice magazines or billboards that reflect a certain image, but they aren’t real.  They are people, just like you, who have been made up, dressed up, and air brushed.  This isn’t reality, it’s their work.

It’s great to have a healthy body and feel good about how you look, but self love is not about falling in love with your appearance.  It’s about knowing your insides – your bliss, your gifts, your ability to share and experience joy.

Self love will hold you up in every aspect of your life because people will treat you as you treat yourself.  When you love yourself you won’t allow others to take advantage of you.  And if someone intentionally decides to hurt you, you will find support and begin the process of healing so you can forgive.  Not to condone the behavior, but so you don’t carry around somebody else’s pain.

Taking care of yourself is your most important job – it’s the only way you will have energy to take care of others.  So don’t waste time disliking yourself, spend time noticing your beauty instead.  If you do, you will notice that everybody is beautiful, and you will be surrounded by people and experiences that reflect this understanding.

I see you when you are happily lost in yourself; when you are laughing, singing, playing, and twirling.  You shine so brightly I get tears in my eyes.  I feel your joy in being who you are, and I know that will always live inside you.

But at certain times you will forget, because unfortunately, we all do.

So your job is to have faith in that place, to remember that it’s not outside, it’s not in another person, it’s not in your clothes, it’s not in a job, and it’s not in a grade or an award.

It’s only in you.

And only you can celebrate the outside and inside of being you; so make it a celebration to remember.

And when you forget, please come back and ask.  I am here to remind you.

—  “A letter to my daughter about self love” by Cathy Cassani Adams 

This is so cute.

Amber, for sure. She’s a world-class singer. Just incredible.

I think Kevin McHale. He was on his way before Glee. He was in a boy band with Timbaland.

I mean, all of them–Darren Criss, it’s a no-brainer, right? And he made a record; it hasn’t come out, which is heart-breaking. And that’s the business; there’s nothing easy. And even if you’re Lea Michele or Darren Criss, it’s not easy.

And that’s why I say the work ethic is so important, and there is no entitlement in the entertainment industry. You’ve got to earn it. And you’ll learn that quickly.


Adam Anders, responding to the question, “Are there any other actors [in addition to Lea] on Glee that you think can achieve that success and have a solo career after this?”

AfterBuzz TV’s Chatting with Cathy

There were varying degrees of skill vocally, let’s put it that way. You know, Cory, who I love to death, and it was a heart-breaking chapter of this whole thing, had never sung in his life. He was a drummer. And he came into the studio and started singing, and he turned blue and he almost passed out. He didn’t know how to breathe and to sing at the same time–I mean, it was that raw. But he had a really cool voice, so I’m like, ‘We’ll figure it out.’ So we figured it out together, you know, and that’s how we became so close, too, 'cause we went through a lot together.

Lea was an incredible Broadway singer, but she’d never sang pop, so she was really resistant to singing like Rihanna and Celine and these songs that we did in the early years. And so that was a whole process.

Amber–I didn’t have to do much there, except to kick her in the butt to take it to another level.

They’re all amazing in their own way. But there were definitely some growing pains.


Adam Anders, talking about working with the talent on Glee, including “several of the actors…who hadn’t necessarily sang before.”

AfterBuzz TV’s Chatting with Cathy

It’s overdue. I think we all wanted it earlier, faster.

To [Lea’s] credit, she wasn’t going to do it until she was ready, and she didn’t care for the fact of her sales, she was like, ‘I’m not ready.’

We were pushing her to do it after season one; the head of the label and I were like, 'Come on; let’s do this,’ and we had it all mapped out for her. And it would have been massive, of course.

But for her, no; she wanted to focus on what she was doing, and I think that was the right call for her. But I’m really happy that’s she’s done it, and it’s really good, and she’s enjoying it. She wouldn’t have enjoyed it if she did it then; it was too much, it was too crazy–tours with Glee–it was just insane.

I think it felt like a cash grab for her then. Now it’s artistry. It’s the real deal.


Adam Anders, talking about Lea Michele’s solo album

AfterBuzz TV’s Chatting with Cathy