'Reborn Heart' album. What's new?

The work on my new album ‘Reborn Heart’ [synthjazz, synthrock, electrorock-pop] appears to be a more quick and hot thing that I could imagine in October 2011 when the very first song was written. Just today I’ve finished the work on the 6th song [out of 12!] and another two are already in queue and quite clear about melodies and harmonies.

The whole album will be published on & also on, but the single will be available on for free listening and download about middle of March - beggining of April 2012.


Man, you make me cry when I hear your bitching and uncertainty! Won’t you just cut your bla-bla-bla and do what you want instead of telling me what you WOULD HAVE done and what you WOULDN’T!? 

Is that SO hard? Is that impossible? 

If so, cancel your worthless dreams and abandon the very thought about me and start telling fairy-tales to someone else, to someone whom you can easily lure into your bed.

I don’t ask for much! I never pulled your words out of you! You said you want to spend your life with me and you’re still there sending your smileys, kisses and bisoux. Man, is that serious??????

And you, you personally kill my trust and belief in gentlemen! You do!!! And that’s f*cking painfull!