1. How long has Catherine Cobert been the League's Public Affairs Officer? 2. Why haven't we seen her since "Alienated"? With all of the hate that the Justice League had been getting in Season 2, I would think that we would have seen her trying to dispel the comments made by the Reach and Gordon Godfrey in a major way. Doesn't seem like she was doing her job effectively. 3. On another note, why haven't Lois Lane on the show? 4. And what is Lois' relationship to Conner? If they have any at all.

Greg responds…

1. Since just before the Hall of Justice opened.

2. There’s only so much available screen time. Take it for granted that she was doing her job.

3. There’s only so much available screen time.


Seriously Where is Catherine Cobert?

like she just vanished after the third episode of the second season. she’s the league’s public affairs officer, the league has gotten a lot of bad press in the second season, why haven’t we been seeing her do her job?

i really thought that they had introduced her to actually do something this season, but alas, nothing.

wasted potential if you asked me. would have been nice to see someone sticking up for the league in the media arena, when all we saw was the league’s name be slandered by Godfrey and the reach.

on that note, we could have seen lois lane fighting for the good name of the justice league as well through the daily planet. but i digress.

anonymous asked:

Artemis is that Katherine lady who spoke in a French accent while on tv, but I want to know why she isn't fighting evil anymore. Also, WALLY, BOTH ROYS, AQUA LAD PLEASE DON'T BE DEAD/EVIL/RETIRED.

I doubt it though, since Catherine Cobert was supposed to be in Season 1 and is the voice of the computer, and she had her own design before Invasion was even confirmed. :/

Cartoons have one person voicing multiple characters all the time. Jeff Bennett voiced Red Tornado and Alfred, but that doesn’t mean Red Tornado is Alfred.

And yeah, I hope none of the Season 1 characters died in the past five years too.. But I do think it’s unlikely that Greg and Brandon would have let any of them die offscreen? :/

But now that the excitement has died down, the question remains: who is the Crimson Fox? Even her fellow leaguers seem baffled by that question.

"She was inducted before I took charge," says JLE boss Catherine Cobert. "Ask Captain Atom. He seems terribly interested in her."

But former leader Atom could only stammer out, “I don’t know much, I just know she’s very capable in close quarters…In combat, I mean.”

Passive aggression and poor interview skills, brought to you by JLE leadership