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Oh, ok. So, instead of Wade, how about Clint Barton/Hawkeye? (Btw. You're awesome.)

keep in mind that this is comics clint

what he smells like: coffee and insomnia

how he sleeps: if he sleeps, it’s probably on the couch with lucky or on top of his bed’s comforter still in his jeans

what music he enjoys: the strange and wonderful combination that is sufjan stevens and they might be giants

how much time he spends getting ready every morning: listen. my boy doesn’t even manage to brush his hair consistently

his favorite thing to collect: avengers sticker books and shirts with dogs on them

left or right handed: completely ambidextrous

favorite sport: the worst part is that it isn’t even archery. he loves basketball and figure skating

favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: eating ice cream in a local dog park is a tradition for him at this point

favorite kind of weather: at the beginning of spring when it’s still a little crisp out and his allergies haven’t started up yet

a weird/obscure fear he has: he hates the sound of the garbage disposal

the carnival/arcade game he always wins without fail: aside from the obvious hand/eye coordination-oriented games, he’s a master of space invaders

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hey y’all. did you miss the cast of Critical Role on Game the Game? don’t fret, friends - i’ve made y’all a supercut of the most A+ moments from the second half of the show, which featured Taliesin, Travis and Liam. hope you guys enjoy.

(WARNINGS FOR OCCASIONAL, UNPREDICTABLE LOUD AUDIO for those of you wearing ear/headphones)

if you have suggestions for more supercut videos of special CritRole appearances outside of their own show, let me know here on Tumblr or in a comment on the video. 

(yes, i’m also making a supercut video for Matt and Marisha’s segment)

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what he smells like: generic dove soap until you get really close to him, then you can smell a small hint of vanilla

how he sleeps: he falls asleep with an arm around sam and an arm around bucky, but once he’s out, he turns into the most aggressive little spoon ever without realizing it. god help the man who tries to tell him that his enormous shoulders make it hard to cuddle him from behind

what music he enjoys: he genuinely enjoys folk rock music, both for the political message and the harmonies

how much time he spends getting ready every morning: more time than he’d care to admit. at least half an hour, more like forty-five minutes in the bathroom brushing his teeth and poking at his hair

his favorite thing to collect: all the little notes bucky and sam leave for him. he keeps them in a little box on his nightstand like the mega gay that he is

right or left handed: he was left handed to begin with, but it was trained out of him in school. he still draws with his left hand sometimes, though

religion: agnostic

favorite sport: baseball

favorite touristy thing to do when traveling: the nerd loves museums, especially natural history museums. he can’t stand modern art museums. sam tried to take him to one on a date and they had to leave in the middle because steve was getting Angry and sam didn’t want to rile him up too badly. part of the fifteen minute long rant in starbucks afterword got put on sam’s snapchat, though, and sam isn’t sorry

favorite kind of weather: mid-december winter. if it’s cold enough to turn your nose pink, steve is in a good mood

a weird/obscure fear he has: it isn’t a full-fledged phobia, but steve has a strong aversion to deep water. he can’t stand it after crashing the valkyrie, falling into the potomac, and crashing the helicopter. it’s just a little too much for him now

the carnival/arcade game he always wins without fail: dance dance revolution, much to sam and bucky’s delight

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