Catherine de' Medici

the signs as historical women

aries: Catherine de’ Medici
taurus: Catherine II the Great
gemini: Queen Victoria
cancer: Frida Kahlo
leo: Mata Hari
virgo: Elizabeth I of England
libra: Bonnie Parker
scorpio: Marie Antoinette
sagittarius: Mary, Queen of Scots 
capricorn: Joan of Arc  
aquarius: Wu Zetian
pisces: Mary Tudor, Queen of France    


“In addition to believing that the stars could influence the health and lives of human beings, Catherine and her contemporaries were particularly attentive to unusual celestial phenomena, such as comets and eclipses, viewing them as signals of divine wrath or as portents. Her life was particularly susceptible to such happenings. A comet was seen in 1533 at the time of her marriage and another in 1560, when her son, Francis II, died. The birth of Charles IX in 1550 was soon followed by an eclipse of the sun. In addition to an exploding star between 1572 and 1574, comets appeared in 1577, 1580, 1582 and 1585, a frequency which disturbed even the most hardened sceptic.”   R. J. Knecht, Catherine de Medici.