Reign – 2x18 “Reversal of Fortune” & 2x19 “Abandoned” Initial Thoughts

Late post I know, things have been crazy recently, so I’m melding 2x18 and 2x19 together since it’s a continuation of the latter final episodes of the remaining season. Crazy shits happening left and right so let’s just dive in….

1.) Mary Vs Catherine 2.0 – It seems the Mary vs Catherine cat fight is back and rearing its ugly head again. But I have to admit part of the reason why I like season 1 was their battle against each other. This may be a chance to see feisty Catherine back with her claws out, ready to fight. And we all know she’s at her best in protective mama bear mode.

As hard as I try to feel sympathy for Mary, I know I’m not the only person who gave a silent fist pump when Catherine called Mary out on her shit as soon as she burst in to see sick Francis. It’s hard to deny the truth of it all. Mary couldn’t even muster a word in her defense since she knew it was true. 

Can this be the smack down that would get Mary back to her senses? She certainly seems to be rethinking her position regarding France vs Scotland, because none of her plans make a lick of sense. I’m inclined to think that her passionate affair with Conde just enveloped her into a lusty feeling that’s hard to shake off. If you’ve ever felt it before you’ll know that it gets you to do anything to keep that feeling going.  It’s like crack I tell you…

But seeing Mary break Francis’s heart AND betray France by leaving Scotland with Conde is more than Catherine can bear for her baby boy. So the fight is on! Scheming Catherine is back and she’s ready to whip Mary and her boy toy every chance she gets. 

But I can appreciate the fact that she’s grown to have some care for Mary, even just a smidge at this point by making a remark that Conde took advantage of Mary at her weakest state. Good on you Catherine! At least you’re not a 1 note evil doer.

2.) Mary and Conde – It seems that Mary’s halo effect is finally wearing out and Conde is tired of broken promises and dreams with Mary. Not blaming the guy for feeling this way but Mary did WARN him beforehand about not being able to give anything but herself. So when Conde punched that window. Whoa! It got a bit scary for a moment. There was a crazed look in his eyes of a man who didn’t get the object he wanted. I’ve said before in my past 3 posts that Conde doesn’t love Mary for the person she is, flaws and all, just the image in his head of what she can be to him. And when it didn’t happen. Look out! Dangerous thinking combined with (as was shown in the episodes) disastrous consequences. Now that Conde feels rejected he’s allied with Queen Elizabeth, Mary’s #1 RIVAL. What a way to get back at the ex….

I do have some interest in seeing a darker Conde and him being the next main antagonist in Season 3, if he survives this season. I feel like the fall out with Mary and everyone else would give a justifiable cause for his character to turn dark. His proxy marriage to Elizabeth would also have a good connection in bringing out Mary’s biggest rival into play. We’ve already seen hints of Elizabeth coming to the screen as a larger character.

3.) Francis LIVES

So Francis survived his near “death by ear infection” with the help of some superstition and poison. The writers brought back Clarissa whom we have not seen since season 1 as the poor sacrificial lamb to fulfill Nostradamus’s prophecy. We can all tell that this was a bit of a plot contrivance as they needed some way to bring Francis back from the brink of death and get rid of the prophecy plot that has been hanging over our heads since season 1. But I won’t deny I was disappointed by the execution of it all. It was actually more funny then tragic with Bash saving Clarissa from being hung by the noose from local villagers, only to kill her AGAIN by putting poison in her drink. A life for a life, because the main character has to be on the show! I actually burst out laughing to be honest…

4.) Francis not taking Mary’s shit – Again I gave a whoop in the air as Francis told Mary off on all of her shady dealings once he was back on his feet. And it was freaking glorious. I’m not saying that it’s good to watch Mary get a beat down by everyone, but having the characters spout out what the audience have been thinking about her questionable choices is something she desperately needs to hear so she can snap herself back to her senses. I do like that the writers made the characters AWARE of all the consequences that can and will happen. Mary doesn’t need to be mollycoddle by Conde. She needs to hear to hard truth of it all.

5.) The Fallen Women – It feels like it’s been a while since we’ve actually had some girl talk between the ladies. It was nice to see Kenna, Lola and Greer together. And Kenna’s expression about the three of them being fallen woman, The unwed mother, the divorcee, and the madame, gave some great insight and humor amongst all the angsty drama. I can even see each of them holding a place card in front of them:

But now that Greer is a Madame, she would know all sorts of secrets from high class nobles coming in and out of her club. There could be some great potential storylines with the ladies and have them be covert operatives. Men thinking they have the power while woman holds all the cards. Like I said industrious Greer is someone I really like, despite her new occupation. I want to see this happen writers other than the love fest mess.

And can we appreciate another girl talk (though short as it was) with Lola, Kenna, and Mary? Lola delivered the best line of the night without having to sound like a condescending bitch. “Is it possible you might be confusing gratitude with love?” Let’s all stop and think about how true this statement might be. Love doesn’t do what Mary’s and Conde are doing. Every time Mary says “I love you” to Conde and vice versa it just instinctively raises eyebrows from me.

Now that all of the ladies have “fallen” there’s nowhere to go but up.

6.) Catisse vs Lorcisse

I find that me writing the analysis about the latest development on the Lorcisse pairing became longer then I expected. So I’m going to post a separate standalone analysis shortly. It also involves massive squealing***

Final note:
Going through the episodes, there’s been one theme that seems constant throughout the whole season. LOVE TRIANGLES. Good, bad, backwards, forwards, you name it. I’m betting Reign sets the record of most love triangles in the history of television.
Let’s see there was:

  • Mary / Conde/ Francis
  • Mary / Lola/ Francis
  • Lola/ Conde/ Mary
  • Lola/ Narcisse/ Francis
  • Claude/ Narcisse/ Lola
  • Catherine/ Henry/ Diane
  • Claude/ Bash/ Kenna
  • Kenna/ Bash/ Antoine
  • Greer/ Castleroy/ Leith

And the latest additional to the fray:

  • Narcisse/ Catherine/ Lola
  • Conde/ Mary/ Elizabeth
  • Bash/ Kenna/ General Renaude??????

Mind you this is just in SEASON 2! There was no stopping the writers from going the incest route either
I’m inclined to just let the characters throw an orgy party to get it over with and move on.
Wish list for season 3. NO MORE LOVE TRIANGLES! I think they’ve exhausted the concept not to mention the storylines that goes with it. 

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