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Hi, may I ask where did you see the behind the scenes footage of Rooney and Cate's Cannes interview? The one with Rooney's hand under the table.

Oh, hey darling Anominous! I saw this gif in facebook page and the link directs to this page

(facebook page)

I do not know who was responsible for this gif …. but we have to admit: Rooney was like a puppie in love! :D

But, of course, she was reasons for this. We list some:

First act: Cate caressing the “fabric” of Rooney dress

(poor Roons, long time as they did not see themselves and Cate barely keep your hands away the Rooney’s arm)

Second act: Cate grabbing Rooney’s boob

(Ok, guy… we know how much this is very significant)

Third act: kindness generates kindness

(Rooney was a real gentleman with the Cate’s jacket problem … attentive person’s example and always ready to help her wife (I said wife?))

Conclusion: Cannes and the whole trajectory of Carol movie were a very revelatory experience! (Cate words


I want you to watch this, and if you like it or were moved by it, to reblog it. It’s five minutes long. That’s a long time in internet terms, I know.

Please do it anyway. Click and watch. Trust me. It’s important.


Carol (2015) poster by Jordan Bolton, made by recreating original objects from the film. 6th poster in the ‘Objects’ series.

Reversible poster inspired by the role reversal that takes place between Therese and Carol over the course of the film.

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Carol – Through windows and glass
“In this film, we are always in the point of view of the more amorous character: the disempowered person. We shoot through windows and glass, to make you think of the act of looking and looking back, with people positioned on either side of the glass. When we think of our love affairs, our most memorable ones are those that put you on the side of the weaker and desiring subject.” - Todd Haynes