Catching Fire was great


4x04: I’m just saying that math can’t tell a qualitative difference between good and bad. A computer can’t tell me what I want.

You and me.
—  Gordon Clark, when Joe asks him what he’s excited about

Were you, um, uh, you know… (Halt and Catch Fire 3x08)

Alternate caption: Joe trolling Gordon = comedy gold

Sweater Weather

- An excerpt from the latest installment of Sweater Weather. Read the full fic on AO3

Leggings. They’re fucking leggings. Shouto chokes on his own spit when Midoriya jogs up to the dorm wearing his oversized hoodie, sleeves bunched at his elbows, and leggings . His tongue feels leaden in his mouth. Black, tight, stretchy, soft leggings. They hug every. Fucking. Curve. His friend’s legs are shapely and strong, muscles clear through the thin material and-

Don’t catch fire. Don’t catch fire.

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huricane30  asked:

Scenario or reaction of S & M & T boys where their S/O is very close with a child(like 5 or 6 years old),spends time with the kid and gives him affection so she doesn't pay attention to them anymore (If you can,of course😁. I love your job in this blog XX 💟💟)

I’m sorry, but I have very limited knowledge on the Tsukinami boys, so I won’t be able to answer for them. And thank you! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog! Other than that, I hope you like the answer to your ask. I decided to make the child theirs (as in the boy and his s/o).

Shu- At first, Shu wouldn’t really care. He loves the child dearly and is glad that his s/o keeps him occupied to he can sleep more. However, he would miss having you cuddle with him in bed. He would catch you when you were going to tuck in the child, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you onto the sofa on top of him. “Let the child child sleep alone for once, woman.” Then, he wouldn’t let you leave for the night. 

Reiji- He wouldn’t mind at first and would be proud to know that you turned out to be a proper mother along with being a proper wife. However, after a couple weeks he would become irritated. He missed drinking tea with you and having intelligent conversations. He would wait for his child to go to go to school and would pull you aside. He would whisper in your ear darkly, “So, dear. You think you can just stop paying attention to me?” You would try to protest, but he would interrupt you saying, “Seems as though you are in need of punishment.”

Ayato- He would be irritated after a twenty-four hour period. He would hate it. The next day that he realized he wasn’t getting his usual doses of attention he would push you up against the wall, cornering you (the child was out with a friend). “How dare you choose to ignore Ore-sama, Pancake?” You would, or course, try to explain that you didn’t mean to ignore him at all. He would chuckle and smirk at you. “No, Pancake. I think you need to be reminded of who you belong to…” Cue to blood drinking and other… things…

Kanato- Fuck that shit. He would be so pissed within the first hour of realizing that you stopped paying attention to him. He wouldn’t even wait for the child to be out of the house when he decided to confront you. “How dare you! I helped you make that stupid little brat!” He would scream angrily. Then, he would clutch his Teddy tightly and begin to cry. “You don’t love me anymore, Y/N-chan. Why? Am I not good enough?” Then he’d smile. “Hey, Teddy, do you think if we get rid of the child she’ll love us again? Yeah, I think so too.” You would have to figure out a way to calm him down unless you want your child to catch on fire in thirty seconds.

Laito- He would think its great that you have such a great bond with the young child! Now, it’s hard to say, but Laito wouldn’t care if your time was being taken up by a child (your with a kid, not another man). He wouldn’t mind because his own time is being taken up by other women… However, at some points he would go to you and seduce you into “spending some quality time” with him. Other than that, he loves that you are preoccupied with a child; it makes cheating on you all the much easier. “Okay, Bitch-chan! I’ll be going out again today, so you and *insert child’s name here* have fun!”

Subaru- He’s glad that you love the child so much to give your undivided attention to him/her, but after about a week, he’ll start to feel lonely. Feeling lonely is something that he hasn’t felt in a long time since meeting you, so he really feels it now. He would either leave things as they are or pull you aside and tell you about how he feels, blushing along the way.

Ruki- He is happy that you are a devoted mother, but he misses you being a devoted Livestock. He would drop the kid off for school and return to you, smirking. Yeah, you got it, this guy is going to seduce you. He would walk up behind you and whisper dirty things in your ear. “Come Livestock… You have been neglecting your master for too long.”

Kou- At first he would post picture of you and the child’s close bond and be very happy about it. However, we all know this guy’s mood changes quick. Soon, he’d be pretending you guys even existed, but this only made his mood worse. He would tap his foot impatiently one day, waiting for you to finish singing the child to sleep. He would then push you onto the floor, y’know, so he can stand above you. He would look down on you and say in his scary sweet voice, “M-neko-chan, you know that this is a give and take world, right?” You would nod fearfully. “Well, I’ve given you that brat and you took him, but what have I gotten in return?” You searched for an answer, but couldn’t find any. “Exactly. So now, it’s only fair I take what’s mine.” Cue excuse to drink you blood and have rough sex with you.

Yuma- You are busy with the child and he is happy because this means he can still tend to his garden the way he used to before becoming a father. He would be very happy… For a little bit. Then he would find himself talking to no one in the garden. Or right, he used to have a certain little Sow help him, but now she’s not there because she’s always with the kid. So, he would (being his rough self) grab you by your arm, not caring whether or not the child was present. He would drag you into the garden and give you a basket, demanding you help him tend to his garden, or else. His blush, however, gave away that he just wanted you to spend some time with him again. 

Azusa- He wouldn’t be able to handle it, man. He would be so upset, but he wouldn’t tell you about it. You were happy spending time with the kid, and he didn’t want to take away from your happiness. He would try to distract himself from the loneliness by cutting himself. He would never tell you how he felt about the whole ordeal. He would just keep it to himself. You would be the one to find the increasing scars on his body and bloodied sheet. Then you would have to ask him about it, and he would be honest with you, telling you that he missed spending time with you, but didn’t want to disrupt your happiness.


Maybe you’re new to the fandom, maybe not? You probably want to read some hella good fanfics.

Well, I made a short list for you! (there are more, but it’s a start).

1. Back To You -

The story of Johanna after her Victory in the 71st Hunger Games, as well as Catching Fire/Mockingjay in her POV. 

This really is one of my favorites, Johanna’s backstory is very-very well written, and the Joniss is just absolutely adorable. Also, the author updates almost EVERY DAY. I am forcing everyone to read this RIGHT NOW. It’s wonderful. 

2. your skin and bones -

Begins in Mockingjay around where Katniss offers to share a compartment with Johanna. The story doesn’t really follow a set storyline. It’s more like a set of drabbles in chronological order.

your skin and bones is such a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I highly recommend this one.

3. Something So Beautiful -

Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen both ended up in the 74th annual Hunger Games, competing for their lives and glory. However, what happens when the two form an uncanny alliance and an unbreakable bond? Will their love help them survive the games or will the pressure and events throw them overboard and cause their romance to break down? Let the odds be ever in their favor.

Someone had to write a fic about this, right? It’s a new one, but I can tell this is going to be a great fanfic. I guess we all kind of know what is going to happen in the end…. but come on, sometimes you just want to read something with all the feels.

4. I can try to pretend, I can try to forget. -


Johanna has loathed the idea of having a life parter chosen for her, and when her new co-worker happens to be Katniss Everdeen she is enraged. Johanna will have to learn to work with the girl, and try not to fall in love.

Believe me, this story is adorable. However, it’s still in progress. I am seriously waiting every day for an update. Read it!


* every fanfic by mason-johannas:

There are plenty of them. I love them all. Read them. 

* After the Elevator -

Yes, it’s smut. But….it’s great smut.

Enjoy reading them!

Neopian countries and the IRL countries they're eerily similar to

Faerieland- America
- terrible healthcare
- claims to be the most good country on the planet
- that claim is up for debate
- full of white people

Moltara - Southern California
- hot
- H O T
- steampunk is popular
- great tourist destination if you want to catch fire

Meridell- England
- duh
- lots of castles
- used to be imperialists, but now they’re just kinda there
- I still have no idea how the royalty works

Darigan Citadel - Germany
- super serious
- was good at sports that one time
- was taken over by a crazy dictator who led the country into the second in a set of two major wars
- started off strong in said war, due to advanced military hardware and surprise tactics
- was defeated by time travelers
- also America helped a little bit at the end
- seriously this one had to be deliberate

Virtupets - Japan
- technology up the wazzoo
- adorable mascots
- tried to take over the world, but they’re chill now