Catching Fire was great

Some of people say...

that Chris Evans would be a great Erwin Smith.

Alright, he has the muscles and the blond hair (and my boyfriend says he look like Ken). 

I disagree.

Lee Pace is Erwin Smith. Badass look, eyebrow, and he is big.

Realy big!

Look “Halt and catch fire” (great TV show by the way) and tell me that the main character Joe Mac Millan doesn’t remind you Erwin. And Lee plays him the perfection.

And he has muscles too…

Special fangirl.

I like the scars…

  • Marcos mom: Okay we'll only be gone for a few hours! Are you sure you two can handle that??
  • Marco: Yea mom we'll be fine. I unplugged everything that Star could potentially catch on fire.
  • Marcos mom: Oh okay great! Love u mijo!
  • Star: *Whispers to Marco* ur mom just called u a ho

Who are you?

I always found Joe’s initial response to the computer’s questions to be very symbolic in itself. The way his first impulse is to refer to himself as JOE MACMILLAN, like it’s his brand, his image, which the computer rejects. The computer forces Joe to ask himself, no WHO ARE YOU? Forcing him to strip back his image to just Joe.  It’s still a question Joe is trying to answer at the end of the season, but that’s the moment when he first starts trying to answer it. [~ reddit user benofie]