Catching Fire was great

shows i have classpect analysis ready for:
  • 30 rock
  • adventure time
  • archer
  • arrested development
  • avatar
  • better call saul
  • bob’s burgers
  • bojack horseman
  • breaking bad
  • broad city
  • community
  • crazy ex-girlfriend
  • futurama
  • gilmore girls
  • gravity falls
  • the great gatsby
  • halt and catch fire
  • it’s always sunny in philadelpia
  • last man on earth
  • legend of korra
  • mad men
  • over the garden wall
  • parks and rec
  • regular show
  • rick and morty
  • scrubs
  • steven universe

ask me about any of these!!


Maybe you’re new to the fandom, maybe not? You probably want to read some hella good fanfics.

Well, I made a short list for you! (there are more, but it’s a start).

1. Back To You -

The story of Johanna after her Victory in the 71st Hunger Games, as well as Catching Fire/Mockingjay in her POV. 

This really is one of my favorites, Johanna’s backstory is very-very well written, and the Joniss is just absolutely adorable. Also, the author updates almost EVERY DAY. I am forcing everyone to read this RIGHT NOW. It’s wonderful. 

2. your skin and bones -

Begins in Mockingjay around where Katniss offers to share a compartment with Johanna. The story doesn’t really follow a set storyline. It’s more like a set of drabbles in chronological order.

your skin and bones is such a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I highly recommend this one.

3. Something So Beautiful -

Johanna Mason and Katniss Everdeen both ended up in the 74th annual Hunger Games, competing for their lives and glory. However, what happens when the two form an uncanny alliance and an unbreakable bond? Will their love help them survive the games or will the pressure and events throw them overboard and cause their romance to break down? Let the odds be ever in their favor.

Someone had to write a fic about this, right? It’s a new one, but I can tell this is going to be a great fanfic. I guess we all kind of know what is going to happen in the end…. but come on, sometimes you just want to read something with all the feels.

4. I can try to pretend, I can try to forget. -


Johanna has loathed the idea of having a life parter chosen for her, and when her new co-worker happens to be Katniss Everdeen she is enraged. Johanna will have to learn to work with the girl, and try not to fall in love.

Believe me, this story is adorable. However, it’s still in progress. I am seriously waiting every day for an update. Read it!


* every fanfic by mason-johannas:

There are plenty of them. I love them all. Read them. 

* After the Elevator -

Yes, it’s smut. But….it’s great smut.

Enjoy reading them!

Neopian countries and the IRL countries they're eerily similar to

Faerieland- America
- terrible healthcare
- claims to be the most good country on the planet
- that claim is up for debate
- full of white people

Moltara - Southern California
- hot
- H O T
- steampunk is popular
- great tourist destination if you want to catch fire

Meridell- England
- duh
- lots of castles
- used to be imperialists, but now they’re just kinda there
- I still have no idea how the royalty works

Darigan Citadel - Germany
- super serious
- was good at sports that one time
- was taken over by a crazy dictator who led the country into the second in a set of two major wars
- started off strong in said war, due to advanced military hardware and surprise tactics
- was defeated by time travelers
- also America helped a little bit at the end
- seriously this one had to be deliberate

Virtupets - Japan
- technology up the wazzoo
- adorable mascots
- tried to take over the world, but they’re chill now

anonymous asked:

Do you ever just cry because Steve Trevor??? When he was giving his little speech to Dr Poison about loving fire because it was the ultimate, living act of entropy, since it was a reminder of how everything was doomed to return to the ash from which it came... and he goes and dies in a fiery blaze. I can't with this movie and my feelings. I must say though, when he mentioned ash and fire it reminded me of Hades...

i cry daily over steve trevor, thank you very much.

the fire thing is a great catch. also don’t forget the whole: “i’m taking you to the front. we’re probably gonna die. this is terrible idea.” - a self fulfilling prophecy.

ALTHOUGH you mentioned hades, anon, how about: ‘raise like phoenix born from the ashes’ ;)

anonymous asked:

Okay, so for Father's day I'm making a Parenting for Dummies for my dad but just filling it with bad parenting tips. Got any good ones?

any sim jokes like ‘remove the pool ladder’ ‘make sure to leave food on the stove for too long so it catches fire and dont help put it out’ its a great idea and hes gonna love it