when you see the full name of marge simpson on here and you dno’t realize it at first so you google it to see who it is and you see that its marge simpson and then u see a wiki page being suggested like in the first or second result and you’re like huh i wonder what information on marge simpson they’ll be here that may be pertinent to understanding this art project i’ve been viewing and don’t really understand because i dont watch the simpsons and you’re scrolling through it and you notice that the wiki mostly consists of pictures of her feet and then you realize you’re on a wiki for foot fetishists 

Campo urbano. Interventi estetici nella dimensione collettiva urbana, Como, September 21, 1969. Edited by Luciano Caramel, Ugo Mulas, and Bruno Munari, Text by Luciano Caramel, Photos by Ugo Mulas, Designed by Bruno Munari, Editrice Cesare Nani, Como, 1969