Introducing Kamen Rider Build and a variety of his forms! Similar to Kamen Rider W, Kamen Rider Build has a mix-and-match style that gives him access to many powers that best suit the situation. 

Some of the forms pictured include: Rabbit Tank (centre cover), Gorilla Diamond (top right of cover), Ninnin Comic (centre left cover), Hawk Gatling (bottom right cover), Tank Hedgehog, and Rabbit Cleaner. Also seen are Night Rogue (black bat-themed) and Kamen Rider Close (dragon-themed).


“I don’t think I’ve worn one of these since I was a kid. But if I had to play an architect, I would probably want to wear one. Or if I were to play a movie critic. I am incredibly observant of what people are wearing. There really is something about the saying that clothing creates people and I use that when it comes to the characters I play.” — Mads Mikkelsen after putting on a turtleneck for the Kaufmann photoshoot

bonus… baby mads in a turtleneck 🐢❤️😂


~Megane’s Commission Catalogue~ [OPEN]

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  • Payment needs to be upfront and I will not start it unless I have received payment.

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