Catalog Heroes

So, I was going through Empowered for research purposes (my bizarre quest to catalog every young super-hero, and Emp being basically in the post-college age range counts), and I thought I’d work backward to save time.

So I began with Volume 9 and thought I’d just do a quick browse through but … I ended up just re-reading the whole thing.

To be fair, a lot of amazing stuff happens in Volume 9, but what got me on this re-read was the full page spread of Emp, after chewing out her douchecape collegues, having beaten a ton of villains and gotten all the evidence to exonerate herself in the process … then this happens.

This hit me so hard, it’s just so amazing.

I mean, the emotional buildup, the splash page.

Even if I didn’t empathize directly thanks to my anxiety disorder, this’d still hit hard.

Kudos to Adam Warren and his incredible work, in both words and pictures!