Our trailblazer for today in honor of #WomensHistoryMonth is award-winning news anchor Robin Roberts!

Robin became ESPN’s first on-air black anchorwoman, which led her to an anchor spot on Good Morning America where she was recognized for her extensive reporting on Hurricane Katrina. Robin beat cancer twice, and used her platform as a way to drastically increase the number of bone marrow donors in the U.S. She’s received numerous awards for her work in journalism, sports and philanthropy – a 2012 Peabody and the Arthur Ashe Courage award to name a few. After officially coming out in 2013, Robin continues to be a symbol of courage for all women!

So I was going through my files again, when suddenly..

I remembered I did this way back for a delirious logo …. It was that time when vanoss had a new logo and It reaaaally impressed me.. and I guess I wanna try and do something for the bear-lovin maniac

So this was an attempt I did through flash pro before when I was still a 2D animator and tried to post it on twitter…. (dunno what was I expecting)



And since I left my freakin pentab at my grandad’s, I hope I get to see some more hidden art in my sorry excuse for a desktop because I won’t be posting any art for a while…. 

‼️ Char bubble + Locker . 

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I’ve been dead on almost all platforms of social media for over a year. 2016 was NOT my year. That short hiatus almost turned intto a perma-cation.

I’ll be uploading some of the art i’ve made and start making new content/comics to resurrect myself from the dead and i’ll start it off with some Overwatch stuf!