Don’t think I haven’t noticed your absence.  You haven’t been very active for a few months…  I thought perhaps you needed some time to figure out what to do.  Or maybe even online life became tiresome; it often does.  

Whatever goes on in your life, I want you to realize that there are lots of people who like you as you are, and want the best for you.  We hope you find reasons to smile every day, and we hope you realize your worth.

Be happy for us…

…but also be happy for yourself♥


(this image is based on the ref image of the character, found here)

FOR LEXI ILUUUU <3333  MERRY LATE CHRISTMAS!  Sorry I got this to you late ;w; You’re such a wonderful and kind and funny person and just arghhhhh ILU SO MUCH!!!!!!

Winter wear for a sexy lady!  Ernst got her a new axe~ (((uo I have to say, doing her hair was pretty hard, but really fun! >u<  Yes I am still doing these no I have not forgotten, I will get to everyone…even….tu……ally 8’“’)

I was listening to The Stars from Les Miserables , and it made me think of Kalx so much *Sobs* And then my precious little Iyayayayyayaa doesn’t feel well today :/ So I took a break from commissions to doodle something for her.

Kalx adores Andari more than anything. And for years he battles his feelings, trying to focus and give his entire life to God, and the fact that she’s like a super model and he’s a freaking yeti. Until he finally realizes, he can live for God, AND Andari. And can die happy if Andari likes him back *Wiggle Waggle* Anyway. Kalx working up the courage to finally pop the question <3

“Why would you give me these arms…if you’re going to kill me for having them?”

I guess maybe…it should be noted that when I draw sad pictures, I usually am feeling sad somehow u_u;;  Not quite sure how to put my current mood now, but I haven’t been feeling too happy lately.  Today and yesterday even moreso than before.

Anyway, this is my OC, Mr. Lazuli.  He’s wearing a t-shirt for the first time, I guess, and…I imagine that every day, just seeing his own arms, reminds him of what he’s done and that Rekenber’s looking for him.  His own augmented arms haunt him, every single day, so that’s one of the main reasons he wears long sleeves and gloves (the other is to just…not stand out).  Somehow I like this look, where it looks like I’ve drawn on paper with marker…something like that.  It’s kinda cool and…modern?  Not quite sure how to put it.

Edit: Fixed a few things that were bugging me about it