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You know that deleted scene from 3x01 when Beckett's writing on the murder board and catches Castle staring at her ass? Can you write an AU of sorts where he/she either says/does something about it?

She did it on purpose, a test of sorts if she could still grab his attention with her assets or if he was focused solely on the case. When she catches him checking her out while she’s bent over, eyes wandering over her ass, he at least has the decency to look chastised, and she hates it, but it has her going a little soft for him. 

“See something interesting?” she mutters, capping her marker.

Castle shrugs, his eyes flicking back to her, this time making a slow, sly perusal down the front of her body. 

“I wouldn’t say interesting,” he murmurs and her brow creases with involuntary hurt. She doesn’t even intrigue him anymore?

“You wouldn’t?” she snaps and his eyes flash back up to hers, widening with surprise at her expression.

“No, I mean - yes! I just meant I was already interested and I found it more than interesting so I-”

“Save it, Castle,” she mutters, slamming the marker down and striding away towards the relative safety of the break room, but he surprises her, stalking up behind her and catching her by the arm, hauling her in the opposite direction. “What the hell do you think you’re-”

“Enough of this,” he growls under his breath, sending a totally inappropriate, unwanted flare of arousal shooting through her abdomen. “I’m done tiptoeing around what happened.”

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