I didn’t realize this picture got into the Art Gallery until someone pointed it out! I submitted it for Discovery of Meridell Day but they published it early, I don’t know what’s up with TNT lately.

I’ve always been fond of Meridell ever since I joined Neopets (it was still sacked by Darigan’s armies at that time). The small filesize requirements crushed it with dithering, but at least I can upload a high def version here.

Netflix Schedule For Future Marvel Shows

“Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos offered a loosely drawn picture of when fans should expect new series to debut and favorite series to return.

Sarandos confirmed that Luke Cage will premiere on Sept. 30, making it Netflix’s second Marvel series this year, following Daredevil Season 2. Marvel’s Iron Fist and Marvel’s Defenders will both premiere in 2017, and Jessica Jones Season 2 will premiere back-to-back with The Defenders. Production on Daredevil Season 2 spinoff The Punisher will commence sometime after Jessica Jones Season 2. However, Jessica Jones Season 2, The Punisher, and Daredevil Season 3 won’t be released on Netflix until at least 2018.”

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I miss Castle. I really, really miss it. But not in the ways I’d expected; I’m not struggling with this now-unending ‘hiatus’, I don’t feel like I’m waiting for spoilers, photos, news that will never come. I don’t miss the show it became in the end, one I hardly recognized, that didn’t grab me anymore. 

What I miss is what the show used to do to me, for me, when I fell for it. That excited leap inside my belly when a new episode came on, that grin on my face I couldn’t suppress when Beckett and Castle bantered their way through their scenes, or the way I’d hold my breath when they were in peril. That sexual tension that virtually leapt off the screen. That urge to write, that need to put words on paper to capture them, keep them alive and vibrant scene after scene. They left slowly, those feelings, imperceptibly at first, until some day I realized that I’d forgotten it was Monday night and did something else instead. 

There’s no show, nothing quite like it out there that elicits that same excitement for me. Not yet. Maybe some day… But for now, Castle - the unique joy it brought - is irreplaceable.  

The Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor (cover by Robert Bledsaw Jr, Judges Guild, 1978, 3rd print 1980)  Like the evil counterpart to the Keep on the Borderlands, Badabaskor is a bandit-run fortified village with a 5 level dungeon that escalates quickly from a few orcs to multiple dragons.  There are 2 pages of alternate room descriptions in the back, and DMs are encouraged to change anything and everything to adjust the difficulty or flavor of the encounters.  One of Stephen Colbert’s favorites.


Once again thank you pawn gaylord !! The girl who drank the star from Kiyoyachi howls moving castle AU.