Castle Season 7

You’re wrong, Sir. In every case you have referenced, I have not only successfully brought the killer to justice, but I did so with the utmost respect for the law, and for the department I represent. And regarding my relationship with Mr. Castle, he has proven to be a brilliant partner, and he’s always had my back. And as for his… fictional representation of me, I’m proud to have been his inspiration, and I am proud to be his wife. You asked how do I expect to lead? By continuing to fight for what’s right, not for what’s easy. My job is to protect the citizens of New York, and I will do it by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results.[b] I don’t cross the line. I put myself on it. And if you have any other questions, then you can ask the families of the victims that I have served.

Kate Beckett 7x23