Castle Ruins

Headcanon: Dead Harmony, its victims and how Celestia treats all of this

“You have opened a door to hell and invited the devil to Equestria!”

- Applebloom

Dead Harmony is Jeremoth’s realm of the death. It lays in Daimonie, the realm outside of Equestria where imagination and reality melt. This world basically covers the dream realm, the celestial realm, Discord’s chaos realm and Dead Harmony.

Dead Harmony itself resembles a dark forest. The trees are shrouded in fogg, the sky has a weird, blue glow and it is always night. In the fogg, one can see corpses of varieing sorts and causes of death. At the center of Dead Harmony lays a large castle ruin with marbled floors, collumns, covered in ivy and skulls on the floor.

It is this place where the victims of Jeremoth’s spell find themselves. There they are not tortured or forced through incredible pain. Instead Jeremoth makes them play games childrens play and dance. This happens so often and so long (aka every single night), that the ponies soon become sick of it and even depressed by it.

The time in Dead Harmony stands still. No one dies, but no one lives either. Everypony has a very twisted immortalitie, an eternal life. Some of Jeremoth’s victims are thousands of years in this place. However the ones that were taken recently, have the ability to leave this place. Or rather: They only stay at Dead Harmony during the night and their sleep.

These victims are (in order of the time they get enchanted):

  • Applebloom: is the result of a trade between Jeremoth and Trixie; she got resurrected, however Jeremoth now has all rights over her; her left ear is missing as her enchantment sign
  • Diamond Tiara: was traded away by her father for a magical gem stone; her enchantment sign is her now almost missing tail
  • Big Macintosh: found Jeremoth by accident and after a favour traded himself away; his tail too is missing in parts
  • Sweetie Belle: under a trick involving a moss oak and Big Macintosh, Rarity accidently sells her sister for a piece of wood; Sweetie is enchanted as a victim that stays in Dead Harmony forever; she suffers from memory loss

Celestia is aware of Dead Harmony and she fears that Jeremoth is fillynapping her subjects. However she knows there is very little she can do about this. Jeremoth’s magic differs from her own. She knows he takes parts of the enchanted ponies and if one were to recollect these parts, the ponies would be free. But she also knows this is very hard.

Because of this, Celestia tells nopony of Dead Harmony and even tries to warn/threaten the ones she knows are victims. She knows their pleas cannot do anything and she believes if she defeats Jeremoth, she can undo the enchantments or at least learn where the missing pieces are.


This forgotten castle (Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers) was abandoned after a fire In 1932. Seeing it up close is breathtaking. These days it seems like castles only exist in storybooks and Disney movies. What happened to the foreboding dwellings of our wealthiest ancestors? The truth of the matter is, while there are still many castles in Europe, many have fallen into disrepair and ruin over time. However, a group of preservationists in France are trying to save a 13th century castle that is slowly being reclaimed by nature. The story behind the abandoned property is just as fascinating as what’s left standing today. See an amazing video here. Photography by Infraredd