Title: Cabin Fever
Author: DangerousNotBroken
Artist: delicious-irony
Rating: Explicit
Pairings: Dean/Cas
Warnings/Tags: writer!Castiel, mechanic!Dean, anxious!Castiel, accidental roommates, vacation fic, romantic comedy

Due to a romantic-comedy level  booking blunder, grumpy stress-case Dean and reclusive writer Castiel end up shuttled off to the same remote cabin for two weeks, and nobody seems to care that neither of them wants to be there. But since they’re stuck in the same cabin for the duration of their vacation, they might as well play nice and make the best of it right?


Dean’s so stressed out he can’t sit still, Cas can’t boil water without setting the place on fire, and they’re so on each other’s nerves it’ll be a miracle if either of them survives until their rides home arrive.

At least the tension is just social, and not sexual, right? Right?

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“Tombstone” - thoughts on symbolism

I know I’m a little bit late for all the discussion and meta this time, but unfortunately I didn’t have any time to write earlier.

So, here are my thoughts on symbolism of the latest SPN episode “Tombstone”. This episode was full of symbolism and I won’t write about every detail (the post would definetely get waaaay too long), so I’ll try to focus on my favourites and some (hopefully) new aspects. Here we go!

1. Dean’s faith

The cross has already been talked about quite often and of course it’s directly linked to Cass. In my opinion it stands for Dean finding his faith in the world and what he does again now that Cass is back.

2. Jack as the bull

Some of you might have read my first meta post on 13x01, when Jack wore the t-shirt with the devil’s horns and the text: “Don’t mess with the bull or you’ll get the horns” written on it. If I follow this interpretation, I can actually see all members of team free will 2.0 in the picture above. Sam and Dean (obviously), the cross standing for Cass and the bull in the bar sign standing for Jack. Even Baby is included :-) To prove my theory about Jack as the bull further, have a good look at the following picture:

Jack is standing directly under the bull’s horns. They’re right above his head. So, in reference to the t-shirt: don’t mess with him or you’ll get his horns, meaning his powers will turn against you. This episode no one really messes with Jack except himself: he blames himself for the death of an innocent person. Maybe this whole interpretation is also a foreshadowing of what happens with Jack in the near future.

By the way: all of team free will 2.0 are sort of represented in the hotel room…

Jack is the bull (there’s a bull’s head hanging on the wall), Cass is the stuffed goat’s head hanging on the opposite wall and Sam can be seen in the cowboy behind which he sleeps in his hotel bef. Which leaves the cowgirl over the other bed for Dean… ;-)

3. Dean’s male and female sides

So, as I stated above, the cowgirl could stand for Dean. But if you have a closer look at the picture above many other interpretations come to mind, which all lead to the possible (not definite!) conclusion that Dean could be bi. Dean is sleeping in the bed on the same side as the cowgirl, but he is wearing a red shirt and blue jeans just like the cowboy. So both aspects are combined in him. Furthermore he’s sleeping in a room to which you can get through doors that swing “both ways” and that lead to a closed closet (Dean’s not out in the open yet). Sam tried to open those doors for Dean this episode (you remember the scene filmed from the closet’s perspective), but Dean didn’t really take this opportunity (he said “WE got Cass back”… he’s not ready for stating openly, that HE got him back in a different way than Sam has).

4. Cass’s wings:

We don’t textually know that Cass got his complete wings back. But in this scene Cass is sitting on the couch in front of an engraved bull’s head, of which we can only see half. In my opinion it looks like a small wing. Following through with my interpretation that the bull stands for Jack, this could mean that Jack’s powers not only resurrected him, but also gave him his wings back.

5. Cosplaying as cowboys:

Well, there’s so much meta on this already, I won’t add anything new here. The symbolism speaks for itself :-)

6. The power of a nephilim:

When Jack accidentally kills the security guard and Cass tries to heal him, I wondered why it didn’t work. Are Cass’s powers weakened? Does he become more human? Interesting thoughts, but in my opinion Cass just can’t overcome the immense superior power of a nephilim. Meaning, whoever or whatever Jack kills stays dead. Maybe this could also mean that whatever Jack brings to life (Cass) stays alive…forever…

7. Jack’s in a dark place:

I really liked the sad ending of this episode. It was so well done. Dean finally admitting that Jack isn’t a monster, everybody trying to convince Jack that it was an accident… But Jack can’t belive that. He thinks he’s an evil monster. That’s why he’s sitting in the dark (first picture), which “highlights” his turn to the dark side (though it’s only because he still hasn’t grasped the truth about light and dark yet: there are so many shades of grey inbetween). In the second picture we can see him separated from everyone else, just like in the last scene in the hotel: a foreshadowing of him going away on his own. Bevore that he has always been seen in the same room with at least one other person.

8. No shutters:

There’s no picture for my last observation. During the last episodes Dean was shown in light and shadow cast by shutters many many times (standing for light/dark and an imprisoned mind because of his feellings). This episode there was no such symbolism. Now that Cass, his “big win”, is back, he’s finally free again.

That’s it for this week, stay tuned for more after the next episode! Bye!

Title: the long way to the end of the universe (and back again)
Author: lentezon
Artist: ishallnameyoujoe
Rating: M
Length: 83k
Pairings: Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jess
Warnings: canon-typical violence, allusions to past non-con

When the ship Dean Winchester works on crashes on a desolate planet, he’s not expecting to survive for long. What he’s expecting even less is to find that the planet isn’t as void of life as he’s been made to believe, and that there are reasons behind his crash beyond his imagination.

A story about (literally) finding life, finding love, and the race to save an Earth on the verge of dying.

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