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5 years later…
Science!! It’s for science!!

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“Cas, you got your ears on?”  Dean squeezed his eyes shut, whispering to himself as he paced the treeline.  “Cas, come on… I need you, man.” 

“Who are you talking to?”

Opening his eyes, Dean sighed, the corners of his eyes crinkling as he smiled at Mary.  At his mom.  “Just wait, mom.  You’ll see.”


Dean spun on his heels, finding himself nose-to-nose with Cas.  He didn’t have time for words before he was in Cas’s arms, nearly crushed by the strength of the angel’s embrace.  “Hey, Cas,” he whispered, letting himself lean into it.  He let himself bury his face against Cas’s neck.  

“You’re alive.”  Cas was near tears as he clung to Dean, his fingers gripping the hunter’s shirt.  

“I’m alive.”  Sighing, Dean forced himself to pull back ever-so-slightly to look at Cas, let himself get lost in that breathtaking blue for a moment, as he had so many times over the years.  “How did you find me?  I don’t even know where the hell I am.”

Cas smiled, sliding to Dean’s shoulder.  “Well, we do share a more profound bond.” 


Turning, Dean took a step back from Cas, smiling proudly.  “Mom… this is Castiel. Cas….  He’s… He’s my…” He paused, looking at Cas, his hand still gripping the angel’s arm.  “Angel,” he finished.  “Cas, this is my mom, M–”

“Mary.”  Cas stepped out of Dean’s grip, making his way toward Mary.  Smiling, he reached out for her hand, squeezing it gently.  “It’s good to see you again, Mary.”

Again?” Dean’s brow drew together in confusion.  “What do you mean again?” 

Mary looked to her son and sighed, a gentle, sweet smile tugging at her lips. When she smiled, Cas could always see where Dean’s beautifully charming smile came from.  “Castiel came to visit me sometimes.  He let me know my boys were okay.  That they had a guardian angel watching over them.”  She squeezed Cas’s hand, and touched Dean’s cheek with the other.  “That my boys were loved.  By so many, and so much, but by no one more than him.” 

Imagine Taking Sam On A Roller Coaster

Request: Can you do one where reader takes TFW to an amusement park and Sam and reader end up holding hands on a ride cause Sam is scared? – Anonymous

Author’s Note: I hope you like it! I used The Beast from Kings Island because I’ve road it (forever ago, but still) and I loved it. If no one knows what I’m talking about, here is some information about it. Y’all have a good Friday and don’t forget to send in those request! – Haley xx

“Can you even fit?” you asked Sam.

You born and raised in Ohio close to Columbus, but even closer to Kings Island. The four of you, Cas, Dean, Sam and yourself, were passing through Ohio heading back home, but you begged Dean to let you all stop for a day.

Kings Island was the place to go every summer. You and your family always went a few times during those hot months and you would stand in line for hours just to ride The Beast, the best wooden roller coaster in your opinion. Plus, you knew Sam and Dean had never been here or to an amusement park before in their life and they just had to go.

You and Sam were currently in line for The Beast while Dean and Cas stood off in the shade. Dean refused to get on a wooden roller coaster and Cas started naming off worse ways to die, so you pull Sam into line with you.

“I think,” he said.

“I hope so,” you bounced in your spot. “This is my favorite ride.”

The line moved fast and you and Sam were finally able to get on. You shoved Sam into the very first car in the train and strapped both of you in. “Should we be in front?” Sam asked.

“Being in front is the best part,” you smiled. “You aren’t scared, are ya?”

Sam scoffed, “Me, afraid of a roller coaster? Sounds like bullshit.” You laughed and pulled the lap restraint down across yours and Sam’s legs. The train lurched forward and you saw Sam hold onto the restraint for dear life. “There’s no loops, or anything crazy like that?” Sam asked.

“Nope, just some drops.”

The train took a slow turn left and everyone started cheering as it chugged up the first drop. It felt like an eternally getting up there, but when the train dropped, you threw up your hands up. This was the best part of sitting up front, the wind hitting your face, getting to see what came next, and being able to scream as loud as you wanted.

The twist and turns of the ride made you feel like a kid again. The second drop was getting ready to happen, and this was your favorite one because of the break before the drop. Adrenaline was rushing in veins and everyone else on the roller coaster train were chanting and yelling. You hadn’t been paying attention to Sam the last few minutes, but you weren’t worried, until the train dropped and Sam’s warm large hand held tightly onto yours.

When the ride was over, you had to pry Sam’s off of yours so you could unbuckle and move the lap restraint. Sam’s hands were shaking when you helped him off the train. “I wasn’t scared,” Sam said, trying to shove his hands into his pockets.

“Sam, it’s okay,” you reassured him. You all found Dean and Cas standing at the picture booth. The Beast had hidden cameras all over the ride and when you walked up, Dean was doubled over laughing. “What’s so funny?”

He pointed at a picture of you and Sam. Sam’s eyes were squeezed shut while yours were opened wild and you could tell you were screaming and laughing. You both looked ridiculous, but you could also tell that Sam’s fingers were locked with yours.

“I didn’t know you and Sam were a couple,” Cas said, looking between you too.

That made Dean laugh even harder. “Sam got scared, Cas.”

“I did not!” Sam said, defending himself.

Dean clasped his hand on your shoulder, “This is the best day ever, thank you,” before wiping the tears from his eyes. “I need a drink now, come on, Cas.”

You watched Dean and Cas walk away before saying, “Asshole was laughing so hard he cried.” You turned to Sam, “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have made you get on.”

Sam seemed to calm down for a second and gave you a shy smile. “It’s fine. I just wish I knew I liked holding your hand before the ride of hell.”

You held your hand to him, “You can hold it again, if you want.”