This. I was just watching Supernatural, and then I see this. Dean and Cas are literally lost in each other’s eyes. They look like they’re standing at an alter about to get married. And Sam’s just back there as a third wheel, and you can just tell that he feels awkward. He can see something’s going on. That’s even better because the title of the episode is “The Third Man”. Sam is literally the third man. He looks so unamoosed. It looks like he’s just thinking, “Oh my gosh, guys. You’re making the moose uncomfortable. Just kiss already, but not in front of moose. Moose would feel awkward.” Too perfect


*stares into the camera for a solid ten seconds*
“I see you, you fangirls. The people who write erotic gay smut about my bestfriend and I. I fucking see you, bitch. Sitting on your couch or on your bed, I know who you are.”