The Signs as Supernatural Characters
  • Aries:Sheriff Jody
  • Taurus:Castiel
  • Gemini:Charlie Bradbury
  • Cancer:Chuck
  • Leo:Gabriel
  • Virgo:Sheriff Donna
  • Libra:Ruby
  • Scorpio:Sam Winchester
  • Sagittarius:The Impala
  • Capricorn:Lucifer
  • Aquarius:Dean Winchester
  • Pisces:Kevin Tran

“This is very high, Y/N. Are you sure you want to do this?” Cas asked, looking down to the waves below. “The man at the hotel said there were hikes we could take–ones that didn’t involve jumping off cliffs.”

“Are you scared, Cas?” you asked, teasing. He looked to you with his face set, though, brow furrowed, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“I’m worried about you, so yes, a little scared,” he said. “There are rocks we might hit on the way down, the tide could be strong, there–”

“Cas,” you stopped him. “It’s a leap of faith. Kind of like getting married to me was.”

His face softened at that and he took your hand in his, running his thumb over the ring on your fourth finger.

“Then we’ll jump together here, too,” he nodded, and clasping your hand a little tighter, the two of you counted down and, holding tight to one another, you jumped together into the unknown.


anonymous asked:

I just read someone's thoughts on a certain possible pairing within a fandom, and the author thought that the eventual occurrence of said pairing was likely because of, according to the author, of the clear sings of jealously that each character displays when their possible future romantic partner expresses a romantic/sexual interest in another person. Do you feel that those displays of jealously apply to Dean and Cas?

Hi, Nonnie! Considering that Supernatural isn’t a show that focuses on romance, we don’t have many moments for Dean to be jealous of Cas or vice versa. However, there are some displays. This is my favorite, from 7x17, when Dean sees “Emmanuel” with his wife: 

Dean’s look makes me so sad. He’s not even angry; he just looks hurt, broken. 

There are others up to season 7 that you can check in this post. In the Carver era, I remember other moments like when Dean interrupts Meg and Cas in 8x17:

when Dean chokes on a burrito immediately after learning Cas had sex in 9x03:

when Dean thought Cas was going on a date in 9x06:

Dean’s face before giving Cas advice for his “date”:

or when Dean hears Cas say there’s a female outside in the car in 10x03:

On Cas’ part, there aren’t so many. The classic from 4x10:

The “What stuff?” Cas says when Dean tells him there’s other stuff he has to do and that’s why Cas can’t immediately go to Dean in 5x04:

and the “What other angel?” when Dean tells Cas that another angel is going to help Sam in 9x01:

Some people could yell no homo for many of these. All I know is that these are not scripted, but thank you Jensen and Misha for your facial expressions (especially Jensen).