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Ohh I love your headcannons *.* specially the tattoos ones xD can I get one with Kouen, Sinbad, Kassim & Judar's lovers having tattoos? Which kind they would like? \o/ have a nice day~


> The first imperial prince would like small tattoos on his lover which he could trace with his fingers when they are alone, cuddling or just resting in bed and talking with each other. Something like a butterfly, small dragons or symbols would be to his liking, maybe on their belly or shoulder

> For the style: He would like Traditional Art or Illustrative, with vivid colors


> He wouldn’t mind if his s/o has big tattoos over their arms or legs but he would find it very beautiful if they have wings on their back. He sees them as an angel, send for him from heaven. His own little salvation. So wings would fit them best in his opinion but he accepts whatever they want to be tattooed on their body

> He likes the Tribal Style or Hyper Realistic Tattoos


> He would like it if his partner had tattoos on their hand(s). Something like the infinite-sign between their fingers or a feather, dispersing into little birds on their arm would be just right for him, since he can hold their hand and even kiss it in public, adoring it whenever he can see it

> His favorite kind would be dotwork and watercolor tattoos

Thank you for saying that, I hope you like it (´ω`*)
I still have to restrict the ask to 3 Characters, but feel free to send in Judar again (:


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