You can hate the Disney sequels all you like

But I will defend the sequel characters with my life.


From Alibaba’s entry (Magi second guidebook):


He aims to be a dependable man like Cassim

He grew up watching Cassim who was the closest to him and came to admire his charisma, strong leadership and boss-like aura.

Caption: he failed at immitating him when he tried to smoke a cigar.

Point: ever since Cassim’s death, he’s aiming to be a man who can support others. He wishes to be someone who can provide mental support to everyone, not by copying others, but doing it his own way.

Caption: in order to end the chain of hatred, he rids himself of it (iffy)

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Point: even when he’s paralyzed with fear, he instinctively rushes to save his companions and can’t abandon them.

anonymous asked:

Cassim and Alibaba having a very rich girlfriend


  • He would be lying if he told himself he wasn’t tempted to use her money. He wouldn’t though. 
  • He’d feel guilty at times causing you to reassure him.
  • He would be grateful every time you get him a gift, prepare to be showered with kisses. 
  • No matter what, he’d still love you. It’s not the money he fell in love with.


  • He would feel guilty every time you get him a gift. He’d still accept as he does have manners.
  • He would shower you with affection to compensate for his lack of gift giving. 
  • He’d have to remind you to stop spending money on him. You can never help yourself.
  • He’d love you even if you didn’t have all that money.

At first I didn’t like this guy, but now I’ve started to have a crush on him (especially on his looks! he is so freaking sexy!). Also I did a different style of coloring.

So, what do you think? Should I make more drawings like this or should I give up?