Hunger Games make-up contest

Model/Make up artist - Tess Laeh

Photographer/Hair/Wardrobe - Cassandra Melena

Not sure if anyone else was bitten by the Hunger Games bug, but I sure was! I read the whole series in a week, couldn’t put it down for the life of me. Needless to say, when I saw that not only there was a Capitol Couture website, but also a make up contest I had to go for it! So here it is, District 12, the girl in love ♥

Sculpture - Monster bird bust I sculpted, molded, and painted this guy and it took an entire semester to complete, but I’m really happy with the end result.  Made out of poly-foam, he stands over two feet tall and will happily eat your soul if you backtalk. Bird Creature By Cassandra Melena Eye painted by - Will Ritter


I’m sculpting some ram horns to sell as head pieces on my Creatures Grimm Etsy shop. Once these bad boys are done I will soon mold and paint them.  I may end up leaving some blank so people can paint them to whatever color they choose.  In a few weeks, the Etsy shop will be open for all to see. But for now, check us out on Facebook for updates on whats to come.

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This is a fiberglass bird creature mask I made for an independent short film by Dorian Cleavenger called, "The Companion.“  After everything was finished, molded and fiberglassed, I had to adjust the "helmet” to fit more as a mask, so I cut the back half off, sanded down the edges and refit the mask on my head, it ended up working out well and gave me more room to breathe.  

By Cassandra Melena

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