Cassandra Pentaghast

I like to imagine that one of the ways Cassandra keeps tabs on Cullen in their off hours is by having him teach her chess…and instead of monitoring his behavior she only gets increasingly more pissed off that she isn’t winning.

Cullen: “It appears I once again have you at a material disadvantage, Lady Cassandra.”

Cass: “Bullshit! My tactic was sound. In a battlefield, a proper army could have easily outmaneuvered-”

Cullen: “If you don’t forfeit we’ll be here all night.”

Cass: UGH! *flips the whole board off the table*

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See, now you're making me want Cassandra and Shepard bonding over how chess is a terrible, unrealistic representation of war.

Ha ha ha, yes.

Shepard: First of a, FIRST OF ALL, this taking-turns thing? Complete bullshit!

Cassandra: You can’t expect your opponent to sit and wait while you decide on a move!

Shepard: EXACTLY. Efficient decision-making and decisive movement are critical in a combat situation.

Cassandra: Ugh, Cullen would sit there with his chin in his hand, as if he was examining his shaving job, and think about what he wanted to do until I was ready to throttle him! And he knew it!

Shepard: Completely unrealistic.

Cassandra: And the, what do you call them, castle things–

Shepard: –rooks–

Cassandra: They can move. What is that supposed to be?

Shepard: And apparently the horses can fly?

Cassandra: Ah… actually the Inquisitor does have a flying horse.

Shepard: ???

Cassandra: Made of lightning? Or something of that ilk.

Shepard: Your Inquisition is weird. 

Cassandra: I cannot contest that.

Shepard: And nobody can retreat, I mean, what the hell is a wartime simulation where you have to just keep stomping forward endlessly?

Cassandra: Precisely!

Shepard: And don’t even get me started on the bishops. ‘I wear a silly hat and move at an angle!’ What even is that?

Cassandra: Remind me to introduce you to Lady Vivienne some time.

oh my god it all fits now YAY. I had to re-do the pauldrons because they were proportionally way way too big, but sometimes that happens with the first piece you build, and sometimes you gotta scrap things to make the costume better.

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companions/advisers + gifts for the inquisitor?

Something short and sweet! Thank you!


  • Blackwall would give something serious. Contrary to popular belief he wouldn’t whittle something unless it was requested. He’d write the Inquisitor a letter. It would hold more value to him to write what he needs to say to the Inquisitor rather than purchase or make them something.
  • Cassandra is not very good with gifts and would ultimately struggle. She’d take the Inquisitor out shopping to allow them to get what they want. This way she can see what to get them next time.
  • Cole would find something very small like a locket or one of his knives. Some items that meant something special to him. It isn’t much but it would have meant the world to him.
  • Dorian’s gift would be simple. A rare book or a flowers. Despite his grandiose demeanor he isn’t big on making large gift displays.
  • Sera would give the Inquisitor a poorly wrapped box. It’s light and very suspicious. Spoilers: ITS BEES.
  • Solas would take them into the fade regardless of their race. He wants them to experience what he has and share some of his knowledge with them.
  • The Iron Bull gives gag gifts. Even if the situation is serious Bull would give a joke gift. It lifts the mood and what did the Inquisitor not have that they couldn’t get with the snap of their fingers?
  • Varric would share tales. Books were too much and he would assume everyone would give them something tangible so why not give them fun stories without the “exaggerations”.
  • Vivienne is difficult. She’s appreciative of the Inquisitor but doesn’t like to show it. Her gift would discreet like an amulet.


  • Cullen would give the Inquisitor something practical. Armor or a weapon one that is stronger than their old one. He wouldn’t think to get anything personal since they needed to be professional.
  • Leliana would definitely take the Inquisitor shopping. In origins she would talk about dressing Morrigan and I would believe she feels the same about the Inquisitor.
  • Josephine would gift the Inquisitor a date. She’d have a fancy date set up in orlais just for the two of them. Something private and intimate so they could enjoy themselves.
And I Will Watch You Go

warnings for: mental decline, dementia, memory degradation

one | two : blue monday

“Seeker, where are my glasses?”

She does not look up from her book. “On your head, my love.”

He reaches for them, chuckling. “Thanks.” Adjusting them on his nose, he turns his attention to the manuscript. “You know, I’ve been thinking. I feel a lot better -”


“You didn’t even let me finish!”

“You were going to suggest accompanying me on my next mission.” She licks her thumb, turning the page. “To which my response remains… no.”

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For this shameless self promotion Monday, since it is my anniversary, we’ll go with the four connected chapters in Book of Days that make a single story in which Josephine gets engaged. (Although my engagement was considerably more happy than hers….)

Pentilyet, nsfw (well, moderately nsfw? there’s sex, but it’s not all that explicit) at link(s).

I was quite pleased with how this came out, honestly. I have a much harder time writing an extended narrative than I do disconnected vignettes, so managing these four together made me happy.

Everyone’s excited about seeing their Inquisitor and LI two years later, and since Ellara doesn’t technically have one (Solas is over for her, she doesn’t drink from the same stream twice, and Samson is all headcanon) I wind up daydreaming about what her life would be like if she’d been able to romance her first choice:

Cassandra Pentaghast

She crushed so hard on the determined, angry, tall lady, fell even harder when she found out Cass secretly read smutty books, and was just as dedicated to improving the world as she was, just as idealistic, but a bit more pragmatic.

I imagine Inquisitor Lavellan and her glorious Right Hand bedecked in beautiful armor, attending balls and soirees. I imagine them writing flowery (and dirty) letters back and forth as Cass leaves on Seeker business. Ellara taking delight in flustering Cass with little tokens of affection and tiny expressions of PDA. Ellara sitting on Cass’ back as she does her morning pushups. Ellara reciting dirty elvish love stories for a rapt Cassandra. Cassandra being Ellara’s sanctuary, learning when to give her a pep talk and when to just listen. Cassandra and her sparring, getting so heated that they end up fucking in the armory afterwards.

Ellie + Cassie, bad ass girlfriends that never were.

I recently got this message on the nexus.

Publicly answering so people know my stance on it (instead of making one up like you all did last time.)

No. Absolutely lot. I can understand why you want to smooch that problematic little pudding of a doofer, but no.
The Cassandra mod added something to the game. It added the option of bisexual romance if people wished for it.
The Sera mod (that has already been made along with Dorian) removes a marginalised group from the game. Let’s not even get into the abusive nature of making Dorian bi/straight considering his entire personal quest.

I refuse to do that. Absolutely.

But please remember that these are optional mods. The creators do not deserve your harassment or abuse. I know what that feels like and it is pretty horrifying considering it’s over a mod. Think before you send death threats, maybe?

(At a crossroad)
Varric: alright, which way?
Freya: to the Hinterlands so..this way
Varric: ..nice.

Scout: here’s your report, sir.
Freya: thank you.
(The scout looks at the inquisitor, waiting)
Dorian: psst, I think she wants your opinion about the report
Freya: oh- I’ll give it to my second in command. Lady Cassandra is great with these..shemlen things.
Cass: as you wish.

Dorian: explain is that we’re in the harbor wilds while we needed to go to the hinterlands?
Freya: a clear misunderstanding
Varric: a dalish who misunderstands directions. Well that’s new.
Freya: you know, shit happens even to us. If you already knew the right way, why haven’t you told us, smartass?
Dorian: because YOU are the leader!
Freya: well, excuse me if I don’t know every fucking road in Ferelden!
Cass: enough. Let’s go back, we still have time until sundown.

Cass: everything ok?
Freya: yes.
Cass: sometimes Dorian can be unbearable. Just be patient.
Freya: Dorian is just himself and that’s fine. I am the problem.
Cass: explain yourself.
Freya: I can’t read, I’ve never learned.
Cass: the first of a dalish clan who can not read?
Freya: funny, isn’t it?
Cass: that’s rather odd, not funny.
Freya: in the Free Marches I knew all the ways by heart and my brother knew how to read. I’ve never needed to learn, until now.
Cass: well, it is time to learn.

Dorian: oh! Punch me if this isn’t a lovely sight! The mighty inquisitor…with a book! Reading!
Freya: about time, right?
Dorian: you can say that.

Miles: what’s that book?
Freya: The Chant of Light.
Miles: do you want to convert?
Freya: absolutely no. The Commander lent me this, for my reading skills.
Miles: pff the Commander wants to make you sleep, apparently.
Freya: do you have a more interesting book, Miles?
Miles: I do.

Varric: wait a moment. Is that ‘The tale of the Champion’?
Freya: it is. A very nice tale. I like the grumpy broody elf and the ch..cha-…charging?
Varric: charming.
Freya: oh yes, the charming and awesome dwarf prince
Varric: inquisitor, you make me blush