Holiday Misfortunes - Part One

Pairing: Conor Maynard X Reader

Request: No

Fandom: Buttercream squad

Prompt: (Y/N) doesn’t get along with Conor, but she decides to go on a “lads” holiday with the guys.


“I need to book your ticket, (Y/N), are you coming or not?” Josh asked, you had all gathered in the Maynard/Pieters flat to discuss holiday plans.

“Does, he have to come?” You said with pleading eyes looking towards Conor’s room.

“Yes, he does have to come. Why do you hate him so much anyway?” Joe asked, you sighed at his question.

“I don’t hate him, he just pisses me off. He’s annoying and always has to be the centre of attention.” You said, knowing he could hear you.

“You’re probably just being a girl.” Jack said, he’d tried in the past to get you to like Conor but something about him just didn’t sit right with you. The two of you clashed too much.

“Come on, maybe once you get to Barcelona you’ll see he’s not a bad guy.” Mikey pleaded with you.

“I’m not sure the county we’re in will change him, but sure. I’ll come.” You finally agreed, they all cheered causing Conor to come out of his room.

“What are we celebrating? Did Oli get a date?” He laughed, you bit your tongue at his remark refusing to laugh.

“Nah, (Y/N) is coming to Barcelona!” Oli smiled, Conor’s eyebrows raised.

“You are?” He asked you.

“Yup, see you there.” You smiled sweetly, but rolling your eyes.

“This is going to be a long ten days.” Caspar said.

“Well, now it’s all booked lets all have a drink?” Jack suggested. You all agreed and pulled whatever alcohol he had out of the fridge.


Last night was a clear mistake. You’d awoken back at the apartment you share with Joe and Caspar.

You couldn’t recall getting home, getting into bed or even changing out of your jeans. But somehow you managed, or no doubt Caspar put you to bed.

“Good morning sunshine, how are we today?” Joe smirked at you, coming into your room with two tablets and a glass of water.

“I’m fine, I’m just never drinking again.” You said, thankfully taking the tablets.

“Well, you better get used to hangovers if you’re going on holiday with us.” He laughed.

“Speaking of that, fuck I need to pack!” You said, realising you were leaving tomorrow.

“Oh fuck, Caspar are you packed?” Joe shouted through to Caspar’s room.

“Nope!” Caspar called back, making you both laugh.

“This is going to be a hectic day.” You sighed, getting up to make breakfast.

After quickly making yourself, Caspar and Joe some bacon sandwiches, you brewed yourself a coffee and took your breakfast to your room.

“Don’t interrupt me today, I will not be happy to see you.” You warned the guys, they just nodded and continued watching the TV.

Playing some music you finally started packing, you’d woken up around 11am so it was now 1pm. Grabbing your suitcase from you wardrobe you opened it up and started raiding your wardrobe and draws.

You threw in two bikinis and a one piece swimsuit, four dresses, three jumpsuits, a few baggy shirts, shorts, light coloured halter neck tops, a few little tank tops and some dresses for clubbing as well as underwear and other essentials.

Adding in some sandals, converse, a few heels, some vans, suncream, your hair straighteners and curlers, and everything else that came to mind.

Eventually you’d finished packing around 4pm, so you gathered up everything else you’d pack in your bag tomorrow morning and arranged them on your bedside table.

“(Y/N)! We got pizza!” Joe called, you suddenly felt your hunger hit you and followed the delicious smell of pizza to the two boys on the couch.

“Thank god, I don’t think I could be bothered to cook!” You smiled, thankfully taking a pizza box and digging in.

“Play nice tomorrow, yeah? Conor really doesn’t want to ruin the holiday with arguing and I’m sure you don’t either so let’s just play nice?” Joe asked, you signed but nodded in agreement.

“I promise.” You smiled, taking another bite of the pizza.

You finished your pizza and settled into bed on your laptop, but unfortunately you found yourself on the internet a little bit too long. It was 3am when you finally got to sleep.

Your alarm pieced your ears as it whined at you to get up at 6am, you cursed yourself for staying up but judging by the looks on Joe and Caspar’s faces they did exactly the same. You threw on some jeans and a baggy shirt, brushing through your hair and applying your makeup before grabbing your suitcase to meet the guys.

“Car just arrived, look how punctual we are.” Caspar laughed as you walked outside, locking up the door.

“Barcelona, here we come!” You smiled, happy you’d decided to come, despite Conor.

Once you arrived at the airport you met up with everyone else and made your way through all of security before you were sat waiting for your flight to be called.

“I need to buy new earphones!” You suddenly remembered, you had about an hour before the flight was due.

“Yeah, actually I need to buy some too.” Conor said shyly. You couldn’t help but want to tell him to piss off, but you promised Joe.

“Okay, anyone else need anything?” You said with begging eyes.

“You’ve just reminded me actually I’ve forgotten mine too! Bloody hell how unprepared are we.” Oli laughed, you gave him a thankful look before you all walked to one of the shops in the airport.

Once you’d gotten your earphones, and Conor’s brownie that he couldn’t resist, you all made your way back to the guys.

“I’m so exited!” You beamed to Oli.

“Girl, you ain’t ever partied like you’ll party over the next ten days!” Conor laughed doing a silly accent. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, he had brownie crumbs all over his face.

“Bloody hell, did you just laugh at something Conor said?” Oli spoke, shocked.

“No, I’m laughing at how ridiculous he looks.” You said sternly before checking your phone.

“Let’s go, quickly before the guys leave without us.” You said, beginning to walk quicker.

“Well thank goodness you made it, our flights been called.” Josh smiled, you picked up your suitcases and walked to the plane.

Settling down between Josh and Caspar you pulled out your earphones before plugging them into your phone.

You found yourself drifting into a light sleep, but before you knew it you were passed out, your head falling to rest on Josh’s chest.

Once you’d landed everything was a blur, you got off the plane, gathered your suitcases and got into taxis before you arrived at your hotel.

“Right, now everyone is here this is how the rooms have been organised. It’s me and Caspar, Jack and Mikey, Oli and Josh and..” Joe started, you glared at him.

“(Y/N) and Conor.” He finished. You could have slapped him, in fact you felt your hand jerk but you fought it.

“Okay, well I said I wouldn’t argue. Let’s not argue. It’s fine.” You smiled, all eyes were on you as shocked expressions filled everyone’s faces.

“But don’t fucking expect me to actually stay in that room. I’ll come stay in your room Joe.” You finished coldly.

“There’s the (Y/N) we know and love.” Jack spoke trying to lighten the mood but in all honesty you couldn’t believe Joe had put you in a room with Conor, you wanted nothing more than to strangle him.

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It took everything in Caspar to not glare at the person he called his best friend while sat across from him. Joe, Y/N, and Caspar were hanging out, but the South African wanted to be anywhere but in that room right now. Not while Joe was still pretending to be the perfect boyfriend to Y/N.

Caspar watched Joe check his phone while Y/N sat beside him on the couch contently, oblivious to what was happening. Joe had a small smile on his face as he read the text, before typing back a quick reply.

Even though he couldn’t see the phone’s screen, Caspar knew what was being exchanged on it. He still remembered the first time he had found the messages; it had been a complete accident.

Joe and him had similar looking phones, and Caspar picked it up after it vibrated, thinking it was Josh replying to a text. So he was surprised to find a message from a girl, it had to be with the way it was written. Caspar clicked out of the messages to check the background, and that was when he realized it was Joe’s phone. Caspar had glanced around the room quickly to check he was alone, before he opened the text again, his eyes scanning it.

Can’t wait to see you, run my hands all over your body. Been too long since I saw you baby.

Caspar had frowned in confusion, thinking that Y/N and Joe had just been together yesterday. And then another text came through, but not from the same person. Instead it was a notification that popped up in the top of the screen, the name reading Y/N. This proved even more confusion to Caspar, because why was Joe texting his girlfriend under two different numbers?

After scrolling back through a few of the messages from the nicknamed number, things began to fall into place. There was different dates listed where Caspar remembered Joe saying he was in a meeting, so he couldn’t hang out with Y/N or Caspar, but clearly it was not the meeting they had thought.

From that day on, Caspar began to watch his best friend a little closer, noticing little things. Finally, one day, he actually followed Joe. And was very surprised to see him kissing a girl, a girl who was not Y/N, his girlfriend of a few years.

Caspar waited for Joe to come clean, or at least to break up with Y/N. But it never happened. Instead he watched Joe continue on, behind everyone’s back.

“Sorry, babe.” Joe said, standing from his spot on the couch. “I have that meeting I have to head out for.”

“Already?” Y/N frowned, upset that he had to leave. “Well, do you want to get a late dinner maybe?”

Caspar watched Joe’s face to see if it changed at all when he lied, wanting to see if he could notice anything different when the words rolled off of Joe’s tongue.

“I’d love to, but it’ll be a late night I think. How about we just meet tomorrow?”

Y/N smiled and nodded, love shining in her eyes, oblivious to where Joe was actually going. Caspar watched as his best friend leaned over, placing a small kiss on Y/N’s lips.

“Have a good night, Casp.” He nodded over at the blonde, who placed a fake smile on his own lips.

“Yeah, have fun.”

Another night, another lie. It killed Caspar, because he cared for Y/N. She had become like a sister to him, and knew she didn’t deserve this. She deserved someone who was loyal to her, she deserved who Joe used to be.

As he heard the front door shut, Caspar watched Y/N, wanting her to read his mind and figure out what was going on. He had been wishing for this to happen for the past few months since he had found out, but she never did.

“You okay, Caspar?” He was dragged out of his thoughts to see Y/N sending him a concerned look, the movie they had been watching paused. Caspar looked at her for a moment, a mental debate flashing through his head on whether or not he should tell her. He had given Joe a chance, months of chances, but still Y/N didn’t know.

“Actually,” Caspar licked his lips quickly, deciding right then and there that he would tell her. “No. Can we talk?”

Y/N nodded slowly, shifting on the couch to face him while Caspar ran his hands along his legs, working up the nerve to completely shatter her world.

“It’s about Joe….”

  • <p><b><p></b> <b>Caspar:</b> Look who's here, the author of the number one graphic novel!<p/><b>Caspar:</b> The funniest prankster!<p/><b>Caspar:</b> Zoella's brother!<p/><b>Caspar:</b> My sleepy little pudding!<p/><b>Caspar:</b> The master of impressions!<p/><b>Joe:</b> Can you stop? You do that everytime I arrive for our date<p/></p><p/></p>
24 Hours- Jaspar Oneshot Summary

I am backkkkkkk here is a short summary for my new oneshot that will possibly uploaded this week 😊

He only had 24 hours in London before he had to get on a different plane to South Africa.
He only had 24 hours left in London before he had to get on a plane to America.
Two boys, one day.
But that’s enough time to fall in love.

Prank on him. *Joe Sugg*

Two weeks ago, Joe pranked you really badly. He putted hair died in your hair products so you ended up with pink hair. You quickly realized that Joe pranked you and now it was your turn to get him back.

With the help of Caspar, you set cameras in your shared bedroom and wait for Joe to come home from his meeting. You are on the couch, on your phone texting Caspar, who is in his room, how exited you are to finally prank him back. You hear the door opens and you see Joe come in.

-Hey baby. He smiles.

-Hey, can we talk please? You try to act serious.

-What’s wrong? He asks you.

-Can we go in our room? I don’t want Caspar to hear us.


He tries to take your hand but you take it back. He gives you a questioning look but you continue to walk. Once you’re in his room, you sit on the bed, facing him.

-I think we need to break up.

-What?! Why? He says with so much fear in his eyes that is takes you everything not to tell him this is a prank.

-You know, lately you’ve been going to the gym and eating proteins?

-Yes? Do you want me to stop? He asks.

-Well, it works. But you know, before I read somewhere that proteins could affect your sex life…

-And what does it means (Y/N)?

-It means that you’ve gain a lot more muscles and weight and it really turns me on but at the end I’m really frustrated.

-What do you mean you’re frustrated? I thought you…

-I wasn’t. It was all fake. So I don’t want you to stop because I know you have a complexe of how skinny you are but I can’t be frustrated my whole life.

-So after nearly 5 years, you want to break up because of sex? He asks.


-Well, if it is what makes you happy. He says not looking at you. Just know that I really love you and I thought we could have a future together. But if you want to end things for your happiness then it’s fine. You see him wipe his cheek with the back of his hand and you decided to tell him.

-Joe, it’s a prank. You laugh.

-What do you mean it’s a prank?! He looks back at you.

-It was all fake, I don’t want to break up with you. You laugh and Caspar comes in the room with his vlogging camera.

-Oh, my god. I was so scared. He lays in his bed. I really thought it was the worst reason to break up.

-I’m sorry. You laugh.

-Never do that again. He says as he takes you in his arms.

-If you stop pranking me.

-Alright. I promise. He says and kisses your forehead.

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