A JACK CHRISTMAS - a Jack Maynard imagine



“Merry Christmas!!” you both shouted at the same time, before bursting out in laughter.

It was the annual Christmas party that your friend Mikey always hosted. You had just spotted Jack after arriving and had hence, called out to say hello. The party was already in full swing by the time you got there; a little dance floor formed in the living space. Oli, Joe and Britt were dancing up a storm in the middle of it all. And there were a few others seated around the rest of the apartment; chatting and laughing away.

“I’m glad you got here alright,” Jack said, after finally being able to push through to reach you (he had been on the otherside of the dance floor).

You grinned and nodded, “Do you want to grab a drink with me?”

“Do you even have to ask?”

Jack led you through to the kitchen, where there were significantly less people. It was a lot quieter there too, so you didn’t have to strain to hear what Jack was saying.

“I’m not sure where Mikey has got to, you haven’t seen him yet have you?”

“No, I haven’t,” you replied. “I wanted to say hi!”

Jack shrugged as he poured you a drink, “He’ll be around somewhere.”

“Thanks,” you said taking the cup from him, before taking a sip. “Alright, are you ready to get back on that dance floor?”

He laughed before taking your hand and heading for the doorway that connected the kitchen to the living area. But before you could go through to the next room, who should jump out in front of you but a very drunk Michael Pearce. He blocked the entire opening with a stance that was actually quite tall and strong considering how intoxicated he was. In one hand, Mikey had an empty cup and the other some sort of Christmas decoration.

“Jack! Y/N! Stop right there.”

“Hey Mikey! Loving the party so far,” you smiled.

“Thanks!” he grinned back before quickly and exaggeratedly shaking his head. “No, stop distracting me!”

You shot Jack a curious glance. He just gave you a small shoulder shrug as you both turned back to face your friend. Mikey was now leaning over the both of you, dangling whatever was in his hands above his head. Jack sighed (he had already caught on and was nervous to see how you would react).

You were still confused when you felt Jack turn you around to face him. He ran his hands lightly down the side of your face, where skin met hair. His face was still except for his eyes that searched yours, looking for something though he wasn’t exactly sure what. You gasped when he leant down to gently press his lips to yours. It kinda sped things up a little; allowing his tongue almost direct entry to meet yours. The kiss, though deeper, was still gentle and soft and oh so life changing.

You both pulled away to see Mikey hooting and hollering, waving, what you had now figured was mistletoe, above his head. You blushed slightly before grabbing Jack and pulling him out past Mikey.

“Y/N,” Jack started.

You didn’t hear him, the music was loud in this part of the home.


There was still no acknowledgement SO Jack turned back the way you came, dragging you along with him. He didn’t take you back to the kitchen though, you both ended up in Mikey’s spare bedroom, where Jack gently shut the door. He had (somewhat) unintentionally stood in front of you with the door shut to your back and looking down at you almost made his head swirl.

“Y/N,” he breathed.

You weren’t much better. That kiss had been amazing and being this close to Jack made your heart pound.

“We can forget about this if you want,” he continued. “It doesn’t have to be anything.”

“But what if I want it to be something?”

Jack paused, eyes shining, having finally found what he had been searching for in your deep eyes. He then leant down and gently began to kiss you again. Your mouth moved with his and it was soft and gentle and sweet. Until it wasn’t; quickly urgent and heated. You hooked your hands into his beautiful hair. Jack’s hands that had been running down your hips, pulled you closer.

Part of the CHRISTMAS series.

(I really wanted to keep going lol)


Meeting Friends and Brother- Jack Maynard Imagine

A/N - Hey I was thinking maybe some Jack Maynard fluff? Maybe meeting his family, filming yt videos? 💖💖

Me and Jack have been dating over 4 months now, we haven’t kept it a secret but we haven’t showed it off to the world. We kept it under wraps until we both knew it was going to become serious. Jack’s friends and family knew he had a girlfriend but they had never met me. Like i said we wanted to wait until we knew it wasn’t going to be one of these relationships were they don’t last longer than a few months. 

We’re currently sitting in the cafe where we went on our first date waiting for our lunch to arrive. It was a cafe we visited regularly simply because the food here was just great. The atmosphere was friendly and calm, it’s such a great place to relax and catch up. 
“I’m so hungry” My stomach wouldn’t stop rumbling it was like it was talking to me.
“I can hear your stomach from here” Jack laughed knowing i would start getting grouchy soon as i hadn’t eaten. “It’ll be here soon”

“It better be” Dont you just hate the wait for food? I sure do. 

Our lunch finally arrived and I remand quiet until i finished, i mean i wanted to take all the food in. We were both in silence until Jack spoke. “I’ve been thinking”

“Can you not talk with your mouth full please?” Pet peeve of mine.

“Sorry” I smiled shaking my head as he did it again, watching him chew what he had in his mouth then swallowing before continuing. 

“I think it’s time you meet my friends and brother” Was he serious? We had talked about this before but i didn’t think he would be ready to introduce me at this time. 

“Does this mean you’ve thought about us? Because i know we were going to wait until we thought it was serious” I thought of us seriously but i wasn’t sure Jack felt that way yet or at all. A warm feeling started to appear inside me. Which is a first. 

“Of course, i generally really like you. You’re different to other girls. You make me feel different. Can’t explain it but i know for sure that i want to take it to the next level” Jack smiled taking a sip of his drink. “Only if you want to though, don’t want to force you” 

“No no I want to, it’s just a little shocked but in a good way” I could feel the heat getting to my cheeks, i could feel myself getting flustered. I’ve finally found a guy who feels the same about me. 

Walking back to the apartment, Jack was going on about what his friends were like and what his brother was like. I’ve always wanted to meet them as i’ve heard all good things but it was still nerve-racking. Jack was telling me how he hasn’t been in a relationship for a while so the boys might say comments or joke around about his past. When he told me it never bothered me as it was in the past and he had proved he wanted this relationship so i was happy. There’s no point in drooling over the past as it makes us the person we are today. Within no time we arrived at the building to where he lived and i started to feel anxious. 

“You don’t need to worry babe” Jack could tell i was starting to get nervous as he looked at me while in the elevator. “We’re literally all idiots, you get on with me so i grantee you’ll get on with them” Jack smiled giving me reinsurance. Jack walked out first and i followed taking deep breaths, he looked back smiled at me again taking my hand in his pulling me through the door he opened. 

“The boys back” I heard a voice shout from the front room. I let go of Jack’s hand and let him continue to the boys while i took my shoes and jacket off. 

“Where is she then?” I heard another voice say. 

“She’s coming give her chance” Jack chuckled to himself, looking at me from down the hallway. Well it was now or never. I walked to Jack and appeared to see 6 boys scattered on the sofa and chairs. 

“Boys, this is Y/N” Jack proudly introduced, I gave a smile in their direction walking over giving everyone a hug. Each one of them told me who they were and it was nice to put faces to names. 

“It’s about time we met you, we’ve heard so much” Joe said, i looked up to Jack to see that his cheeks were blushing a little. Bless Him.

“It’s good to hear and now see that you make my brother happy i already approve” Conor added. 

“We started to think you were made up” Josh laughed causing Jack roll his eyes. 

“Of course i’m not going to make her up mate” I joined in laughing taking a seat on the sofa, relaxing myself into the conversations. 


The night was coming to an end, I just said goodbye to Y/N as she went back to her apartment. I walked back into the room watching the boys fall silent turning to look at me. 

“What you all looking at?” I walked back over to take my seat waiting for one of the boys to speak. 

“How have you managed to get Y/N?” Oli asked. 

“You have’t stopped smiling since you walked through the door with her” Caspar added. 

“Has Jack changed his ways and is he falling head over heels?” Mikey joked. I remained quiet because everything they were saying was true. Y/N is the most down to earth girl i’ve met, we get along so well and we’re on the same wave length. She is beautiful, intelligent and has a sense of humour. What more could i ask for? 

“ooooooo he has!” Conor answered the question for me. 

“He’s going red”  Joe pointed out with more ooooo’s coming from the boys. I started to laugh.

“You like her don’t you?” Caspar asked. I couldn’t even get my words out, i just smiled and avoided eye contact. It’s just weird how one girl can make you feel like this. Make you smile when they arent around, make you feel happy without being present, being in your thoughts all the time. 

“Is Jack heading to falling in love?” Josh added. 

As much as the boys wanted to joke around, everything they were saying made me realise i do have a winner of a girl. Someone who actually takes me seriously. Someone who cares and takes interest. Josh’s question made me think even more. 

I actually think i’m on the way to falling in love. 

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