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Eat/Drink/Play: Johnathon Ford From Broncho

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Oklahoma garage rockers Broncho (pronounced Bron-CHO) are no strangers to touring. Since the band released its debut album, Can’t Get Past the Lips, this four-piece has been living in a van, driving across the great U.S., and eating some amazing meals. KitchenMixtape asked bassist Johnathan Ford his favorite places to Eat/Drink/Play:

Casa Frida, Tulsa, OK 
The absolute best Mexican food in Tulsa, OK. Casa Frida serves Mexican food of the coastal variety. The sauces are tangy, and the food is light. Not heavy like your normal big ol’ burrito. The restaurant decor is pink, yellow, green, and blue with Frida Kahlo paintings hanging on the walls. The restaurant is in a tiny ’60s/’70s strip mall located next to a sketchy massage parlor. Order the Enchilada Suizas vegetarian style. Delicious!

Casino El Camino, Austin, TX  
Casino El Camino is a great place to visit anytime but especially during the chaos we call SXSW. The bar has a weird dungeon vibe that’s perfect to sink into. The jukebox miraculously always fits the mood of the room. If you’re lucky, you can catch Mr. Lifto from The Jim Rose Circus serving drinks. They have a tiny kitchen that makes giant hamburgers. The catch is you have to wait two hours to get one.

Old Town Albuquerque, Albuquerque, NM 
A favorite “leave the worries of tour behind” stop for Broncho. There are plenty of restaurants to visit. An old cathedral sells Catholic souvenirs. Street vendors with Native American jewelry for all your friends back home. When we get tired of walking around all the hidden alleyways and side streets, we pull out the blankets and lay around the gazebo in the old town center park.

Austin Java, Austin, TX 
Listed only because of their eggs benedict with veggie chorizo. Worth fighting traffic for guaranteed.

Replay Lounge, Lawrence, KS 
Undoubtedly one of the best bars in the country. You can hang inside and listen to the rad jukebox, or kick it on the back patio. The back patio is definitely our favorite place to be. It’s covered and heated, so it doesn’t matter what the weather is like that night. If you listen carefully, you might even hear a certain bartender playing The Mighty Lemon Drops. Always an interesting crowd. Cheap liquor and friendly bartenders. Order a HorseFeather. A home away from home.

Broncho embarks on another nationwide tour in February. I hear their live show clocks in at just about 20 minutes. That’s including breaks for tuning and thanking the audience for coming, so make sure you show up early.


Feb 05
w/ Skating Polly
St Louis, MO
Feb 06
Empty Bottle
w/ Skating Polly

Feb 07
7th Street Entry
w/ Skating Polly
Minneapolis, MN

Feb 08
Cactus Club
w/ Skating Polly
Milwaukee, WI

Feb 09
Vaudeville Mews
w/ Skating Polly
Des Moines, IA

Feb 10
Riot Room
w/ Skating Polly, T…
Kansas City, MO

Feb 14
Lawrence, KS

Feb 15
Kamp’s Lounge
w/ Colourmusic
Oklahoma City, OK

Feb 16
The Vanguard
w/ Colourmusic, Rio…
Tulsa, OK

Feb 28
Hi Dive
Denver, CO

Mar 01
Ogden, UT

Mar 02
Boise, ID

Mar 03
High Dive
Seattle, WA

Mar 04
Doug Fir
Portland, OR

Mar 06
The New Parish
Oakland, CA

Mar 07
The Echo
Los Angeles, CA

Mar 08
Bar Eleven
San Diego, CA

Mar 09
Detroit Bar
Costa Mesa, CA

Mar 10
Pappy & Harriet’s
Pioneertown, CA

Mar 17
Spillover Festival
Dallas, TX

Mar 25
High Watt
w/ Beach Day
Nashville, TN

Mar 26
Drunken Unicorn
w/ Beach Day
Atlanta, GA

Mar 27
The Double Crown
w/ Beach Day
Asheville, NC

Mar 28
w/ Beach Day
Washington, DC

Mar 29
Metro Kitchen
w/ Beach Day
Annapolis, MD

Mar 30
Cameo Gallery
w/ Beach Day
Brooklyn, NY

Apr 01
Johnny Brendas
w/ Dong Johnson, Be…
Philadelphia, PA

Apr 03
Motr Pub
w/ Beach Day
Cincinnati, OH

Apr 04
Beachland Tavern
w/ Beach Day
Cleveland, OH

Apr 06
the Magic Stick
w/ Beach Day
Detroit, MI

Lunch in Austin

So today in Austin, I wandered around the downtown area (6th street) just to see what I could see. Austin has this movement called “Keep Austin Weird,” which is basically a call to action to support local and indie businesses that make Austin such a weird, hip oasis in the middle of Texas.

I went to the “Museum of Weird,” but just kind of looked around the gift shop, since you had to pay to see the museum and I feel like my whole life is a museum of weird, so no thanks. I was the only customer in the whole place, aside from the three weirdos who worked there. Who were super cool Austin hipsters. Too cool for me, I think. We started chatting.

Turns out one of the girls who worked there was, in fact, originally from Odessa, TX (320 miles west, where I had stayed the previous night). When she asked me why in the hell I would want to stay in Odessa, TX, even for a night, I told her: “Well… Friday Night Lights. You know. The whole… the football thing.” Turns out she actually went to that high school where I saw the football game the other night. (The world is smaller than we think, folks.)

Anyway, this girl wasn’t super psyched about her alma mater or their football team (“they suck”). The other two started talking about how sports were soooooooo huge in their small hometowns and how it was total bullshit, and it was never really their scene. I’m just as intrigued by people like this as I am with the people who choose to stay in the Odessas of the world, because I can’t even imagine the kind of fortitude it takes to just uproot your entire existence and move to a place you think better suits you. I was basically talking to three people who had grown up in small towns, who then decided they were way too weird for their small towns, and then moved to Austin to be weird with other weirdos. Which I can definitely appreciate. But I think they also thought I WAS THE WEIRD ONE for being so fascinated by things like Texas football and small town life and driving around the country just for the sake of seeing places like the ones they escaped.

It was basically one big weird-off at the Museum of Weird between me and three other weirdos. It was fantastic.

After that, I decided to grab a bite to eat. I Yelped nearby places and saw this place called “Franklin’s BBQ” that had 4 stars based on over 1,000 reviews. “FUCK YEAH,” I thought. Then I saw that the hours of operation were 11 am - 1 pm. It was now 12:15. Plenty of time, I thought. Plenty. Of. Time.

The place was a mile away. “I think I’ll walk there,” I said, because I am an idiot. One mile didn’t seem that bad. Hell, I had just jogged three miles earlier that morning. What’s one mile?


I started walking and was immediately drenched in sweat after I moved maybe 40 feet.

“Well this is a terrible idea, should I go back and get in my car? No. No, I’m already walking. I’m doing this.”

Then the route turned a corner and it became all uphill. And it was 100 degrees. In Texas.

By now, the clock was ticking, it was getting close to 12:30, so I had to book it. I picked up my pace. Uphill. In 100 degrees.


My jeans became so hot on my legs that at one point, they fused with my skin and I was turning into some kind of hot, unholy half-human/half-denim monster on a rampage through downtown. “DON’T FEAR ME, PEOPLE OF AUSTIN! I WAS ONCE LIKE YOU!”

I finally got to Franklin’s BBQ and I saw a line going out the door and wrapping around the corner because of course. The line was, as you might imagine, filled with Austin hipsters (who probably Yelped it just like me, because everyone in my generation is the worst). I got there, and took my place at the end of the line. At that point, one of the waitresses came out to tell the last half of the line (myself included) that they were all out of food.

I bet they were. I bet their food was sooooo fucking good that they couldn’t physically keep anymore of it in the kitchen, because these ravenous Austin hipsters ate it all up. Probably ate it up ironically too, I bet. Just to spite me.

I turned around, defeated, and pulled out my phone to Yelp another location. Then I saw this sign directly across from Franklin’s BBQ.

How. Fucking. Adorable. I assume this was placed there specifically to console people just like me who just barely missed out on having Franklin’s legendary BBQ. People would hang their heads, shuffle their feet, and then turn around to find this quote from “The Help.” Their eyes probably even well up with tears a little when they see it which I totally didn’t do, SHUT UP MAYBE YOU DID, NOT ME, SHUT UP.

Anyway, I found this other place called Casino El Camino, which also had great Yelp reviews and was supposedly featured on the show “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives,” so even though I generally make it policy not to follow Guy Fieri’s advice about ANYTHING, I decided to give it a try because I was hungry. I walked back the way I came. Downhill this time. At a leisurely, non-hurried pace.

I walked past a gas station and narrowly avoided stepping on a used condom on the sidewalk. Which…


Oh my God, did I step on that condom on the way to Franklin’s?

I could have! I was in such a hurry to get to Franklin’s before it closed that I wasn’t looking at the ground. I had my eyes on the prize! I could have stepped on it on the way there! WE CAN’T PROVE THAT I DIDN’T!

I then proceeded to stomp my feet for the next few blocks in an attempt to remove any foreign bodily fluids I may have stepped in, either real or hypothetical. Because in my mind, as far as I was concerned, my shoes might as well have been DRENCHED in jizz. It would have been the same to me.

After my contemplative walk back (“Is herpes medicine available over-the-counter? Have they cured AIDS yet? Can you get pregnant from a shoe?”), I sat down at the bar and ordered what tasted like the coldest, most delicious, most hard-earned beer of my life.

Oooohhh yeaaaaah, that’ll get you there.

And I also ordered something called the K.C. Burger.

It took 40 minutes to make.

But when it came… Holy shit, you guys.

This glorious piece of culinary art was cooked in BBQ sauce to a perfect medium-rare, topped with sweet grilled onions and smoky cheddar cheese. The meat melted, SWEAR TO GOD, MELTED in my mouth with every bite. The bun-to-meat ratio seemed as though it were scientifically calculated by some kind of advanced bun algorithm because it, too, was perfect. Hands down, one of the best burgers I’ve ever had in my life.

The fries served alongside the burger were equally impressive. Coated with some kind of seasoning (I have no idea what kind, is “heaven” a flavor of seasoning?), I literally could not stop myself from eating them. I was full, but I knew I would never see these fries again, so I stuffed as many of them as I could fit down my esophagus because I AM AN ANIMAL.

So I guess I’m glad Franklin’s was closed.

Anyway, all in all, pretty much what I expected from Austin.