Cashmere went to the firing range, but picking up a laser and aiming it at the target. She blasted it, but didn’t stop as the targets switched. How dare Marasco even suggest she watch them be the couple they were supposed to be. And now it was too damn late. Medea was expecting a child. To hell.


Bear Skn Bamboo Tanks are a great way to celebrate summer. Start getting rid of that farmer tan today! Very limited run.

Soft: Bear Skn apparel is twice as soft as cotton.
Cool: 3 degrees cooler than cotton and wicks moisture away from your body.
Clean & Green: Bamboo as a plant is one of the most sustainable resources on the planet.

“Environmentalists hailing bamboo as the new ‘It’ plant for saving the earth.”– New York Times

“Because it is so exotically soft, bamboo is often marketed alongside luxury fibers like silk and cashmere.” – Wall Street Journal


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  • Forget boyfriend material
  • This man is husband material
  • Seriously though touch that cashmere sweater
  • Wait it isn’t made of cashmere
  • That’s husband material
  • Probably the most attentive and caring person you will ever meet
  • Always making sure you are comfortable and feel ok
  • Offering you his arm like a gentleman
  • Being the perfect gentleman in general
  • Pulling out your chair before you sit down
  • Opening every single door for you
  • He would treat you like the most precious thing in the world
  • Sending you flowers just to remind you how amazing you are
  • Backhugs
  • Forehead kisses
  • Cheek kisses
  • Nose kisses
  • Matching sweaters when it gets cold
  • Matching hats too… and maybe scarves
  • Laughing at his bad jokes just because they’re just SO bad
  • Him being a little insecure that you only like him for his fame/money
  • But with all the affection you share between each other his doubts fade
  • Planning out your time for when he has nights off weeks in advance
  • Because you want to take advantage of as much time together as possible
  • Trying to cook together
  • Failing at cooking together because you distract each other
  • Ending up ordering food and curling up to watch a movie
  • Falling asleep against his shoulder
  • Picking you up and tucking you into bed
  • Spoiling you all the time
  • “Jagi are you ok?”
  • Shoulder rubs
  • His thumb rubbing circles across your hand when you hold hands
  • Looking up and just admiring little things about you
  • And remembering why he fell for you all over again
  • Everything is always either really casual or really formal
  • Like either coffee dates or fancy restaurants
  • But you love both
  • Because it just means you get to be together
  • Despite his chaotic schedule you are always on his mind
  • A relationship of dedication and fierce loyalty and cute moments of normal between all the busy ones
Honeymoon Album Perfume and Olfactory Associations

Honeymoon: heavy damask roses, nutmeg, vetiver; Terry de Gunzburg’s Rosa Infernale

Music To Watch Boys To: licorice, cherry, tonka bean; Lolita Lempicka’s Le Premier Parfum

Terrence Loves You: galbanum, hyacinth, leather; Chanel’s No. 19

God Knows I Tried: Lily, civet, musk; Serge Lutens’ La Religieuse

High By The Beach: bergamot, coumarin, caramel; Thierry Mugler’s Angel 

Freak: coconut, gardenia, myrrh; Estée Lauder’s Bronze Goddess

Art Deco: ylang ylang, black currant, lotus wood; Tom Ford’s Black Orchid

Religion: cloves, nutmeg, labdanum; Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere

Salvatore: orange blossom, tuberose, jasmine; Acqua di Parma’s Gelsomino Nobile

The Blackest Day: lemon, petitgrain, oakmoss; Dior’s Eau Sauvage

24: neroli, cedarwood, sandalwood; Aesop’s Marrakech Intense

Swan Song: carnation, heliotrope, musk; Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue


My cats are ridiculous. That is Ein sleeping on top of his brother Ed. I had to share. They make me so unbelievable happy sometimes. I hope they do the same for you 😉
As for my current WIP. I am hard at work on a cropped cardigan. The pattern is Miette by Andi Sutterlund. The pattern is awesome. I am just terrible at following them. I knit half of the sweater on the wrong size needles. Then on top of that I made the bust size much to small for myself. So I will be passing it off a friend. She is very happy and so is my slowly diminishing stash.


Kanye West just keeps coming at you from all corners… Today, West shared the music video to “Wolves”, a standout track from this year’s The Life of Pablo. Featuring the likes of Vic Mensa and Sia who make an appearance in the clip, the music video for the Cashmere Cat and Sinjin Hawke produced track all features appearances from Kim Karshashian-West, Kylie Jenner and more. Take a look at the black and white clip above. Oh, and there’s a lot of Balmain in this video, just a heads up.


My knitting journey as of late has been interesting. I have embarked onto larger projects. So instead of finishing something about every week, it now takes a good month or more. I have been struggling with patience towards my projects. As well as boredom.
It is all good though. I can’t believe how much I still have to learn about knitting.
I frogged my cardigan. I hated it. Instead I’m going to attempt making the pictured vest. I am playing chicken with my yarn though. If I run out, I think I can contrive a cowl from the remnants.
P.s. I got new shoes. I couldn’t help showing them off. They are very white.