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Old Money (Lazy Magnolia)

Brewery : Lazy Magnolia
Beer : Old Money
Style : Imperial Stout
Variance : Bourbon Barrel Aged

8 / 10

Old money, also known as cash. Honestly at this point in life it’s even hard for me to figure out what exactly old money is because times are changing so fast. No one really carries cash anymore unless you are over 50 and even the vending machine companies threw in the towel and said “fuck it” and put card readers on all their machines. I honestly thought these little chip readers were going to be the next wave of how we pay for things but who really has 10 hours to check out at a register? Now, kids are taking their smart phones and tapping it against someones head and magically paying for their M&Ms they so desperately needed even though they are suffering from diabetes and severe obesity or whatever you young whippersnappers have these days. I thought about how great the world would be if we could use this beer as currency instead but then I figured I would probably act like your grandparents who lived through the great depression and just hoard all this for myself and not share with anyone. This is a solid entry into the barrel aged genre of beer and Lazy Magnolia just shows that it can flex it’s beer muscles in multiple categories and not just the IPA world that it is highly regarded for (see Southern Hops’pitality review). This has a mild chocolate flavor to start before a surge of bourbon rushes in dominating the taste with some nice oak, vanilla, and dark fruit flavor while mellowing out with a light sweetness mixing in right at the end. While not being the best barrel aged beer out there, it certainly makes a bold statement and has no problem letting you know exactly what it was aged in and that alone deserves an accommodation and certainly deserves to be tasted by you lovely and not so lovely readers out there. You know which one of those two you are, don’t lie to yourself. Anyways, for those who are just starting out at Craft College, this is going to be way too much for those new virgin taste buds unless you are really into bourbon in which case give it a whirl. For those who are graduating with honors, snag a bottle of this, kick your feet up, and enjoy!

Written by: Steve B.

How the Signs Get Their Money Back

Aries: Ask for it straight up, if that doesn’t work a knuckle sandwich.

Taurus: “Yeah, I’ll take cash, check, or Venmo.”

Gemini: “Just buy me lunch next time.”

Cancer: Slips it out the debtor’s wallet or keeps dropping hints like, “I could sure use a twenty right now”.

Leo: “Don’t worry about it.” Leo can easily let debtors get away.

Virgo: Remind the person….every day.

Libra: “Remember that hundred I loaned you two years ago…”

Scorpio: “You owe me two hundred by this time, plus interest!”

Sagittarius: Ask for pay back right when you forget about the loan.

Capricorn: One way or another whether it’s demanding it, blackmail, or selling one of your things.

Aquarius: Forgets about the loan or asks for a gift from you instead.

Pisces: “You can pay me back in favors.”