I do not know if anyone paid any attention, but I think it’s quite important. Nash, Cameron with Kian and Jc video filmed in the old days yet (my favorite) and falls in it quite interesting text which corresponds to an even more interesting text. Nash said, “Let me suck your cock” 18 second cutscene, Cameron looked at him and he did not know whether to laugh or not, he did just wow, just when the guys started laughing he also began. 5 seconds later made a serious face and said, “I’m gay”. Nobody did not react as if the video was cut and it is not known if anyone replied to this thing or not.
Was it a coincidence? Cameron said, “I’m gay” just moments before when Nash said, “Let me suck your cock”? Is it that there is nothing to do with this? For me, it’s obvious that it has, because it suddenly would not say especially those two.

If you want to see for themselves that such words were, you can do it by watching this video.
Let Cash, be with you!