Babs Bunny & Vague presents Queen of the Ring: Casey Jay vs. Ms Miami
Here's another dope battle from our Panic Room 3 event Casey Jay (Austin ,Tx) vs Ms Miami (Queens, Ny) Both ladies have high energy when performing in the ri...

@ONLYREALMIAMI vs @_caseyjayy @QOTRING #PanicRoom #PR3

The Help That Goes Overlooked For Austin’s Urban Artists by Aaron ‘Fresh’ Knight

You would think in a city that has been dubbed “The Live Music Capitol of the World” there would be an abundance of artists who have successfully made it to the main stream; unfortunately that is not the case here in Austin, TX. There have been a few artist who have made it big like a Gary Clark Jr, Max Frost, and a few others, but for the most part “The Live Music Capitol” hasn’t had that artist, or artists that the world just knows instantly with the main stream success. Why is that? Why is it that the city that holds the moniker “The Live Music Capitol of the World” hasn’t spawned a slew of artist that the world loves? With events like Austin City Limits Festival, Fun Fun Fun Festival, and the ever so popular world renowned SXSW Festival, and the newly started Weird City Hip Hop Festival, why hasn’t a significant amount local acts made it big? One reason is the lack of education the artists has of how the music industry works. That is a pretty major reason, so how do artists get that necessary knowledge that is lacking?  About five years ago in 2010 an organization by the name, Capitol View Arts was established to help artist gain the necessary knowledge and help needed to progress in the music industry.

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Christina Aguilera, Hayden Panettiere Team Up for ‘Lady Marmalade’ on ‘Lip Sync Battle’ (Video)

Hayden Panettiere struts up and down the stage lip syncing to “Lady Marmalade” on a new “Lip Sync Battle” preview, but no performance of that song is complete without Christina Aguilera, who will also make an appearance on Thursday’s episode.

Wearing a “Moulin Rouge” outfit and looking very similar to how Aguilera was dressed in the 2001 hit song’s music video featuring Lil’ Kim, Mya and Pink, Panettiere kills it before Aguilera came out to

The show, co-hosted by Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J, is produced by John KrasinskiStephen Merchant, Casey Patterson, Jay Peterson and Rick Schwartz. Beth McCarthy-Miller of “Saturday Night Live” serves as director.

See Video: ‘Lip Sync Battle’: Nina Dobrev Grinds on Tim Tebow During 'Let’s Get It On’

Panettiere is set to duel against Eva Longoria on Feb. 11 at 10:00pm ET/PT.

Watch the video above. 

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THIS WAS THE WORLD AND I WAS KING by Casey Jay Andrews & Nathan Ford
Directed by David Thackeray
Produced By HookHitch Theatre
Jack Studio Theatre until February 20th 2016

“when we’re scared, that’s when we have to be most brave"★★★★

THIS WAS THE WORLD AND I WAS KING is the uplifting tale about the power of storytelling to transport and transform one’s reality, as three children use their imaginations to escape the grim reality of war. It is a compelling piece of drama which sees the Brockley Jack moving into new territory with a play that appeals to all the family, with a fitting combination of folk music and puppetry adding to this beautifully crafted musical.

Inspired by the poetry of Robert Louis Stevenson, and the story of the Cottingley fairies, I WAS KING begins with the Connor family going to stay with their Uncle for the summer, whilst their father is away fighting on the Western Front. Through letters that the father (Steve McCourt) sends home, he hides the truth of his time at war and enables his children to create elaborate tales with a teddy - named Kind Thomas - and other props around the house. Whilst I would have liked some more dramatisation of these letters at the beginning of the play, Thackeray’s direction really came into itself a third of the way into the musical, and the stories really came to forefront, serving as a visual delight.

Through the stories they create, the Connor make one another stronger, and the audience is transported with the characters into a world of fantasy and endless possibility. Laura Hannawin and Laura Trundle as Lily and Evelyn respectively, do a brilliant job in giving credibility to the sense of innocence and fun they present, whilst Alexander (Lewis Clarke) provides a restrained counter to this by trying to the fact and reason his Uncle spouts. Ultimately, he too is drawn into their infectious games, and the three playtime often culminates in uproarious fun, which I think younger audience members in particular will enjoy.

But there is something for everyone here. The play deals with darker themes with subtly and sensitivity, as the father’s return from war marks the end of fun and games. Lucy Peacock in particular gives a captivating and understated performance as the mother who does not want her children to grow up too quickly. The song that she and McCourt sing, putting their daughters to sleep, is a particularly touching moment, and George Jenning’s music really complements the overall tone of the piece.

HookHitch’s revival of this heartening musical is a joy to see. With puppetry, music and poetry, THIS WAS THE WORLD AND I WAS KING provides a brilliant alternative to the likes of WARHORSE if you cannot afford West End prices. A treat for all the family to enjoy.

Photo credit: Muerig Marshall

Jack Studio Theatre until February 20th 2016
Box Office:

Dionne Farrell currently works in Television and Film production, with a real passion for theatre. When not spectating, she is either performing with a local am-dram group, or trying to write for the stage!

‘Lip Sync Battle': Nina Dobrev Grinds on Tim Tebow During ‘Let’s Get It On’ (Video)

Nina Dobrev is going to grind all over Tim Tebow during her “Lip Sync Battle” performance of Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On” on Thursday.

The “Vampire Diaries” star is facing off against the former NFL quarterback, who will be lip syncing to Rocky Balboa’s theme song, “Eye of the Tiger.”

In the preview of Dobrev’s performance, Chrissy Teigen seems to be feeling the song up in the sound booth, while Dobrev steps around seductively in her knee-high leather boots and matching leather jacket.

See Video: Tim Tebow Beats Meat in ‘Lip Sync Battle’ Rendition of 'Eye of the Tiger’

The show, co-hosted by Teigen and LL Cool J, is produced by John KrasinskiStephen Merchant, Casey Patterson, Jay Peterson and Rick Schwartz. Beth McCarthy-Miller of “Saturday Night Live” serves as director.

The duel between Tebow and Dobrev airs Thursday at 10/9c on Spike.

See Video: Channing Tatum Dances With Beyonce: 'Most Terrifying Thing I’ve Ever Done’

Watch the video. 

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Now this ones an interesting edit. This shot came out semi-out of focus but in a cool old school Polaroid film camera looking way. I really dont know why, but I like the way i edited this shot a lot.

Model, Casey

Shot by Infanint (me) 

luckiestcricket asked:

Ashe, Casey, Cricket, Jaehyuk, Jai, Jasper

ASHE:  If they could be anyone for one day, who would they be? Why?

If he had to choose, he would be Allie, whisked away by a whirlwind romance and into the arms of Noah. There was nothing better than a tragic romance, and he’d honestly pick Allie because she gets two suitors. He could do without the dying part, or the dementia, but all in all he would love to have someone do all they could for him, something he could reciprocate with all his heart.

CASEY:  What is their thoughts on sex before marriage?

Answered here! 

CRICKET:  What is something they are extremely bitter about?

His blindness. Try as he might, he still can’t help but feel resentful about being blind—-he could never see faces, sunsets, the stars, and he still looks up and feels emptiness. It’s stupid to feel bitter about something he can’t control, but he can’t help it. He’s feels as if he’s been denied an experience everyone else gets, and it’s something he’ll forever be #bitter about.

JAEHYUK:  What is something that others would assume them to be good at, which they actually aren’t good at?

Writing romance. Though he fawns and squeals about romance novels, he never could seem to write anything good on his own whim. He can only write mushy romance and sappy poetry, though he think that they’re the actual best only ironically. Ask Logan about the horrors of it, he’ll tell you what’s up.

JAI:  What is their favorite method to dealing with anger? Why?

Sparring is Hawke’s number one way of dealing with anger—-that and letting himself get beat up during. It’s perfectly unhealthy, and it’s completely irrational, but it makes him feel somewhat better. His emotions go haywire and his body goes nuts and since screaming is a big NO, the only other choice left is fighting. Though concealer is hard to put on when you can’t see the bruising.

JASPER:  What is their favorite book? Why? What’s their least favorite? Why?

Hawke’s favorite book is in a three way tie between Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone, ( sadly not in the library probably ) The Last Song ( such a classic ) and Aristotle and Dante Explore The Secrets of the Universe. ( he cried a full day about it ) And as for the least favorite……

Well, he deleted that audiobook years ago, and he’s in no rush to download it again.