Personal Legend

At age 25, I dropped out of art school,
schemed a self-directed study curriculum,
and began in earnest a thesis project designed to unfold & evolve over a lifetime—-a one-and-forever Magnum Opus.

I’m currently four years into this project, 
29 years into this lifetime. 

I collect imagery—-diagrams & illustrations, mostly.
I trawl municipal libraries, bookstores, second-hand shops, the world wide web,
scanning & extracting from stacks & stacks & stacks of cultural artifacts of all genres,
culling from the Collective Consciousness component-element icons of Universe,
all-the-while caching, curating, & categorizing these samples/specimens
into my own personal Image Reference Library.
This is the primary aspect of my self-directed study—-
an active, ever-ongoing exploration of our Visual Cultural Database,
a survey of the topologies of any & all Knowledge Structures
so far built by Humanity.

From this analysis, then a synthesis :
I craft artworks—-maps of my encyclopedic explorations,
emergent pattern narratives from the symbols & motifs I’ve collected along my way.
The artworks are to multiply & accumulate over my lifetime,
be & become my Magnum Opus,
an emergent pattern narrative of its own.

the artworks exist as physical artifacts
( hand-made from the material of wood, paper, glue, paint, & pencil ),
and are designed to be living documents, 
growing & evolving through time 
as new territories are explored, 
as old areas are revisited with new eyes,
as skills & concepts mature with age.

the artworks are all-of-a-piece
( totaling to-date @ approximately 25 and counting ),
and are designed to be connected-&-whole, 
exhibited-entire and arranged in deliberate sequence. 
Each individual artwork illustrates its theme(s),
but when all artworks are together and in order,
the whole body of work illustrates a cyclical meta-narrative, 
providing the observer with an expansive & immersive Wide-view + Long-view,
a journey along the spatial-axis of Cosmos & the temporal-axis of Human Destiny,
all themes interconnected.

As with the individual works,
the collective work also changes & grows over time—-
new pieces are always being added to the sequence,
old pieces are replaced when purchased or obsolete,
even the structure of the sequence itself is open & flexible to revision & mutation.

This creature that I’ve created ( am creating, is creating me ),
is a memetic organism of nested interlocking systems, processes, and pace-layers.
It is a reflection of my own human existence,
the history of our species,
the evolution of Life on Earth,
the living narrative of Universe.
It is also a knowledge & memory prosthetic to aid in thinking & understanding,
a platform from which to ask questions, engage in dialogue with self and others.
It is a window & mirror, a telescope & microscope.
It is a way of seeing. Living. Being.
It is a map of–and for–my path,
each our individual paths,
Our path.