How Destiel becomes canon

Cas: Dean, we need to talk.

Dean: Uh, sure, Cas. What’s up?

Cas: I’ve done some research online and I also asked Sam for some advice, but I’m still a bit unsure on how to do this. I was wondering, if possibly, you would like to attend a romantic dinner with me?

Dean: Do you mean a date?

Cas: Yes. A “date.”

Dean: You know we’ve been going out for years, right? You don’t have to ask anymore.

Cas: Um…no we haven’t.

Dean: Yes, we have.

Cas: I’m pretty sure I would have remembered if we were a couple, Dean.

Dean: No, man, we’re definitely together. 

Cas: No, we’re not.

Dean: So I haven’t brought anyone home since 2012 for nothing?

Cas: We haven’t even had any intimate contact.

Dean: I thought you just weren’t into that! Besides, doesn’t that eye thing count?

Cas: What eye thing?

Dean: That eye thing!

What if...?

the Supernatural series ended with Cas being a human forever, and he’s kneeling besides Dean’s headstone. He just talks to his grave and hopes that somewhere, in some way, Dean is listening to him like the way he listened to his prayers.

“Dean, I met someone today. She’s really nice and pretty, smart as well. I’ve been planning to move in with her… but I hope I’m not going too fast in this.”
“I saw Sam today. He’s doing good; he really likes being a lawyer, even though he says it’s hard. He’s taking great care of the Impala. Sometimes he even lets me drive it.”
“Dean, are you doing well there?”
“Dean, can you hear me?”
“Have you found your heaven?”
“I’m sorry I couldn’t save you.”

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Can you pretty please do an imagine where dean and Sam fight/bicker over who gets to be with the reader but she's already in a relationship with castiel and she tells them but they still continue , then castiel shows up and kisses you. But they still carry on

oh lol cas finally gets the girl ;) x

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Being a young huntress and getting “adopted” by the Winchesters
  • They find you on a hunt and think your just another “damsell in distress”
  • “Just stay out of this, little one. We´ll handle this.”
  • They are absolutely baffled when you take down the monster all by yourself
  • Since you probably have no family left, you just keep following them around
  • “You can´t come with us, (Y/N).” - “Why not? I´m a hunter, you are hunters … let´s team up. I´m easy-care, promise.”
  • They eventually give in because you add a whole new level of stubborness to their lives
  • You literally always fight with Sam about who is riding shotgun
  • And with Dean about who gets the last piece of pie.
  • You always try to impress them
  • Rock, paper, scissors about who has to sleep on the couch while stayin  at a motel
  • But Sam and Dean have a secret pact so that you´ll always get a bed anyways
  • Loudly singing along to the songs in the Impala with Dean to piss Sam off
  • You love Charlie and vice-versa
  • That´s why the two of you team up for prank wars against the Winchesters
  • You are constantly fighting with the boys on hunts
  • “Why do i always have to play the bait? I´m a hunter, not a steak!”
  • Netflix marathons in the bunker
  • You nearly get a heart attack when you meet Castiel for the first time, because he simply appears in frnt of you: “Good evening, (Y/N), I´m Castiel, an angel of the Lord.”
  • Your first reflex to this is punching him in the face but you nearly break your hand
  • “SAM! DEAN! What the hell … ?” - “Uhm, yeah … Cas, this is (Y/N). (Y/N), this is Cas. He can be a little creepy sometimes.”
  • You soon bond with Cas
  • And then you spend most of your time explaining literally everything to him 
  • Pizza at 2 AM because why the hell not?!
  • Just being a Family