Hate to Love You (Part Three; Final)

Story Summary: You hate Castiel. Or at least, you tell yourself you do. In turn, Castiel feels the same about you. Exactly the same.

A/N: I hope you all enjoyed this!! And feedback is always appreciated!! <33

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, oral (female receiving) fluffy ending (prepare yourself)

Word Count: 1.7k


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After sitting in complete silence and listening to Sam and Dean chat in the front seat for what felt like hours, Dean finally pulled up in the bunker garage.

You’d opened the door and gotten out before he even had the car in park and made your way back to your room. You were slightly disappointed when Castiel didn’t follow you, but maybe you’d be better off at getting yourself anyway. You’d just thought that all of those dirty prayers would egg him on. The “I hate you” ones probably ruined everything.

You made your way to your bedroom and closed the door behind you, wishing that you had more of a buzz. You’d only gotten the chance to have two drinks before Cas pulled you away from your potential one night stand. Now you just felt..different – still sexually frustrated, but different. Also not quite as angry as you were before. You almost felt calm.

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Fandom: Hey writers, can we please not see Cas being so weak anymore? I mean he still is an angel after-

writers: * innocent smiling* sure.

fandom: * eyebrows raised as we hold up the salt and angel blades/demon blades* 

* after 12x19 airs*


writers: * laughing as the watch the fandom burn*

Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?
Who’s gonna rock you when the sun won’t let you sleep?
Who’s waking up to drive you home when you’re drunk and all alone?
Who’s gonna walk you through the dark side of the morning?  [song]

before and after thing, idk… i kinda like it, what do you think?


Oh my. Winston get your groove on. (I had to make this leotard since I couldn’t find one.)

Day 01: Your Favorite Colors
Day 02: Business Presentation
Day 03: Destination Wedding Guest
Day 04: Dance Class

Day 05: Meeting the Parents
Day 06: Home Improvement
Day 07: Lazy Sunday
Day 08: Music Festival
Day 09: Hiking Trip
Day 10: Graduation Day
Day 11: Royalty
Day 12: Secret Agent
Day 13: Comic Convention
Day 14: Ski Trip
Day 15: Grade School Teacher
Day 16: Disco Fever
Day 17: Springtime Picnic
Day 18: Pop Star
Day 19: Professional Athlete
Day 20: Day at the Beach
Day 21: Red Carpet
Day 22: Flight Attendant
Day 23: Stepford Housewife
Day 24: Teenage Emo Phase
Day 25: 60’s Bohemian

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Do you think that the nephilim is controlling Cas? Or do you think that Cas saw something great for real, and it's just all him talking? If so, what do you think he saw?

Now, that’s a very interesting question, especially considering I just saw a physics video I understood nothing about which claims the future doesn’t really happen in the future, actually works like the past and therefore is already written.

This is apparently some consequence of Einstein’s theory of relativity and it’s messing with my brain a lot even if, as I said, by minute 2:05 I was basically just looking at the pretty pictures and freaking out because I’m really bad at science.

All this to say - I think the answer to your questions is to be found in another question: is the future inevitable and written in advance on Supernatural? This is trickier than it looks like, because whatever happened, you could argue that it was always meant to happen (for instance, yes, the Apocalypse was averted, but maybe that was the idea all along), but that’s more of a RL argument, because the whole point of this show is that free will is a thing and there’s no such thing as a pre-determined future. Which means, sadly, that yes, that thing is mind-controlling Cas to some extent - because if the future is not set in stone, then any vision you can show someone is a simply that, a vision, never the objective truth. 

Also, the apple never falls far from the orange, as Stephen Colbert would say, because we know this is precisely how Lucifer operates: unlike other angels and archangels, who use brute force and will basically take away all your internal organs one by one until you do what they say, Lucifer is all about seduction and seemingly giving people what they want. 

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A Mixtape... O_O

OH MY GOD, A MIXTAPE!!! He made Cas a FUCKING mixtape!!

You know who does that for each other? COUPLES!!! Couples do that for each other!!

How in the HELL is Destiel NOT canon yet!!! AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!

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