concept: michonne and carol are out on a supply run slaying walkers together and fighting back to back. they’re eventually forced to take shelter somewhere for the night. they come across an abandoned, derelict museum. they barricade the doors, get a fire going in one of the art galleries and curl up in their sleeping bags. they stare up and admire the modern art. the glow of the fire illuminates their beautiful faces. they talk about their lives before the apocalypse. they talk about losing their children. they talk about andrea. they talk about rick and daryl. they go through 3 cans of crazy cheese. they laugh at the naked statues. the sound of their carefree laughter echoes through the empty halls. they have eachother.


CARYL began with a scene of “Norman Reedus ‘f**king’ with Melissa McBride" 

Norman Reedus: "I remember handing her that pickax in episode five, and I was kind of just f**king with Melissa." 

Melissa McBride: "You were messing with me so bad." 

Norman Reedus: "I was like 'come on, put more blood on that pickax.’ It’s got a little blood, and then it ended up being like guts and blood all over it, and I remember watching her go at it and I was like 'Oh shit’ Little did I know what that character would turn into. " 

Melissa McBride: "I didn’t know either. I figured she would be dead in two episodes." 

February, 2016 - EW TWD Roundtable: Norman Reedus and Melissa McBride on that first CARYL Scene - TWD 105

Daryl is someone who does not easily let his guard down. He’s not one to get distracted or preoccupied when there are threats looming around…

Unless Carol’s there.

[.gif not mine, credit to maker]

Because when Daryl saw that Carol was alive, and standing right before him, he dropped his guard instantly. And he was too distracted by Carol – too lost in her – to even think about any of the threats around them.

[.gif by @thewalkinggifs]

And when Daryl was so engrossed by staring at Carol, trying to encourage her, trying to talk to her – he was too lost in her to even think straight, or hold a water jug for that matter.

[.gif not mine, credit to maker]

And when they were on the brink of death, in a van that was teetering on the edge of a huge bridge, about to fall at any second – the moment when Carol reached over and grabbed Daryl’s hand, made the fact that they could possibly be dead in a matter of minutes kind of fade into the background for a second. When he felt her hand on his, Daryl turned and stared at Carol, and stroked her hand with his thumb. Because it’s Carol, and it’s Carol’s hand on his – and that distracts Daryl, if only for a moment, from death.

In any other circumstances, when Carol isn’t around, Daryl almost never drops his guard – but with Carol, it doesn’t take a lot for him to completely forget about the world outside of her.

It only took her mere presence to make him forget about the zombies and cannibals that could possibly close in on them at any moment.

It only took looking at her to make him get too confounded to think clearly, and too clumsy to even hold a water jug.

And it only took her hand on his to make him forget about the possibility of dying.

Saw this old post come across my dash (which I can’t find now) about all these gifs of Melissa acting drunk in a role and falling over (and being absolutely adorable), and I can’t help being a bit miffed we didn’t get to see Carol act drunk to get away from the party and get the guns. 

What would have been even funnier is if while Daryl was standing outside, deciding whether or not to go in to the party, he sees Carol come out, wobbling and slurring her words as she walks out the door to say goodbye and that she needs to go lie down.  Carol doesn’t see him, she keeps walking a little wobbly (for appearances sake) when Daryl scares the hell outta her by coming up behind her to offer to put an arm under her shoulder to help her walk.  After the initial scare, she allows him to do so (in case anyone is watching) but says under breath, “I’m not actually drunk, just needed an excuse to leave and get the guns.”

I am not asking for a grand declaration of love. 
I’ve stopped entertaining those thoughts long ago. 
You see, I have resigned myself to where I am now, hanging by a thin, tenuous thread. 
I can feel it twisting above me, gently fraying, slowly giving way. 
I am not asking for promise or tenure - I just want a hand to reach for at the breaking point.

- Unknown

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that there is no way we’ll get any Caryl in the MSP.  Maybe that’s true, but it doesn’t mean that those of us who hope for a reunion or a Caryl scene despite what the spoilers say, are “delusional”.

It’s okay to hope for a reunion.

It’s okay to hope for a hug.

It’s okay to hope for any kind of interaction at all, no matter what the spoilers state.

It’s okay to cling to hope until the very last second of the episode.

It’s okay to hope for Caryl because we fucking deserve it.

And it’s not stupid of us. It’s not naive. It’s not delusional.

We’re not hoping for a dead character to come back to life, we’re hoping for our otp to have a moment together, to interact.

It will be unjust and disappointing if there is no Caryl in the MSP, but that doesn’t make the fact that we hoped for it redundant or insignificant at all.

I will still hope for Caryl even if they don’t interact in this episode. And I hope that many of you will as well. If you don’t, that’s totally understandable. But it’s also totally understandable if you do continue to hope for Caryl.

That does not make you delusional.

Just here thinking… If there is a minimal possibility of us having a Caryl scene tomorrow, it will only happen by the end of the episode. Like, after all that fight.

I just see so many missed opportunities for them. Like, Sasha and Abe will be back on ASZ and Carol will met up with them by the end, and Daryl won’t be there. So, you know, she could think he is dead (which almost happened), and then he shows up… I know this is not the Caryl show, and that we have a lot of things happening in that episode, but honestly, I don’t think is unreasonable of us to want any kind of pay off after they spent almost a year apart, and even if it’s just 2, or 3 days, they almost died like, 50 times while they were separated…

I’m really not getting why this forced separation (because it was. It was like Gimple thought “well, I’m gonna create this A storyline and this Z storyline, so those characters can be apart”) if we’re not getting nothing from it. Why that Cherokee rose? Why him wanting to come back so desperately to ASZ? Twd is so frustrating 😒🙄