ok, guys. 

            Feel free to ignore my semi-grumpy post of grumpiness. haha.

    But I just got to thinking about stuff and things and now I’m getting feels.

So, we know that a lot of Caryl’s scenes have occurred off camera to save time, and while sometimes I can agree that, okay, they are unnecessary when it comes to moving the story forward, other times I’m really fucking frustrated when we don’t get to see them. lol.

(This isn’t really about deleted scenes - they’re a whole other post of grumpy xD - but these are scenes that must have taken place - because canon suggested that they did - but we were not allowed to be present for - that I really fucking wish we had been allowed to be present for. xD)

Ok, so these are five of my top scenes that I really really really would have liked to have seen play out  on screen…

1)    Daryl giving Carol THIS GUN

Just imagine how that conversation would have gone. And back then, too. WHY Daryl wanted her to have it (for protection y/y?) and how he would have gone about approaching the topic. It would have been adorable as fuck to see him try to say that he wanted her to have it because he worried about her not having one. :P

2)    Carol being given Sophia’s doll (found by Daryl) in season 2

She was apparently brought up to speed off screen about the details involved about Daryl’s adventure and where he found the doll. (Daryl was unconscious when T-Dog discovers it on the ground but we later see Daryl showing Rick, Shane and Hershel where it was that he found it on a map.) So I’d like to know when Carol found out. And by whom. She clearly knew everything he had been through by the time she brings him his food later that night, as well; (”You did more for my little girl today than her own daddy ever did his whole life.”) Sooooo, I get the feeling they spoke before that end scene, no? I guess I’m greedy but it would have been lovely to have seen Daryl witnessing Carol tearing up over having a piece of her daughter back again. Something that he was able to bring her.

3)    Carol discovering the Cherokee Rose left at her [empty] grave.

Surely she would have found it at some point…? And she would have seen that Cherokee Rose (even if it had withered a bit) and she would have known that it was Daryl who placed it there. She would have knownnnnn. Ok, this is probably one that is entirely unnecessary for the plot but I would have loved to have seen her reaction, and oh, if Daryl had been there/nearby when she saw it… aw mannnnnn. lol.

4)    Daryl nursing Carol back to health

I already spoke about this recently and it’s probably another one that would have been unnecessary to the story but at the very least he had to have laid her down in the bed, gotten her water, and sat with her while she recovered and it had to have been for at least half an hour before going to get the others. So just think of the fucking cute that would have ensued dammit. lol.

5)    Stay safe - Nine lives, remember?

Remember? Remember what? xD Obviously a conversation occurred off screen that had them discussing Carol’s disappearance and Daryl’s subsequent thoughts that she was dead, right? There’s really nothing else that would have prompted Carol’s words. So holy fuckkkkk would I have liked to have seen the scene where Daryl expressed his fear that she had been dead. IMAGINE. THAT. SCENE. afajdkfdlskdj 

I’m sure there are others that I’m forgetting but these are the ones that plague me to this day. haha. 

                             Yes, I’m done my grumpy post now. :)

V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N In The Summertime!

Greetings and salutations to all Caryl fans: old and new, young and small, tall and… something else. The days are long and warm, the sun is shining but alas, the lack of The Walking Dead, and more particularly Caryl, tears at our souls. Luckily for us, we have had quite the eventful summer here on Nine Lives so far!

Our Round Robin teams are still going strong & putting out amazing new chapters to kill us with feels. We’ve done Smutfest!, Featured Flashbacks, Awesome AU Featured Stories, the AU Prompt-A-Thon, all while continuing our monthly traditions of Members of the Month and our ongoing Writers Chats series.

What more could we possibly bring you for August? Well, I’ll tell you. The theme for August on Nine Lives is… 


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Sudden epiphany. Well sorta. What if in the not so distant future there will be a crossover episodes between TWD and the XFILES featuring our beloved OTPs Scully&Mulder investigating a zombified corpse then meeting CARYL for the first time.

Then it becomes a sensation Ellen Degeneres invited these OTP of a lifetime on her show. ( I still have not given up on that dream to this day). It could happen you know.