pretty sure i posted this before but it makes me laugh every time because daryl is lucky as fuck that there were no manholes in front of him on this particular road or he would’ve gone straight down lol

he just can’t take his eyes off of the pretty lady 

Oh guys its Throwback Thrusday again so  I decided to hit the way back again :)

I figured we wouldn’t mind talking about a couple of scenes in which Daryl was an adorable dork because well.. you know me…

There was this hilarity… being his reaction to not only  unwittingly touching her in an intimate way…

the ‘oh shit what the hell am I doing’ look is priceless..

But it gets better when she suggests 'screwing around’

Daryl actually looks like he turns slightly pink here which is just so plain adorable it gives me life. I mean not the first time he seemed awkward but Carol’s really  overt suggestion just sort….fries his circuits a bit…

“did she actually say that?”  and more importantly “no way she’s serious.. but..”

Daryl you sweet, clueless dork you :)

And course lets not forget this   cuteness..

The whole “that’s funny but I’m gonna  drop my head while I laugh because I like you  and I’m shy..” little kid thing he does here that just melts my heart. Add in the rip in the knee of his pants (and btw who sewed that up hmm?)  just adds to the awkward little boy thing he has going here. I will confess to being just so in love with him in this scene and Carol seems to think he’s adorable too I’m sure.

And of course the best one all… remember this one ladies? When Daryl 'Chatterbox’ Dixon tired to be chivilarious  for his laid faire by offering to carry a water bottle for her…

and completely forgetting  that he’s in fact already carrying two his own..

Oh it was just adorable squee worth hilarity wasn’t it? 

What did it for me was the face palm thing he did right after.

The 'Oh My God I’m so awkward.. and she’s looking at me’ face pal

And Carol…. like the rest of us just think he is the most precious thing ever. Because he’s just so damn embarrassed by this superb display of awkwardness. But also because was just trying so hard.

Daryl sweetie you may play all gruff and tough but when it comes this woman we all know you adore you turn into the most adorably awkward cinnamon roll. And I’m so grateful for that.

I try to remember in the midst of this log hiatus, with not a lot of things to go on and some questionable plotlines, that these sweetly adorable scenes are actually Canon. They happened and every time I see them come across my dash  or my tv screen it jusit gives me such life.

I can’t help it… just enjoy all this cuteness way too much :D

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Oh my gosh, please oh please at least write a second part or three!!!!! We are all loving it!!


Carol kept her lips pursed and her eyes on the ceiling as one of the medics of the Kingdom cleaned her wounds and replaced her bandages. She hadn’t spoken much to any of the new faces here. She could smell the antiseptic, feel the burn of it on her raw skin. The hands tending to her weren’t rough enough, and their eyes were too understanding of her cold shoulder.

She didn’t ask after Morgan when he stopped coming into her room. Either he’d left and taken Daryl with him or Daryl had forced him to go. The former appeared to be true after Daryl returned to her room later that day. He didn’t speak to her immediately. It was infuriating, and it hurt. What was he even doing here? She’d made her feelings clear.

Someone was taking care of his shoulder; she could tell from the fresh dressing every time she saw him. It was a bullet wound, and she ached to know. What had happened? Who had shot him? What about the others? Why had he shown up to the Kingdom alone? Why was he refusing to leave? To go back to Alexandria? Was Alexandria still standing?

The woman changing her bandages finished her work and quietly packed up her supplies and left. Carol lay still for another minute, gathering her resolve, and then she started to lever herself up into a sitting position on the bed. Her arm and leg ached, and her stomach muscles tightened against the pull of the knife wound. Once she was vertical, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and paused, letting the vertigo pass. When the world found its balance, she started to tip forward to put her weight on her good foot.


She tensed and clenched her jaw. Even with just one word, Daryl was saying too much.

“You should have gone by now,” she mumbled.

If her words stung, he didn’t show it. He’d had a lifetime of practice at not reacting to those kinds of barbs. The bandages on his shoulder were new, and the sling was gone. He still held his arm close to his body; she could see the discomfort in the way he held his shoulder still.

“Well m’still here,” he said flatly. “Where are you?”

Carol scoffed and tested her weight on both feet. The leg with the bullet wound buckled, and she leaned back against the bed as smoothly as possible.

“I thought I knew,” she said with an exhale. “I thought I knew it when that savior was going to kill me. I was going to die, so I knew where I was…and I knew where I was going after.”

“What, to Hell?” Daryl said, deadpan.

She nibbled on her bottom lip, staring at the wall. “Not immediately. For a second…just a second…I thought—maybe I’d see—stupid…”

“Hey,” Daryl leaned forward, pausing at the pull on his shoulder. “Carol.”

“No.” She glared at him. “It’s done. I didn’t die.”

“But you ain’t here.” He shifted. “So where you gone? We’re in Hell already, got nowhere to go if you get yourself killed.”

She barked out a harsh laugh. “This isn’t Hell. Good people don’t end up in Hell.” She turned to look at him. “Children don’t end up in Hell.”

Daryl eyed her steadily. She stared back, hard, and then stubbornly turned away.

“That what this is?” There was a bite in his tone that was satisfying to her ears.

Good. Get mad. Get rid of that soft, loving look in your eyes when you look at me. I don’t deserve it.

“They ain’t on you.”

“It’s ALL on me!” Carol balled a fist, turning around in her seat to face him fully. “I think I’m poison, Daryl. I’m just…infecting the Earth…creating more corpses than I stop.” Her voice betrayed her with a crack, and she locked her jaw.

“That’s all kinds a’bullshit.” He got to his feet, restless but not quite steady upright.

“Is it?” she snapped.

And Daryl had had enough.

“Yeah, it is! We’ve all done awful shit to stay alive, but that’s what it was: to stay alive. You ain’t damned any more than any of us. Me, Rick, Michonne, Carl—“

He didn’t GET IT.

She smacked her fist into the mattress beside her. “But they haven’t—“

“Lizzie and Mika ain’t on you!” he roared.

Carol flinched, not from the yelling but from the words they carried. “You don’t know.”

“And you don’t gotta tell me,” Daryl spoke over her. “Ain’t hard to figure out for anybody who’s payin’ attention…” his voice softened. “I’m just sorry I didn’t figure it out sooner.”

Carol deflated and pressed the hell of her hand against her forehead. “Stop.”

“You had to put ‘em out of their misery, right? You don’t go to Hell for mercy kills,” he murmured.

“No! It was…It worse…I don’t—I’m not talking about this. I can’t—“

“You have to. The only thing you’re poisoning is yourself,” Daryl blurted.

“I poisoned you,” she whispered. He didn’t respond, just stared at her in disbelief, and she drew herself more upright. “All this time, all of this—“ she gestured flippantly between them. “—I thought…You blossomed in this world, Daryl. You kicked the dust off the old world easier than any of us. You softened when everyone else was hardening. We’ve all turned into selfish murderers and liars. But you—God, Daryl, you tried to save two people after they knocked you out, bound you, and threatened to kill you…”

He could only stare, and she couldn’t stop now that she was going.

“Maybe some selfish part of me wanted to think that I’d helped you do that, that I could contribute to something beautiful like that.” She snorted derisively.

“You did.” He took a step toward her.

“And then—“ She ignored his counter. “You looked at me and you said…that you should have killed them on the spot…and that same part of me thought that I’d done that to you too. Maybe too much of me has gotten burned away to…to come back.” She exhaled. “That’s what I do…I try to help…and then it just—it falls apart…I can’t watch any more people fall apart…Not you.”

Daryl wordlessly walked around the bed to stand in front of her. He was holding his shoulder gingerly again, and there were a few dots of red staining the bandage where he’d exerted himself during the argument. He stood directly in front of her for a long moment, too long…long enough that she could smell the musty earth on his clothes, his skin, his hair.

When he reached out and took her hand, she let him, swallowed by the human contact. He gently lifted her hand to his chest. No, no don’t do that…Her lungs hitched as he placed her palm over his heart, spreading her fingers wide against the worn fabric of his shirt. He felt solid, warm…like home…

“Do I feel like I’m fallin’ apart?” he asked quietly.

A pained hiccup ricocheted across her body, and she locked her jaw.

“Not yet…” she whispered, but she cherished that steady beat under her palm.

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Do you recall the interview where SG was asked if Daryl has found love or something like that, and he said familial love,yes and "has he found romantic love? I'm going to say yes I think so"... I can't remember when that interview took place in terms of the show timeline. To me that's pretty definitive confirmation that Daryl will get a love interest and it will be someone he had an established bond with at the time of that interview (ruling out Rosita or any new character). Thoughts?

It was Scott Gimple’s interview with Larry King before filming began on s5. He does indeed say Daryl will find romantic love.

I agree, it suggests Gimple had a specific “romance” in mind at that time and it was unlikely to be anyone not yet introduced.

To be honest, after s6 I truly do think i’m beginning to understand Gimple’s mind and way or writing - I don’t always like it, but i can see how he works now. And I believe totally that Caryl has been in his mind since the word go. I believe he does have the entire show mapped out until season 12, and I believe Caryl going canon is part of his long term plan.

He knew what he intended when he began season 4. He said himself the “pookie” scenes at the start of s4 were deliberate to establish the Caryl connection. Those scenes were not platonic, sibling interactions. They were flirtatious moments heavy with promise. I believe he has always intended to make good on his promise, he just has a very set time-scale for it to happen in and he won’t be rushed or swayed.

I think Norman and Melissa know it too, and that may be why there has in the past been a lot of playing Caryl down in answers. I can see they wouldn’t want to get the fans hopes up for something that won’t happen for years yet - and that’s why Norman’s answers have sometimes had phrases like “when it happens”. Those along with his insistence that once it’s done, it’s done, may have been showing that he knows it’s going to happen but he doesn’t want it rushed and he wants it to play out at the best moment, as per Gimple’s plan.

I HOPE and suspect we might see slightly different answers this summer, indicating the time for fruition is near. We’ve already had Norman saying more than once that Daryl is “close” to that - where in the past he’s said Daryl would stab you if you hugged him. I am really looking forward to further interviews closer to s7 and if his answers become more telling.

There are many many things I do not trust Gimple on, but at this point I trust that he has a plan for Caryl and it’s going to happen sooner rather than later.

TWD Editing Challenge. Day Eleven: Favorite Ship. My absolute favorite relationship on this show is the one between Daryl and Carol, and while I do believe they will eventually become romantically involved, I enjoy their dynamic and interactions and bond as is and how it’s been since the start. These two are soulmates, meant to find and be with one another. Their relationship is truly a beautiful one to witness grow. #darylandcarol #caryl

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Stop hating Caryl shipper please

Hi, all of you know that my blog is dedicated to Melissa Mcbride, Carol Peletier, Mcreedus and Caryl. I write caryl fics, I share caryl videos and caryl photos, I share declarations and things that twd cast and director etc have said about Caryl. And because of that I have received messages insulting me from a certain person, well you now why?

I will ship Caryl forever. One thing I love about caryl is that is real love. They have a unique and special and sweet bond. And twd cast has confirmed it. One of the things I love most about them is that they have made each other better, daryl has made her stronger and Carol has made him feel. You know what is that? That’s real love and you are jealous. You are jealous because even after almost one season without interaction, we have one of the sweetest moments in the season.. the caryl hug in the same boat. We have seen also the twd cast saying things that confirm that caryl is real like when andy talked about their sexual tension..

You are jealous of their beautiful relationship and I don’t get it why. God, its a bond so beautiful and so sweet, look at them please. Look at “no sanctuary”, at Consumed, the same boat etc..

I ship them because they are the real image of true love and you are jealous because they are endgame, because they are alive and because if they make such beautiful scenes now.. can you imagine what they will do when they finally end up together? They will be the most powerful romantic couple ever.

And if you think you can hate us and insult us because of that, you are just jealous.

So stop with your bullshit,

Caryl is endgame

Ezekiel as Caryl Councillor

In my post yesterday I suggested that Ezekiel may interject in the mess that si Carol and Daryl’s emotions by talking to Carol about Daryl. But having thought on it, I am now thinking it’s more likely Daryl he’d talk to, and there is a WONDERFUL parallel with Shiva.

I think it’s more likely to be Daryl getting the advice as he is the one who was shown to be surrounded by settling down, coupling-up stuff last season. Then we have Norman saying Daryl is close to thinking about having someone that close to him, and he just needs to realize it. Whilst Carol is the one literally running away and saying she’s unable to love. 

That suggests to me that next season Daryl may finally be in the place to come to Carol as someone who wants to be her person (as he has in the past, but on a different level).

When you consider that and take into account Ezekiel’s story about Shiva that he shares in the comics:

“Shiva fell out of her exhibit… down into that deep moat that protected her from the patrons. Vets were on their way, but I saw she’d ripped her leg open on the way down – it was really bad, she was going to bleed out. Poor thing thought I was what was causing all that pain - got me across the gut, but not before I got my shirt tied around her leg. I saved her life.”

Obviously that could very easily be Morgan talking about Carol. He saved her life and got her to The Kingdom, but there is a key part of the conversion which I think means when we hear this dialogue it may be a lesson for Daryl.

“Truth is, that cat’s the last thing left in this world that I loved.”

Ezekiel gives this speech to Michonne to explain why he keeps Shiva around. She is unpredictable and could pull away from him “ripping his arm off”, or she could turn, but it’s worth it to him because he loves her.

I could see a very interesting conversation taking place when Carol is still trying to push Daryl away and Ezekiel tells Daryl about Shiva. I could see him explaining that when he went to rescue Shiva, she was in pain and afraid and she couldn’t trust he wouldn’t hurt her too so she lashed out. But he kept on, and got closer, and she saw his love for her and never hurt him again.

I would love to have this man telling Daryl to keep at it, don’t let her push him away and simply do what he does best - love her. And pretty soon she’ll understand the last thing he’ll ever do is hurt her, and loving each other is worth the pain and scars, in this cold world.

Why I’m not so hard on Gimple

Mostly in reference to Caryl things…because I know fans are frustrated!

1. Because I want him to write awesome Caryl scenes, and use his showrunning powers for good and not for evil.

2. I also want him to *NOT* kill my favorite characters, and a little sucking up never hurt anyone.

3. I think he’s (more than) a low-key Caryl shipper.

4. He WROTE the episodes: No Sanctuary, Pretty Much Dead Already, and 30 Days without an Accident which means HE IS RESPONSIBLE for the hug heard round the world, the barn scene, and Pookie. That is a lot of Caryl love.

5. He also wrote The Grove which totally showcased Melissa McBride’s mad acting skills, and This Sorrowful Life which is the very sad episode where Merle dies.

6. Since he was writer, and then became show-runner he has upped the Caryl ante with episodes like Consumed, No Sanctuary, not depleted it. I’m positive Caryl is his endgame.

7. In season 6 he wrote no episodes but as executive producer made sure that we had hints through Caryl-free 6a. The cherokee rose, and the new start callbacks at least gave us hope. In further frustrating 6b they had enough interaction to let us know they still care, and gave us some subtle hope through Morgan at the end.

8. I may never actually be able to forgive him for Tobin, but in his defense, it’s a fairly typical plot device in this kind of arc, usually right before the couple gets together.

9. He actually seems a good writer. No Sanctuary is my favorite epsiode of the show. The Grove is amazing as well. And if you look at his roster of episodes they are all pretty good.

10. I have faith. He CAN turn this around and make it awesome. Right now we are all so tense with the Negan thing, but I’m hoping he turns it all into something amazing. It’s confusing right now, but it will be clear soon. It reminds me of when Carol was banished, which seemed so horrible at the time, but Carol has become such an amazing and popular character, and they brought about a wonderful reunion from it. Since we can’t see the full plan it’s stressful, but there’s still tons of hope!

Y'all know what the sad FACT is? Most Bethylers and even more TD just care about their ship, they just care about “Bethyl”.
EVERYTIME someone of them writes something it’s always Bethyl and their sick fantasies *cough Daryl as werewolf cough*. They don’t care about Beth herself. If Daryl and Beth would not have been together in an episode they wouldn’t give two shits about her. They wouldn’t even talk about her anymore. For most of them it’s ONLY Bethyl, they just want that their sick fantasies are coming true (also we all know that will never happen). And the biggest reason is: They don’t want Daryl with Carol, even if it’s way more romantic love than Bethyl would have ever been!
You don’t have to be a shipper or hardcore fan to see: Beth was his Sophia 2.0 and they don’t even realize: no one talks about her and no one cares about her anymore. Not the cast & crew, not the media and normal fans also not! It’s just so annoying that they can’t accept the fact that she’s dead and she won’t come back. Not as Ezekiel, not as Shiva and not as a damn tree or some other shit.

Hellatus Caryl Speculation!

So I was commenting on one of Rayon’s videos and I brainstormed some speculation questions;

  • How will Daryl react to the Morgan situation and who tells it to him? 
  • Think he might just try to find the car Carol took and go from there? 
  • Think he might scour the countryside for Carol as he did with Sophia? He then finds a Cherokee Rose right outside The Kingdom which leads him to her?
  • I’m really looking forward to Carol finally rising from the ashes, forgiving herself, reconciling the person she was with who she is?
  • Think Daryl will ask Carol for a spin around the block on his new motorcycle? Since you know, she hasn’t been on this one yet? :D
  • When they finally do kiss, who do you think initiates it? Or maybe it’s kind of a both-lean-in-at-the-same-time thing?

What other plot bunnies can we explore do you think?

We might get some fanfic plot bunnies out of it! :D