I love how Daryl always goes into high-alert whenever someone mentions anything that has something to do with Carol. At first Rick is the only one in the shot, pointing his gun at the Savior, asking him if he “won”. And that’s when Daryl pops into the shot, because he needs to know if the Savior won, because if the Savior won, that means Carol didn’t. (Just keep in mind that Carol is obviously the only person Daryl is thinking of when the Kingdom is mentioned.)

Then Daryl’s concern turns instantly to worry when the Savior tells them that no one won. That’s when Daryl steps up and starts questioning the him.

And Daryl gets frantic, gets scared. Because no. This can’t be happening. He bends down to shove the gun right in the Savior’s face because he just can’t accept this answer. 

“Everyone’s dead.”

Daryl’s fear is so evident in this scene. In everything he does. He says “bullshit”, but his hand shakes as he holds the gun, and he can’t talk anymore. Just stands up and stares at the Savior. 

He absolutely could not swallow the fact that Carol might be dead. 

When the Savior alluded to it, Daryl denied it right away, because the thought terrified him, and it was something unfathomable. 

And then the look on his face when the Savior says that she’s alive. He breathes out a sigh, his shoulders sink. I really think that that expression showed that kind of relief you get after you have such a scare, after something so terrifying almost happens. It’s relief but it’s also recovering from your fear and it takes a second to feel full relief.

I feel like this whole scene was made to show the moment Daryl’s blood runs cold, the moment where he thinks something happened to Carol. Because that would be the worst thing Daryl could imagine…

Because let’s be real and say that the only person Daryl cared about in the Kingdom group was Carol. This scene was all about her, and all about showing Daryl’s fear of losing her. Really. It served absolutely no other purpose whatsoever. It was meant to convey and reaffirm that losing Carol is the worst thing that could ever happen to Daryl. 

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Can you write a caryl prompt, where it takes place during 8x1 and after carol hugged him and told him to be careful and it took him extra long to get back to her and she was worried and when he finally did get back she attacked him in front of everyone? Please? Can you make it super fluffy :)

No one had seen him since his fight with Rick, even Carol taken back by the news that he’d hit Rick first. It wasn’t like him to start fights, not anymore, but you could always be damn sure he’d finish them.

That wasn’t her pressing issue right now though, her issue was that no one had seen him in almost a week and it was driving her sick with worry. 

Focusing on other things seemed fruitless, everything she did reminded her of Daryl in some way. She’d wanted to go search for him herself, but with Ezekiel in bad shape and her having minimal tracking skills, searching would have been a waste of time.

That didn’t stop her forcing Rick and Morgan to go after him though, her heart weighing a little bit heavier every time they returned alone.

A week came about and Carol felt the swell of nausea hit her as the two men came back empty handed. 

“We need to go to Hilltop,” Rick said solemnly. “We can ask Maggie if she’s heard anythin’, but we need to get things back in motion.”

She wanted to defy Rick. Wanted to shout and scream that they couldn’t stop looking until he was found. But she knew she couldn’t. She had to hold it together, in her mind Daryl was alive until found otherwise. 

“I’ll get ready to head out,” she said quietly, not another word uttered until they arrived at Hilltop that night.

Carol closed her eyes with a shaky breath as Maggie told her there had been no sign of Daryl around their parts. Keep it together.

“I’m going out first light,” she announced to everyone.

“Carol you can’t,” Rick protested.

“No Rick I can!” she yelled back suddenly. “If things were the other way around you know he’d be out there looking every day.” 

“Where would you even start? It’s not safe for anyone to go alone and-”

Rick was cut off when there was a sudden commotion by the front gates, Maggie taking the lead forward, calling up to the man at the watch tower.

“There’s a guy here, says his name is Daryl?” 

“Open the gates,” Carol demanded, the guy glancing to Maggie who gave him a nod of affirmation.

The second Carol laid eyes on him she sprinted forward, lunging herself at him, uncaring of the dirt and grime Daryl was covered in, uncaring of the curious eyes that watched the pair.

She’d gone at him with such force that her feet left the ground, Daryl dropping his crossbow to keep her held up in his arms.

“Don’t you ever do that again,” she practically whimpered into the crook of his neck, nuzzling into him to get as close as possible.

“M’sorry,” Daryl murmured, placing her back on her feet but keeping her in close to him. “Weren’t intendin’ on bein’ gone s’long.”

She pulled back, cradling his face in her palms, letting her forehead fall to his as screwed her eyes shut to stop the tears. 

“You can’t do that to me,” she whispered. “I thought I lost you.” 

Daryl nudged his nose against hers to make her look at him, his eyes telling her so much more than he could ever verbally express.

“Wouldn’t leave ya like that. Ya know me.” 

Carol nodded, the pads of her thumbs tracing his cheekbones. 

“People’re starin’,” Daryl murmured.

“Let them,” Carol answered, she wasn’t ready to let him go yet, not even close.

that feeling when you finish a super long well written fic and wish you could forget it asap so you can start it all over again. so many talents in the caryl fandom, pls give them all love if you like their stuff. and rec me long fics pls. i feel like i read them all, but i might have missed some great ones!

Norman and Melissa was talking about Season 5 Episode 1, When Carol find them and Daryl run to Carol!! Norman ask can I kiss her cuz.. Mel and Norman was talking about it before filming they shot that morning. The answer they got was not yet let the feels show go to a place.. Where you shoe beautiful emotions.. Which they did ad you see. But you know Norman did wanna kiss💋 Melissa for season 5x01


Spoilers for your show reveal a SUPER SHIPPY moment between your OTP and you literally can’t stop theorising what is going to happen

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