Intricately Carved 16-Century Prayer Nuts Open to Reveal Incredibly Detailed Scenes

A prayer nut was an extravagant, intricately carved boxwood carving from the Middle Ages that could be carried and used for private devotion. Owned mainly by the wealthy in northern Europe, a prayer nut was as much a status symbol as a sign of faith, as only those with money could afford them.

The decorative items are small, measuring only a few inches in diameter. When closed, the object resembles an elaborately carved nut that could be worn on a belt or a rosary. Once opened, the interior reveals incredibly detailed, religious scenes like the Crucifixion. Aromatic fragrances were often inserted into the woodwork with the intention of enhancing the emotional experience for the user. Delicate and complex, prayer nuts were highly prized as works of art and can be found on display in many of the world’s leading museums today. TxT MyModernMet

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It’s been nearly a year since we last checked in on the awesome crayon carvings by Sunnyvale, CA-based artist Hoang Tran (previously featured here). Some of his latest pop culture-themed creations include The Simpson family, Sally and Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Willy Wonka and one of the Oompa Loompas, Alfred Hitchcock, Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors, Cookie Monster, Supergirl, and our current favorites: a magical unicorn and Tobias Fünke from Arrested Development - painted blue just in case the Blue Man Group finally decides to give him a call.

Be sure to follow Hoang Tran here on Tumblr at waxnostalgic to view many more of his wonderfully detailed crayon carvings, some of which are available for purchase via Tran’s CarvedCrayons Etsy shop.

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The Award Winning Carving of Chef Daniele Barresi

Carvings Art - Each slot has its own history, is unique. When I create a new sculpture I always try to convey passion and offer, love and smile, because for me every incision, is a form of freedom, is a form of art. In fact, my works are not created solely for the purpose of making a profit but to bring out new passions, opinions, in such a way that the art that has engulfed me, overwhelm more and more people. I hope that through this site I can give you a lot of emotions.
In this site you will find news about my sculptures and recommended tools to dip into carving; in addition there is also the possibility, for all concerned, to be able to learn the technique Thai through specialized courses (of different levels and types).



The Department of Phenomenal Pencil Art would like to welcome Russian experimental artist Salavat Fidai to the ranks of awesome pencil carvers such as Dalton Ghetti, Recep Alçamli, cerkahegyzo, Pete Goldlust and Diem Chau (all previously featured here). Fidai painstakingly carves fragile pencil tips to create miniature graphite sculptures ranging from figurative art to pop culture characters to political statements to mind-bending pieces such as interconnected locks and keys.

Visit Salavat Fidai’s Facebook page or Instagram feed to check out more of his amazing artwork. Some of his original pencil carvings are available for purchase via the Salavat Fidai Art Etsy shop.

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