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Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Storyline
“ Continuing his “legendary adventures of awesomeness”, Po must face two hugely epic, but different threats: one supernatural and the other a little closer to his home. ”

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➢ Kung Fu Panda 3 Movie Detail
Release Date : 2016-01-28
Casts : Bryan Cranston, Dustin Hoffman, Seth Rogen, David Cross, Krasen Belev, Angelina Jolie, James Hong, Rebel Wilson, Jack Black, Lucy Liu


An Object at Rest

culebraed asked:

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12: Chest Kiss

She isn’t really sure how this happened. She figures they must be used to it by now– it all went so fast, she can’t imagine they haven’t had experience. One second she was eating Cap’n Crunch and watching cartoons and the next Seth was saying something about an investigator outside and before she knew it Richie had an arm around her middle and was hauling her into a closet. To hide, presumably, but knowing Richie, this might be some kind of weird Seven Minutes in Heaven kind of thing. Whatever. She’s not complaining.

He’s got his gun in one hand and the other over her mouth (like she’d actually make a noise, she’s almost insulted), and she can smell his aftershave. Seth is talking to somebody– a policeman? A private eye? She can’t tell, she can only hear snippets of the conversation. He’s saying something about how Harley is dangerous and unstable and like to manipulate people and she’ll sell anyone to Satan for one corn chip blah blah blah. Harley’s already lost focus. Not hard to do that, when Richie’s shirt isn’t buttoned all the way and she’s crammed into his lap.

She wiggles out from beneath his hand (feels an awful lot like a hostage situation, but still, she’s not complaining) and shifts to a more comfortable position, with the side of her head pressed against his chest. She can hear his heartbeat. She can hear him make some quiet noise in the back of his throat that probably amounts to aw, come on, can’t you hold still for thirty seconds too. Don’t worry, Richie. She’s a professional.

In fact, she’s so professional that she’ll plant a kiss right on the bar skin between his shirt buttons. To thank him for doing such a good job as a bodyguard-slash-possible-captor.