My 10-year-old nephew is a regular little cartoonist. And some of this shit is actually pretty fucking funny.

I thought I’d share his talent with you all!

Desmond the Moon Bear

Apparently doctors are nerds and corpses can fist bump.

The ghost says “DUDE what the hell is wrong with you???” (HE’S TEN)

I don’t know why I love this one so much.

“Oh crapp” (now he’s an Angel?)

Teeheeheeheehee it’s just so weird and random and funny.

“I wanna be a pie!” — “Honey no!” (channeling Dean Winchester with all these pies and ghosts?)


“There’s something on your face … … .PAIN!

More Dean channeling.

He drew a stick fish.

Barfing up kittens.

"But I’m allergic to adorableness!!!—”

About the artist: Caden is 10, and almost finished w/ 4th grade. His Aunt Sarah is sktagg23. He loves playing games and making funny cartoons from asdf movie. He also LOVES Doctor Who. And his iPod has the same case as Aunt Sarah’s iPhone: