i remember when i watched nostalgiacritics video on “Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue!” and I had this feeling of deja-vu before I realized that it was basically Bleedman for 80s kids like the excitement of seeing a crossover of all your favorite cartoon characters only to have it be complicated by stuff becoming weird

you cant fuck the weed ghost from cartoon all stars to the rescue. fucking it would be about at pleasurable as having smoke surround your sexual organs sounds, i mean, nobody’s getting anything out of this union. i guess you could inhale it, but i doubt that would be particularly arousing for either party. would get you pretty fuckin high though.


Cartoon All-Stars To The Rescue 2!

The long-unawaited follow-up to the 1990 classic!
Cast and crew info below the cut.

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YOU may have forgotten that Cartoon All Stars to the Rescue happened. I’ll never forget.


Tumblr doesn’t have enough Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue, so I’ll post up the very annoying song that plays at the end.

The most pressing question I have about this thing is why Captain Planet wasn’t in it…


Who remembers seeing THIS???  hahaha all the best cartoons from the 90s telling me to say no to drugs.  this was awesome.