now that production has officially wrapped on adventure time i figured it would be a good time to share the storyboard tests i took since they are no longer relevant!

this is the storyboard test for season 2 of AT.  i took it back in October of 2009, before the show had started airing!!!   they give you an outline (included above) some character designs and a description of the type of writing they were looking for and of course there was the pilot to look at, but they told you to ignore the tone of the pilot in the test.

let me get this out of the way right up front.  I FAILED THE TEST.  I DIDN’T GET THE JOB.  

I have to admit that while i was proud of this board at the time i drew it i now find it pretty embarrassing.  it’s a complete mess.  But i want to share it in order to show how sometimes failure can teach you  a lot more than success.  you shouldn’t give up if you fail, you should analyze why you failed.  

i did manage to take a character design test a few months later and land a job on the show, but it would take me a few years before i felt i confident enough to take another whack at trying to be a storyboarder for the show.

tune in to part two coming up next!


Is this real???

Please, tell me, I can’t breathe

Lapis comes back and Peridot gets her stars???


always wanted to draw a fake screenshot

i’m sorry, forgive me through i regret nothing lol



if you haven’t checked it out, please take a look at part one, where i share the SB test that allowed me the privilege of NOT becoming a story boarder on adventure time.

this is the storyboard test for season 5 of AT.  i took it back in May of 2012.  i’ve included the outline for you to check out.

AT is an board driven show.  that means that instead of the writers creating a script with all the dialogue on it already, they write an outline with the basic story beats in it.  That is given to the boarders who visually elaborate on the outline and write all the dialogue hopefully creating a compelling story.  which is then hammered into shape through a process of revising and refining. 

a lot of time this will result in more organic and spontaneous boards, and while ends up being much more work for the boarders, it can be much more creatively fulfilling for them as well, since they get to add in their own voice to things.

i had a bit of a leg up on the competition taking this test, having been a designer on the show for two years.  i got to spend time looking at the boarding process and had access to finished storyboards created by all the talented boarders on the show.  I also could just ask for advice and feedback from people already in the trenches.

and guess what?  I GOT THE JOB!

after storyboarding for a year and a half on AT i can honestly say i still don’t know much about storyboarding!!!   (there’s so much i still have to learn!)

all that being said, I am still happy with how this board test turned out. 

i hope you enjoy looking at it.


My art gets next to no notes lately bc of the new “best stuff first” feature, so I don’t really feel like posting,, but here’s this.
These pictures were all drawn (give or take a day or two) exactly a year apart

This is a throwback CN schedule for this Thanksgiving week 4 years ago (MON 11/25 TO SUN 12/1/2013). 

This time was well into CN’s brighter days, where Adventure Time and Regular Show ruled the ratings, ahead of Spongebob on Monday where RS gained 3 million that would shock everyone if it were today. Also, at this time, as Steven Universe had only premiered on the network a few weeks ago at this time, it did not do as well despite its strong lead-in.

EDIT: Also just to point out a certain point in the schedule:

See it’s funny because Johnny Test is terrible

Here is my spoiler-free review of Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie!

Well there we have it, a 15-year cliffhanger finally resolved after the fanbase’s demands were just so strong that right or wrong Nick had to oblige.

Usually when a TV movie has four writers the story becomes muddled and unfocused, but Hey Arnold!: The Jungle Movie proves that a story that is given so much care and detail unto its audience can be a success on many fronts. Longtime fan? Easter Eggs galore. First time Hey Arnold! watcher? You get everything you need to know about the characters, what makes them tick, who they are to the other classmates and adults, and a finale that will give anyone with a frozen heart time to burn on a blistering furnace.

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Hey! It’s a clip from one of my episodes!


More Space Babe! And some bunny babe aswell hehehehe 😂😂😂
After doing some poses studies I wanted to draw The Queen of Martians as a kick boxing champion and was trying to get muscle structure in my anatomy and poses. It can help you guys if you wanna practice 😊

Also She is sooo beautiful with short hair then her long hair. What do you guys think hehehehe