Bad guy rides away on horsey.

Because apparently there were horsies inside the dance barn, and the show didn’t bother to tell us.

The gang grabs their own cart and horsey, because dance barn is a treasure trove of transportational methods.

They get chased by bad guy on horsey.

Horsey  #1 jumps chasm…

…and successfully horseys its way to the other side.

Bad guy horsey, horsey #2, tries the same…

…stops half-way, falls, and…



and I have no idea what on earth is supposed to be happening here, as the show doesn’t explain it at all.


Ted the Animator: “…take a look at page 42 in the script, Carl.”

Carl the Animator: “Sure, I–… I, uh… it… wait, what?

Ted the Animator: “So, I’m not high? It really does go straight from ‘bad guy falls in chasm’ to ‘bad guy instantly chases again’ with nothing in between?”

Carl the Animator: “…yes. Yes, it does.”

Ted the Animator: “Hrm.”

Carl the Animator: “Welp.”

Ted the Animator: “I, um… how do we even visually depict that?”

Carl the Animator: “Could he… like… have fallen on some springy object? Maybe there’s an inflatable bouncy castle at the bottom of the chasm?”

Ted the Animator: “…yup, let’s do it. That’s my headcanon.”