Carsten Höller, ‘Giant Psycho Tank’, 1999

In Höller’s Psycho Tank, visitors will float weightlessly in a sensory deprivation pool, providing a strange out-of-body experience. In these scenarios, as in his other work, Höller treats the viewer as the subject and audience for his radical and disorienting experiments.


Today I took off all my clothes and entered Giant Psycho Tank—a large, faintly lit, polypropylene tank filled with about a foot of supersaline water. Why did I do this you ask? For the art of the experience, of course. Welcome to the New Museum’s terrifically fun, thrilling and sometimes downright disorienting exhibition Carsten Höller: Experience, on view now through January 15 in NYC. Höller is probably best known for his long, elegant, tubular slides. At this exhibit, visitors can scoot themselves into a 40-feet high, 102-feet long, steel and glass tube on the fourth floor and zoom down to the second floor—screaming all the way. Happily, the nude averse can do this fully clothed.

—Keith Mulvihill

Check out video of the giant slide here.