Hawkchild DIY & Struggletown Records-
Strugglechild DIY:

Sheffield-based emo band known for being nominated at the Brit awards for 2012’s most handsome band. This is their third trip to Glasgow, this time to celebrate the release of their upcoming LP to be released on the internationally renowned label Dog Knights Productions. The ex-hollister model duo were the kind of kids in school who you were jealous of; the buff masculine dudes who got the girls, got invited to all the hot parties and didn’t have to wear hand-me-downs. They…’re gonna let rip with some of their famous jams that have established themselves as one of the nations top twinkle daddies.
FFO: Snowing, Algernon Cadwallader, Dads.

local emo three piece with songs that give you flashbacks to some of your favourite 90s emo bands. One of Struggletown Records’ most promising bands. FFO: Still Life, Mineral, bleached blonde hair.

one of those under-the-radar bands in scotland who seem to get more praise down south than they do here. shame on us, we’ve all slept on this band for way too long. indie/emo vibes playing with mathy sounds but steering far clear of cookie-cutter twiddle sounding bands.. the wonderkid LP on Autumn Jams will blow you away. you may have seen them recently play with the famous Raein and Crash of Rhinos. FFO: Hightide Hotel, Moss Icon, post-punk stuff.

edinburgh/borders lo-fi 90s emo/screamo sounds featuring members of Smithsonian and Your Neighbour The Liar. despite playing in england plenty of times, this is their first time playing in Glasgow! you may have had a nice peep of them on a couple of the dates of the first Football, etc tour in the UK.
FFO: I Hate Myself, Merchant Ships, feeling like you swallowed a mother.

Thursday 28th of March 2013
Doors - 8:00pm
Entry - £5

13th Note Café
50-60 King Street
Glasgow, UK
G1 5QT
Are you from Aberdeen/Dundee/the surrounding area?

The Mire, Chronos, Cavalcades, In Enso and Transmissions play at Tunnels on Thursday. 4 bucks, half 7 doors. We’re trying to set this up as a floor show, so it should be a good one. We’re also playing with In Enso (and Carson Wells/Absolutist) in the Balcony Bar in Dundee a week on Friday, which is always fucking great. Make it down to one of these shows, we’ll all have a great time and go drink too much afterwards!


carson wells in albany road’s basement a while back. i need to see this band live.

Struggletown & HD Music Presents:

Two amazing emo/rock tours combine in a special one off show in Glasgow that will surely make T in the Park seem like a drunken, muddy, bad idea.

Prawn - New Jersey
Topshelf Records
An incredible blend of indie rock and emo sensibilities, Prawn play massive swelling songs with intricate guitars, at times swerving into post rock, their instrumental sections are just as engaging as the straight up rock songs. At times reminiscent of the driving alt rock of Brand New whilst maintaining the subtlety of bands like The Appleseed Cast.

Football, Etc. - Houston, TX
Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Melodic emo/punk three piece from Texas whose infectious live show centres around the interplay and connection between the guitar player Lindsay Minton and bass player Mercy Harper. To see them is to love them. Fans of American Football, Rainer Maria & Mineral will love this band.

Hindsights - Berkshire
Beach Community
Following in the footsteps of bands such as Basement and Superheaven, Hindsights have refined their sound over a series of releases, culminating in the critically acclaimed LP ‘Cold Walls/Cloudy Eyes’ which blends catchy rock songs with overdriven fuzzy grunge and emo elements.

Carson Wells - Aberdeen
Black Lake Records
One of the most exciting bands around right now, Carson Wells take elements of classic emo and screamo bands and put it together in songs that crash and swirl with melodic guitars, intricate rhythms and emotive vocals. Their latest LP 'Tread A Northern Path’ is a stand out record for this year and well deserving of your attention. For fans of Sinaloa, Raein, Moss Icon

Brightr - Solo Acoustic Pop
Opening the show with his brand of acoustic pop rock

Audio Glasgow
Saturday 11th July
6.30 Doors

£8 Advance (E Tickets) +25p Paypal Fee


reptoidprince tagged me to write a post of what six album I’ve been listening to lately, so here goes!

In an order that is vaguely to do with most listened :

1. Vennart - The Demon Joke

(The first album from Oceansize frontman Mike Vennart, I pledged toward the making of this so I’ve been listening to a copy for months but it came out in full release the other day. GET IT)

Favourite Track - #2 - Doubt

Standout Track - #4 - Rebirthmark

2. Rolo Tomassi - Grievances


(The fifth and most recent album of English cool people who are well liked by Biffy Clyro and the previously mentioned Vennart & Co. Grievances came out two or the weeks ago and has been on the rotation with The Demon Joke depending on what I’m feeling like) GIT-GIT-GET IT

Favourite Track - #7 - Stage Knives

Standout Track - #5 - Opalescent

3. Carson Wells - Tread a Northern Path


(The second full length, I think, from angsty, emotional AF Aberdeen-delions, Carson Wells. This came out maybe two or three months ago and it’s been a part of my rotation since) GET IT

Favourite Track - #5 - Final Throne

Standout Track - #3 - Northern Path, Southern Lens

4. Oceansize - Frames 


(Oceansize are a now deceased band fronted by the previously mentioned Mike Vennart. I’m kind of always listening to this because it’s always blowing me away) GIT GITET IT BUY NOW CONSUME OUT OF 5

Favourite Track - #2 - Unfamiliar

Standout Track - #7 - Sleeping Dogs and Dead Lions

5. Brand New - The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me


(My cousin took me to see Brand New at really short notice in Glasgow last month and seeing their incredible live show put them back in my brain, this is my favourite album of theirs) GET GOT

Favourite Track - #12 - Handcuffs

Standout Track - #6 - You Won’t Know

6. Childish Gambino - Because the Internet


(I got into Childish Gambino because of my friend letting me hear Heartbeat, maybe a year ago but I was initially turned off by Because the Internet and put it on the backburner. When I eventually listened, it quickly became one of, if not my favourite hip hop album. Seemingly more consistent than my other favourite Tyler, the Creator as an artist and a person. I tend to stick this album on repeat when I play Skate 2 or 3 so I listen to it quite a lot or atleast for a long time, each listen) HIPPITY HOPPITY SHOW ME THE GET IT

Favourite Track - #7 - Telegraph Avenue (”Oakland by Lloyd)

Standout Track - #12 - No Exit

This was certainly something I could have spent forty five minutes working on and hey! It looks like I have.

I’ll tag actual-static , definedbyimperfection & orangetimemachines , if anyone else wishes then you’re free. I do hope that you are free.

Since I tagged Chad in this I should probably also shout out his band and their sick album too : The Endless Obsession - Famous Tellings of a Noble Sun

Football, etc. Confirm UK Tour with Carson Wells
Houston, TX’s Football, etc. will be returning to the UK in July for a run of headline shows alongside Scottish post-hardcore band Carson Wells.

11 Audio, Glasgow
12 CCHRQ Garden, Manchester (matinee)
12 JT Soar, Nottingham
13 Roll For The Soul, Bristol
14 The Hope, Brighton
20 The Black Heart, London

In additional news, Football, etc.’s new video for ‘Sweep’ has been released and can be viewed below.

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this is a photo I took of the band football, etc. - it was a show i hosted in a friend’s back garden (in withington, in manchester) on a sunday in the middle of the afternoon. it was probably the weirdest gig I’d ever put on, but also quite satisfying. I churlishly entitled it “sunny day matinee” - it was kinda sunny I guess. 

supporting them, I did a solo set of my project cop graveyard and I also had yr friends which is alexei berrow, guitarist/vocalist from UK DIY greats Johnny Foreigner. also playing were a scottish band called carson wells, who were on tour with FE at the time. 

football, etc. (from austin, texas, USA) are an interesting blend of indie rock and emo, to quite a plush conclusion, championing choral sing-a-longs and straight up and tight guitar rock. whatever that term actually means. given the weirdness of the event, I was real happy to have hosted it - I had always intended, but never really managed, to separate the gig setting from a bar setting, a problem most prevalent. I had this vision of a music event like this going beyond kids going into a dark, dingy club, paying an inflated (external costs considered) to watch some bands and paying dumb prices for expensive drinks in an anti-social social environment. it’s too conditioned. 

and though I haven’t been able to make that long term (as I have never had real access to a PA, or the funds to buy one), it was never really much of a reality. so, i’m glad I at least managed to do this.