“I Wanna Be Somebody” by W.A.S.P.

Top Metal Songs of the 80′s - #42

I want shiny cars and dirty money
Lotsa rock and roll
I will live in fame and die in flames
I’m never gettin’ old

There are a lot of straightforward rocking metal songs in the 80′s, but few marry the heavy with the attitude, the youthful rebellion, and unapologetic ambition of this song. Once people could see past they shock rock visuals and antics, they found that this album is solid and tight, and kicked off with a classic anthem.

“Why would amber heard lie about the abuse? Johnny Depp could destroy her career in a blink of an eye.”

Okay, so maybe, just maybe she wants his money (Car and apartments) and her 3 minutes of fame. 
Let’s look at it, she gets divorced he said “no spousal support for you” and within a few days she claims that she got abused. Looks fishy to me.
But that’s not all. 
She actually stays in his apartment, drives HIS car and apparently wears HIS belt.
She called the police because his people wanted to get HIS clothes out of HIS apartment when both apparently weren’t even there. 
She refuses to have time to get her disposition taken and still to this day she hasn’t said anything under oath about the abuse, WHY?
Now the Judge had enough and scheduled her disposition to August 6th?

Now Amber said that Johnny’s Side is trying to get more time because he is scared of the hearing while SHE doesn’t sign a non-disclosure agreement so she has to keep her mouth shut about his finances, because someone leaked them before.

“How Can you defend Rihanna but not Amber Heard you hypocrite!”

I defend Rihanna because she immediately went to the police pushed charges and showed them her abused face.
Chris Brown even confessed that he beat her up.

“But Maybe she didn’t press charges because she is afraid or wants to protect his career”

Well Scared? She actually sold her pictures to magazines and leaked it to the media. Victims of abuse are usually embaressed and don’t want anyone to see their bruised face. 
She sold everything or leaked it, and claimed that Johnny Depp is a monster.
So why doesn’t she press charges?
Honestly she made him look really bad in public and he could just go ahead and punch her one more time if he really abused her, but pressing charges would actually cause investigations in that case and Johnny would be in prison.
But she didn’t, all she did was ask for his money and git a TEMPORARY Restraining order, which doesn’t mean anything.
And protecting his career is the most stupid thing i have ever heard. She claims that she wanted to keep it all private to protect his career meanwhile she sells and leaks all the information to the media. 
Yes very classy!

Listen, we don’t know anything about this case but i have seen so many stuff in the past 2-3 month that i can say i refuse to believe amber.
Not because i think it is good that she has been abused and she deserved it (because nobody deserves that) but because this whole thing is not believable for me.
And it makes me mad that people go ahead and believe everything a woman says no matter if it’s true or not.

And now stop insulting Johnny and his fans as “Human Garbage” because apparently you are the ones insulting others and sending death threats, so doesn’t that make you hypocrites? Telling everyone abuse is wrong but still insulting and sending death threats (which is mental abuse) to others!

Oh you don’t have to worry if after so long you don’t see yourself gaining much money, gaining fame, having houses, cars, multimillion-savings in the bank, big bikes, properties or any kind of those things, because in the end, your true achievement, your real legacy, is the lives that you have changed, the souls that you have loved, and the hearts that you have healed.
—  rezarusandi
Desire the life you already have

“One should not spoil what is present by desiring what is absent. Rather, realize that what we have were among the things we might have prayed for.” – Epicurus

I’m never satisfied. I always want more. Nothing is ever good enough. My lifestyle isn’t fancy enough, I lust after different cameras, cars, more money in the bank, more security, more fame, more recognition, and more impact in the world.

We’re always striving for what we don’t have, rather than appreciating what we already have.

I’m a pretty happy guy, but there’s still moments of dissatisfaction in my life. Even though I have a “perfect” life in terms of my flexibility to travel, to do what I love (teach, write, photograph), and meet amazing people from all around the world, I always want more.

I forgot where I got the idea (Stoicism, Buddhism, or Taoism), but the shortcut to happiness in life, photography, whatever is this: Desire the things and the life you already have.

So there are many different ways we can apply this philosophy to our lives.

First of all, desire the cameras you already own.

Even though I own my “dream camera” (film Leica MP and 35mm f2 Summicron lens) there are still random moments where I think, “What if I had camera ‘X’?” These are often moments when I’m feeling uncreative and dissatisfied with my life.

So whenever I have an urge to buy a new camera, I think about how much I dreamed of owning my film Leica. I try to remember myself 3 years ago when I read all these reviews of the Leica on forums, blogs, and from my friends. I try to relive the happiness I had when I first got my camera. This helps me be more grateful for what I have, and figure out how I can make photos with the camera I already own, rather than trying to make excuses why my camera or gear is insufficient.

Another idea: desire the life you already live.

I live in Berkeley, California, which is a mini paradise for hipster cafes, organic food, quinoa, almond milk cappuccinos, and other hippy yuppie stuff.

But I still daydream of living in San Francisco, where all the “cool” things are happening.

But I always try to remind myself: rather than daydreaming what I can do on the other side of the bridge, try to cultivate my own city and garden in Berkeley.

Also I try to remind myself of how many hipsters from all around the world would love to live in Berkeley. This helps me open up my eyes to the opportunities and possibilities in Berkeley.

Usually all the art events and photography exhibitions happen in San Francisco. But I partnered with my buddy Walter Margerison and curated a street photography group show at a local Berkeley cafe called “Artis Coffee”, which was a big hit. Keeping it local is key.

Another idea: desire the job you already have.

No matter how “shitty” your job is, there are always benefits. Let’s say you work crazy hours, but at least you make good money which allows you to buy photography books, plane tickets for traveling, and photography education and workshops. Sure you might not have that much time, but at least you can make the fullest potential of the little free time you have.

Let’s say you’re dead broke and working at a coffee shop. But at least you have more time and freedom to do what you love, rather than wasting precious brain energy on trying to get a promotion at a bit corporation, staying extra hours, and kissing ass. You might not have money for a fancy camera or to travel, but at least you have freedom of mind to shoot and flexibility of schedule.

You can be a billionaire and still be miserable, because you’re so busy you can’t take a nap or go a day without answering 300+ emails.

You can be living in poverty but still be happy because you have friends and family who love and support your creative endeavors.

Rather than focusing on the negatives of our lives, jobs, or circumstances, let us be grateful for what we have.

Let us desire the life we already have. Let us desire the camera we already have, the job we already have, and the mind we have.

Your life is perfect just the way it is.