Many long years ago I took my first breath,
And whilst I started a fresh life, many others started death,
When my eyes first sprang open, other eyes became sealed,
And while my test just begun, their results were being revealed.
Many long years ago I took my first glance,
And while others took their last, they pled for a second chance,
The first time I took a breath and smelled the world’s air,
Another was smelling bliss or a reek of eternal despair,
The first person to hold me was my mother after birth,
The last thing that will be holding me is the soil, deep down in the earth,
We only live so long before we eventually leave and die,
And although we depart from this life it’s only a momentarily goodbye,
Cause death is the beginning of time without end,
It’s a heavy truth to carry maybe that’s why we all live like it’s pretend,
But no matter how much we deny it inevitably hits us all,
One by one our hearts stop beating, one by one we fall,
I only came here yesterday and I’m already preparing to leave,
But this place is just a utility to use for what I want to achieve,
And achieving comes after believing but belief needs action too,
They say proceed before your time comes if Jannah is what you want to pursue,
But right from the very beginning the promise of Dunya was delusion,
What’s wrong seems right, what’s bad seems bright, it’s a complete ball of confusion,
And man was created weak with desires we strive to oppose,
Like money, business, cars and fame, fashion, brands and clothes,
In a constant battle with our hearts and with our desires inside,
Which one are we feeding more? Which ones living? Which one died?
We’re constantly given promises but only one party is delivering,
Allah provides us signs, whilst shaytan is incessantly whispering,
And we know the truth, it’s in our face, it’s blatantly clear,
So why do we still go on acting and living like we cannot hear?
The time is running out and our breaths are ceasing to last,
Every word you read or hear right now is already a second in the past,
Many long years ago I knew nothing like I do today,
But one thing I keep close to heart is with every hardship, pray.
Many long years ago the adhaan was read into my ear,
It’s not long until it’s read again and my living body will disappear. Written by: