In the Morning

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Summary: Early mornings, even in non-memorable hotels, make all the bad things in life worth it. 

Word Count: 430 (yeah it’s short- sue me)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Reader

Warnings: Sappiness? 

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mod a it's been so long since you blessed us with some dysfunctional family hcs and i am dying for more so what a girl gotta do to get them? money? cars? fame? 33.5 virgins? tell me and i'll do it!

Mod A:

I want Cartier gold bracelet 👀

1) Arima has mistresses aside from his two wives who are always duking it out in their 80 room mansion. He usually puts them in their own condo with amenities so he can get away from home. Sen finds out about this and shows up to his office with a sub machine gun threatening “I don’t give a fuck! I’ll kill you then myself and every sorry mother fucker in this building!” Naturally no one ever wants to intern there.

2) Sen has her own company, on top of writing needlessly depressing novels, she runs a chapter of a yakuza that was ones organized by her dad. She’s turned it into her own publishing house because she doesn’t care about editors getting a cut at all. Plus if she owns the publishing house, it’s not like she has to pay the interns. (Someone tell Ayato middle management sucks and bureaucracy is sucking his soul dry.)

3) Ayato took the job in hopes of making some money and getting his sister off his back about college. Turns out getting paid unlivable wages has its perks when you can live in a mansion and watch Sen’s daughter, the very pretty Hinami from the window, sunbathing by the pool. Worst part? He’s living with Sen and her family, his sister and her kids only visit once a month.

Oh, and he’s being catfished by Juuzou in a dress.

4) Juuzou and Hinami are the youngest in the family and have a very intense sibling rivalry for that reason. Sen’s raised them to regard each other as competition so it’s definitely worked when their newest tug of wag is with Ayato being the rope.

5) Ken and Touka have triplets; 2 boys and a girl. Despite all odds, Ken remains the family favorite which has all his siblings seeing him as the enemy™ but really they just wanna get on his case about something and not take any responsibility for it. Think of him as the Michael Bluth of his family.

Their kids are annoyingly hyperactive and Ken unfortunately has similar tendencies as his mother (an homage to Black Goat’s Egg) as he already pits them against one another.

6) Seidou started his goth phase late. (Like really late, he graduated from college, got a real job and then halfway through the year at a financial firm, he went on break and never went back) instead he came him with bleached white hair, clothes featured in Japan’s visual Kei magazines and eyeliner. He has a masters in Business but what he really wants to pursue is films.

The demon nun from the conjuring movie was played by him.

7) Amon ran off to a convent when he was around 19 years old because he couldn’t stand the dysfunction anymore. However a few months into the monastery, he ends up banging one of the nuns and is now living in sin with her. He ends up in a cult too but he was pretty sure it was a different sect of the same religion (he has no idea, he fell asleep during an orgy and Leo and behold, he’s been promised to the inner circle of hell)

8) Nishiki is the one brother that’s managed to get all his shit together and even graduated from Medical school. Worst part? There isn’t one. Apparently running away and staying away from home does wonders for ones mental health.

Live and learn, boys.

9) Furuta is the child they always forget, mostly because neither Sen nor Minami want to admit they gave birth to him. He runs animal fighting rings in the basement of the manor and has mastered fluent Spanish because the best fighting chickens are from Mexico. Something about a cartel deal gone wrong and He calls up Ken with the request “hey so I know I tried to kill you when we were teenagers but we’re still brothers –”

Ken hangs up the phone and contacts the cartel about Furuta'a whereabouts.

10) Naki and Urie have been interning much like Ayato but unlike Ayato being in the sunken place (Hinami’s tiddies) Naki and Urie know that something’s up….

They haven’t gotten a raise yet and it’s been 10 years.

(They started at 13 because what are child labor laws)

Urie: im here to get promoted
Naki: I just want a reason to wear this nice ass suit.

Just A Guy I Like (Part 1/?)


(1,021)     I’m not used to writing fan fiction so i gave the main character a name srry

Warning: Swearing, Homosexuality (I shouldn’t have to make that a warning, But i feel like i have to just cuz)

A/N: there are like not any gay Tom images so i wrote one! In other parts there with be more interaction with him and the main character! ENJOY

part two

Tom’s life was full of fame and travel but it lacked one thing, someone to come home to, someone to cuddle when he was sick or cold. It wasn’t like tom was being lazy about It he would try and try to find a date. Almost everywhere he went he flirted, but every time he would find interest in a someone they would swoon over him way too much, it was like they didn’t ever care for him the real him they just cared for his money, cars, and fame. He didn’t want that he wanted someone who was down to earth and when he walked up to them they wouldn’t say “OMG it’s Tom Holland.” Little did he know he was gonna find that person very soon!

It was a warm Saturday morning and you were again late for work as you scurried down the street you ducked into the alley behind the diner, knocking three times the signal that you’re an employee the door swings open and you see a warm smile. “Late again” Maggie your best friend says with a smile as you enter the building and open your locker “Girl, don’t remind me. Did Morgan notice?” you ask “Yes, he did” you hear a gruff voice say behind you “Vince Quinn, late again” “Look Morgan, i…” “I’m just bustin your balls Vinnie” he smiles at you handing you your order pad “And ill kick you in yours if you keep calling me Vinnie” You playfully snap grabbing your notepad and beginning your work”

           Handing the old man at the table your working a bottle of ketchup you hear a plate shatter behind you. A quick look at the counter and you see Maggie staring at the door slack jaws, eyes wide, your eyes travel to the door to see two handsome young men standing there waiting. One had blue eyes and blonde hair and the other deep brown irises and dark chestnut curls. It took a moment for your brain to register the face but sure enough you knew that you need to get them away from Maggie as soon as you could. Walking swiftly over to the gentlemen you see out of the corner of your eye Maggie grabbing menus and trying to get to the first, Then the world moved in slow motion as you and Maggie walked to the boys. You won the race standing in front of them Maggie at your side “I got these guys Vin” she said her breath hitching, you snatch the menus from her hand before she could say a word your cover her face with the menus and say “Right this way boys” seating them in a corner booth you start by saying “Sorry about her she is kinda boy crazy anything with pecks and a dick that walks through those doors she on em like a fat kid on a Twix” your joke prompting both of the boys to laugh “I’m Vince, I’ll be your server what can I get you” “Uh, we’ll some tea thanks” the brown haired boy said his British accent surprising you. Your face contorts “OK, don’t tell him” you motion toward Morgan who was cleaning the pie case. “I know the customer is always right but, the tea is shit, and I’m not British so you might like implode or something” the boys laugh and order coffee instead “Right away” you smile. As your walking towards the counter a large man walks in “Hey Barry” you coo at the biker who sat two tables away from the brits.

           Starting a fresh pot of coffee Maggie walks over and pokes you in the rib “You an asshole” she snaps pouting “And your crazy” she gasps following you to as you bring coffee to all of the breakfast patrons in you section “Morning Barry” you smile at the large hairy biker who comes in every other day “Fresh pot” pouring coffee into his mug “Is this your way of flirting with me” he smiled as you turn to the table of brits “You wish, you’re not my type Sweetheart” You laugh when Maggie grabs your arm “Can I please have their table” “Mags, NO” you try to shake from her grasp on your arm but fail “Do you know who they are” she says a little too loud embarrassed she lets you go and you walk to their table “They are the British boys at table five” you say pouring the blued eyed boys coffee “That’s Tom Holland” she whispers in your ear “Ok, Mr. Holland what can I get for you” you say pointing toward the man with blue eyes when the other man speaks his order “Two fried eggs, wheat toast and I’m Tom” “uh-huh and you” “I’m Harrison” he says “No, what do you want to eat Sweetheart” “Oh, Uh same as him” he says folding his menu you take them when Maggie elbows you in the side “And this is my very annoying friend Maggie, Now that we’re all on a first name basis can I please get back to work” said say to Maggie but she’s just staring at Tom eyes twinkling “Bitch if you don’t let me go I’m gonna slap you” You whisper loudly prompting her to let you go then you grab her and pull her along!

           “Their leaving” Mags said poking you in the side “OMG let me drop everything to go bid them farewell.” You say sarcastically bringing Barry his check “Thanks Vin” “Have a good day, tell your ma I say hi ” you smile turning you see Maggie staring Tom and Harrison’s table “What now Mags” you breath “He-he-he…” she stutter “What” you say snatching the check from her hand. You let out a small laugh. Not only had he left you a one-hundred-dollar tip in cash, on the back of the check someone had written their phone number with a note that read

 “If I got the right vibe about you gimme a call”

“I knew one of them was gay” you snickered shoving the piece of paper in your pocket!

These rappers/entertainers always fighting/beefing/running their mouth on social media and it’s like I thought you were happy with all that money, the cars, fame etc. like I’m thoroughly confused.


Many long years ago I took my first breath,
And whilst I started a fresh life, many others started death,
When my eyes first sprang open, other eyes became sealed,
And while my test just begun, their results were being revealed.
Many long years ago I took my first glance,
And while others took their last, they pled for a second chance,
The first time I took a breath and smelled the world’s air,
Another was smelling bliss or a reek of eternal despair,
The first person to hold me was my mother after birth,
The last thing that will be holding me is the soil, deep down in the earth,
We only live so long before we eventually leave and die,
And although we depart from this life it’s only a momentarily goodbye,
Cause death is the beginning of time without end,
It’s a heavy truth to carry maybe that’s why we all live like it’s pretend,
But no matter how much we deny it inevitably hits us all,
One by one our hearts stop beating, one by one we fall,
I only came here yesterday and I’m already preparing to leave,
But this place is just a utility to use for what I want to achieve,
And achieving comes after believing but belief needs action too,
They say proceed before your time comes if Jannah is what you want to pursue,
But right from the very beginning the promise of Dunya was delusion,
What’s wrong seems right, what’s bad seems bright, it’s a complete ball of confusion,
And man was created weak with desires we strive to oppose,
Like money, business, cars and fame, fashion, brands and clothes,
In a constant battle with our hearts and with our desires inside,
Which one are we feeding more? Which ones living? Which one died?
We’re constantly given promises but only one party is delivering,
Allah provides us signs, whilst shaytan is incessantly whispering,
And we know the truth, it’s in our face, it’s blatantly clear,
So why do we still go on acting and living like we cannot hear?
The time is running out and our breaths are ceasing to last,
Every word you read or hear right now is already a second in the past,
Many long years ago I knew nothing like I do today,
But one thing I keep close to heart is with every hardship, pray.
Many long years ago the adhaan was read into my ear,
It’s not long until it’s read again and my living body will disappear. Written by: