Here are some thoughts in reply to @lange-c ‘s  post A Case for a (Somewhat) Hopeful Homeland. I’ve linked it here in the interest of space and used the space below to pull out sections I found particularly interesting for comment.

…In the wake of Quinn’s supposed demise and apparent resurrection…our passionate Homeland (HL) fandom seems suddenly split on the issue of skepticism. That is to say, do we, should we realistically expect a hopeful resolution for HL generally and a satisfying Quinn & Carrie love story specifically?Hence, for all the Debbie Downers in the fandom this is my manifesto for evidence-based hope on HL.

Well, I think those who have read my previous posts know I am very much in the “Homeland is hopeful” camp (vs. tragic/cynical/dark/nihilistic/etc). While I am impressed by all the arguments @lange-c​ has mustered in support of an opinion that we share, to me there is one that takes precedence over all the others. I’ll state it upfront before getting into the nitty-gritty:

My Homeland Syllogism

Homeland is Carrie’s story.

Carrie’s story is hopeful.

Therefore, Homeland is hopeful.

In this case, the adjective “hopeful” warrants a definition. The definition I’m using is “full of hope.” For the noun “hope,” I’m using the definition “a desire accompanied by expectation of or belief in fulfillment.” Because “hope” assumes the existence of a particular “desire” to be hoped for, what each person in the fandom desires for Carrie will determine the degree to which each is hopeful. For this reason, we will never agree on whether or not Homeland is “hopeful” because we each have our own desires and so the question is entirely subjective.

As I’ve stated previouslywhat I desire for Carrie is that she grow in resilience, patience, strength, wisdom, and the ability to let go so that, when I have to let her go at series’ end, I can rest easy in the knowledge that she will be OK no matter what life throws her way.

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