Carrie Bishop

[Right: St Nicolas Crosier, English, mid-1100s]

A crozier is a staff carried by bishops and other high-ranking members of various Christian denominations. It represents the ‘Staff of God’—the one Moses used to part the Red Sea.  Western designs typically use the crook shape to signify that the holder is the ‘shepherd’ of their congregation.

“When you look at the women Logan has loved - Lilly, Veronica, Carrie - they were all difficult women who kept him at arms length. He had the opportunity for more open and honest relationships with girls like Hannah and Parker, but ultimately, it wasn’t what he wanted. He chooses drama.”

“When Logan said that he was in love with Carrie, I cringed. Not because the whole LoVe thing; but it was because it was hard to believe that Logan would fall in love WITH CARRIE. She was no Lilly who was very passionate about life and she seemed detached most of the time. It was hard to believe that Logan would fall in love with this woman. I think it was just his hero complex that he was with Carrie.”