No more Audi @ Le Mans by Rob Blank
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New Undertale AU: Street Racing!!! (inspired by “Inicial D” and “Fast and Furious”)

Monsters and humans live together and at peace(sometimes), no war happened in the past and no sealing on the underground stuff. When there’s trouble, humans and monsters get things done by “dueling”: car racing, videogames, radical sports, etc…

Car racing is the most used way to get things done, especially if its on the street…and at night. Monsters are many times associated with radical sports because of their special abilities, they even have their own city for their car racing.

Frisk: A lost child that got almost run over during a race. Sans found them wounded and scared. Sans took them in and no questions were asked.

Sans: A mechanic with a big scar over his left eye, half blind from it. Don’t question it, just leave it be. Sans gets into races with his younger brother just to keep ‘an eye’ on him, and he never gets too serious about them, for Papyrus desmay. When his eye is activated, Sans can see 10 minutes into the future, sometimes he uses this to win races, others to avoid confusions with people.

Papyrus: His dream is to be a cop one day, and he believes that if he wins these races that he will be able to become one. Papy always makes sure to use his car racing uniform - “Protection above all!” - and he always gets upset when Sans isn’t using his jacket. When activated(stressed)Papyrus right eye is able to make his body more agile and fast, and make things look like their in slow-motion for 5 minutes.

Gaster: The skele-bros father, former car racer pro and inventor. Died on a car accident(believed to be a murder) along with his wife, Arial. Sans and Papyrus(as children) eyes were a result of that accident, due to the fact that Gaster was carrying a special solution for a new type of race car, thats spilled over their faces. Gaster left them two special race cars created by him and his wife, which Sans takes care with lots of love. To this day, Sans still blames himself for his parents death.

Mettaton: A robot racer with a great personality and a big ego. He craves to attention, fame and love. He‘s the star of the show so he must win every race. He’s the most well know car racer after Gaster, of course. 

Undyne and Alphys: Feared on the streets by young and adult racers, Undyne will not give a fuck to anyone who tries to smartass her during races, also an old friend of Sans and Papyrus. Alphys is Sans work mate and Undyne’s personal mechanic, Mettaton’s ‘mom’.

Asgore and Toriel: Asgore swore to erradicate car racing, being on the street, being professional and as the mayor, he tries every way he can, by any mean, to stop the races. Toriel, although not fond and afraid of races, he sees people happy during them so she knows that if racing is erradicated, happiness will leave their city. 

Chara and Asriel: Frisk’s twin sibling, taken in by the Dreemurrs, disapeared when Asriel died during a car race. After that, Asgore swore to stop the races, Toriel became more and more depressed and left Asgore; and Chara was never seen again.(WIP story)

Undertale © Toby Fox

Art, StreetCar Racing AU © me

Street racing!UT AU characters designs

Now a short(cough) info about each one of them:

Sans: A 22yyear old mechanic and hobby racer, his personal car is a black and white ‘67 Ford Mustang. He’s the one who fixes his car and his brother’s, never giving a shit  to other racers critiques. Loves to use simple clothing, easy to wear and maintain, the only pieces of wear he takes good care of is his jacket(Papy’s present), his glasses and his gloves.
As I said before, Sans left eye gives him the ability to see into the next 10 minutes of his future, but this visions aren’t always definitive, they can show him several results of what might happen and its always flashes of people, places and events, sometimes even colors or sounds. Sans is half blind from his left eye, a consequence of the accident.
After their parents death, Sans and Papyrus were taken in by a family’s old friend, Grillby, and grew up watching street racers driving by the restaurant.

Papyrus: 18/19 years old young racer, wishes to be a police officer, his ride is a red '06 Nissan 350Z.
Papyrus normally uses his racer uniform and a cap left by his mother(who was a mechanic of pro racing), but underneath that uniform he wears a white and red t-shirt. The sneakers were a present from Sans, who saw the shoes on a shop during a race.
When stressed out or in danger, Papyrus right eye activates and gives him the ability of making his body faster than others, being able to process more rapidally the next 5 minutes. This way he can even dodge an accident in the middle of the road(for example, drifting away from the place, which is something that only Sans is able to do)

Frisk: Non-binary, 15/16 year old kid, with no memories of how they got in the middle of the road, meeting Sans in the process. The only thing they remenber is blood, flashlights, screams and tires screaching.
Soon Frisk became Sans protegé, apprentice and family member; slowly showing signs of a great love of video recording, affinity to fix machines and great reflexes.

Mettaton X: He says he’s 20 years old, but no one knows how really old is this strange but fabulous robot, built by Alphys to be able to drive the fastest car ever built. His ride could only be the most expensive that ever existed: a Pink Convertible Ferrari F50 '95.
Mettaton not only is a street racer, ready to show off his magnificent ride and huge ability for speeding, but also the most famous pro racer ever known, this is, almost beating the Legendary Wingdings. Mettaton’s dream to beat this racer and become the world’s best.

StreetCar Racing AU, art, designs © mine
Undertale © Toby Fox

P.S: Because i dont know SHIT about race cars and muscle cars, i went searching on the internet what kind of cars they used on “the fast and furious”, “the fast and furious: Tokyo drift” and “inicial D”, saw what kinds mirrored perfectly each UT character and worked from there. Also, Mettaton’s car was taken from an actual Ferrari legit model that my dad has on his workplace(exept his is red, not pink).


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Tribute to a Black Cat - Finished

(WIP here)

This piece took me almost a week to finish, but i’m quite satisfied with the result. I used a different coloring and shading tecnique here and a brick texture for the walls.

*wispers* i dont know how to background….


This crossover is a tribute to the manga that started me on this magnificent world of anime and manga, and drawing: Black Cat. I grew up with this manga, inspired by it and loving it to the bits.

Black Cat’s creator is the same as To Love Ru - Kentaro Yabuki - but its a completly different world and story, with assassins and secret organizations and cool bounty hunters.

I used my AU versions of Sans, Papyrus(which, btw, i’m changing his design) and Frisk.

- Ryker as Train Heartnet, 
- Papyrus as Sven Vollfied and
- Frisk as Eve with her gothic lolita dress(The dress has some lace on it but because its too dark you cant see it ;^; )

Black Cat universe © Kentaro Yabuki-Sensei
Undertale © Toby Fox
CarRace Au, Ryker © moi

Unespected client  (part 2/2)



The car that Ryker is fixing belongs to the great thief, Arséne Lupin III !! What a shock! XDD

I got inspired on doing this after watching a few videos of this amazing anime. I Love the car chases and gun fights. 

The car depicted here(i tried) is a AC Cobra ‘63, the car that Lupin uses on the intro of “First Contact” (unfortenly i forgot the color was blue instead of tourquoise…meh whateves XD )

Also, first time drawing Lupin.

Ryker(sans), carRace!UT au © moi

Undertale, sans © Toby Fox

Lupin the 3rd © Monkey Punch

In the brief Old Irish tale entitled Immacaldam Choluim Chille 7 ind Óclaig oc Carraic Eolairg, or “The Conversation of Columba and the Youth at Carrac Eolarig”, St Columba asks a mysterious youth t tell him to whom Lough Foyle formerly belonged, or what it formerly was. The youth answers that there was once a flourishing kingdom there, and goes on to account for his own knowledge of this distant past:

“I have grazed it when I was a stag; I have swum it when I was a salmon, when I was a seal; I have run upon it when I was a wolf; I have gone around it when I was a human. I have landed there under three sails: the yellow sail which bears, the blue sail which drowns, the red sail under which bodies were conceived […] Women have cried out because of me, although father and mother do not know what they bear, with labour for living folk, with a covering for the dead.”

There is much to think about in this fascinating passage, which seems to provide a medieval counterpart to the statements of Greek and Roman authors that the druids preached a doctrine of rebirth.

—  John Carey, “The Three Sails, the Twelve Winds, and the Question of Early Irish Colour Theory” (2009)

ice-prince96  asked:

Hi, i'm about to do a written love spell and i want to know at what stage of the moon could be more convenient to do it, cause in a book i read that the full moon is usually used for black magic so i was wondering if this could affect my spell, like in a negative way or it doesnt matter?

If this is the kind of spell meant to attract love to you, that’s cool.  If it’s targeted towards a specific individual and involves manipulation of free will, reconsider the morality of your action and know that the PSG officially does not condone that kind of magic.

“Black” magic is a term rooted in racism.  Back when ouija boards and spiritualism were the latest thing and you could have correspondence courses in magic, people differentiated between the stuff that white people did and the stuff that black people did.  Of course, “white magic” became synonymous with “good” and “black magic” with “evil.”

I’ve personally never heard of the full moon being usually used for immoral magic.  More often it’s considered the time when the moon is at its full power, making it popular for spells towards new endeavors, confidence and strength, charging charms and water, etc.  The waxing moon, as the rise of the moon’s power, is often used for attracting things, whether it be love or money or whatever.  The waning and especially new moon are the times when banishing, binding, or ‘cutting away’ spells tend to be more popular.

Not everyone bothers with moon phases in their magic, however.  It simply depends on your path, practice, and personal preference.

- mountain hound

Unespected client (part ½)


Just a little thing i tried to do, a test for future comics(also, too lazy to make proper backgrounds, i suck at them).

I’ll post the next and last page tomorrow. Who’s this misterious client who’s car Ryker had to fix?

Ryker(sans), carRace!UT au © moi

Undertale, sans © Toby Fox

The misterious voice © ??


Doodle of Error on my CarRace AU

With @violethibine help, i went with the themes “rebel”, “tsundere” and “Steam punk”.

Error uses a motorcycle as his vehicle in this Universe, and tries(without success) to destroy Frisk and Ryker.

Race!Error is smaller than Ryker for a few inches, rebelious style and personality; tries to be a bad boy, tough and intimidating but fails all the time, getting frustrated when people dont get him too seriously.

Race!Error © me
Error sans © @loverofpiggies

now i want to draw Ink!sans in this universe ;^;

(i’m still working on my own stuff btw)

P.S.: My eyes are still bleeding from working on his colors…..send help….