Carolyn Keene

I used to read the Nancy Drew books as a kid, though I preferred Hardy Boys because they got to do more crazy stuff (because old-fashioned ideas about what’s ladylike and what girls can do meanwhile Joe Hardy has been given a concussion for the twelfth consecutive time but nahhhh he’s fine, he’s a dude. Right? Geez, that poor kid)

But when I did read the books, I remember thinking that Nancy’s boyfriend Ned was kind of a useless character. Like any time he showed up, I would be like “let’s see how many chapters end with Ned blacked out! this time!”
Kind of cynical for an eight year old I guess, but hey. I thought he was boring.

I can’t remember anymore. In the classic Nancy Drew books, did Ned ever do anything useful to the plot? Or was he just kind of an obligatory male character that Nancy kinda kept around for some reason?


Favorite Film→ Couples [8/20]: Nancy & Ted

“I’m going to give you some advice, mister. If you wanna get rich, stay away from women. I know from experience.”

welp here’s all my kids here together

glad to have brought u all on this “nancy drew goes to a boarding school in river heights and is largely unliked by the student body for being a know-it-all but her and the only three other members of the river heights academy detective club (bess; for emotional support; george; for the chance to get in trouble; and ned; who would join a ‘jumping off of the george washington bridge’ club if nancy drew was going to be part of it) solve mysteries that would have largely gone unsolved otherwise” journey