My First You Tube Video (by cazzak3)

Be gentle with me Ross ;D 

Yeah so THIS is me… well a nervous-ish me. One of 2 definite videos! :’-) Hope it’s not too boring. Could have said more but and only touched on a few things. Mainly Inspirations In Art

Manic Vision!

Short Story/Flash Fiction By Caroline C Kimberley  © - 2010-2011 

The door slammed shut.

“Get out of there,” a voice called from beyond the void.

The door was slipping further and further from me. Stepping forward each time speeding my reaction to grasp the handle.

Easing myself to the floor I sat crossed legged in the blindingly white room. The door continued to slip away before my eyes.

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Cabin Fever

by Caroline C Kimberley ©  2007

My heartbeat was racing. And my feet were pacing

Up and down the threadbare carpet. Shivers leaving me in a cold sweat

My paranoia’s increasing. There’s no power, no heating

Nightmares begin to seep. 

Through to reality. An odd popularity

Sound emphasizing. An inner voice criticizing

No door, no key

Four Walls closing in on me. Mind, a pit of insanity


Art, Art Blog Tour and Me - Carloine C Kimberley (by cazzak3) Just a short (10 funking minute) guide through my arty stuff! :D