Klaus Mikaelson rules Hell cruelly and violently, with his faithful sister, Freya, by his side. For a thousand years everything was fine, till this girl with a halo of light around her, appears at his city.

Caroline Forbes, the only one who can destroy him.

He can either break her heart and destroy her… Or he can let her in and make the queen of Hell.

Klaus’ Favorite Sire - Chapter 7

It was asked for, so hopefully, I’ve delivered something you’ll all enjoy.

Klaus’ Favorite Sire – In Progress

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Chapter 7

Lena strolled into the first bar she found in the quiet little town.  Something about the town felt familiar to her.  She had a feeling it had to do with Klaus, but she preferred not to think much about it.  The first thing she did was order a drink, knock it back, and order another. She was so tired of trailing behind Klaus and Elijah whenever a problem came up.  

“Hmmm… Don’t you look new around here.”

Lena turned to her right to see a dark- haired man sitting a stool away from her, drinking a whiskey.  After Klaus, Lena had little in starting up something she knew would only end in heartbreak or bloodshed, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t flirt a bit.

“That’s because I am.  What are you? The welcome committee?”

“Not quite,” the man said with a grin.

“Oh?  So, can I ask how you knew I was new around here?”

“I don’t think I would be able to forget such a beautiful face.”

Lena scoffed.

“You wouldn’t now, would you?  I’m sure someone who looks like yourself has seen many a beautiful woman.”

“Are you flirting with me,” he responded with a smirk.


Lena internally rolled her eyes when she noticed the guy’s eyes dilate.

“We’re gonna get out of here and head back to my place for some drinks.”

Lena placed a hand on the guy’s arm, digging her nails as deep as they could go.

“Why would I do that?  I don’t even know your name.”

The guy narrowed his eyes, flinching slightly at the holes Lena was puncturing in his arm.

“You’re a vampire…”

“Ding, ding, ding.  We have a winner.”

“Damon, we’ve been looking for you all day for you…”

The girl behind Lena stopped talking when she saw her.

“So, your name is Damon.  Who might your little friend be?”

Lena let go of Damon’s arm, turning to smile at the girl.  

“My name’s Lena,” Lena said as she narrowed her eyes.  Of all things to run into, it just had to be a doppelgänger.  She groaned to herself as she held out her hand, a smile painted on her lips.

“Elena,” the girl said, holding out her hand.

Her actions were slow, as if she was hesitant.  Lena took charge of the situation though, grabbing onto Elena’s hand and shaking it firmly, noticing a flicker of an emotion shoot through the younger girl’s eyes.  Lena couldn’t hear a heartbeat from either one and she knew they just had to be vampires.  She had a feeling this must be the doppelgänger Elijah had mentioned in passing once.  She grinned at them both and downed the rest of her drink.

“Well, it’s been nice meeting you two.”  Lena stood, ready to leave, but then her eyes flickered to Damon.  She might as well have a little fun.  She reached over the bar, grabbing a stray pen and receipt. She scribbled her number across it before folding it and slipping it into Damon’s pocket.  “You know how to reach me if you want to have some fun. You know us old ones; we’ve got loose morals and don’t judge so much these days, hampers the fun.”

Lena winked at him and shot Elena a toothy smile before sashaying out of the bar.  She had a feeling this little town would at least be interesting if nothing else.


Lena managed to compel herself a nice apartment in Mystic Falls.  After she found a snack, she went there to rest a bit.  The past few days had been a bit straining to say the least.  She turned on her phone, biting her lip when she saw the missed calls from Elijah and Klaus. One message was from Rebekah.  She knew what she would say, so Lena deleted the message.  No matter what Rebekah had to say, she wouldn’t regret her decision to kill Marcel.  She scrolled through the messages from Elijah first.  They were mostly him asking how she was doing, where she went, if she needed anything to call him.  She deleted them after she read them.  She tapped on one of Klaus’ messages randomly.  It was a text: “Come back. Please.”  Lena sighed, placing the phone down on her bed.  This one was from a few hours ago, the last in a long string of texts and phone calls from Klaus that ranged from anger to annoyance, to slight desperation and pleading, the type Lena knew was rare from Klaus and wouldn’t last long.  She picked up her phone, deleting the rest of his messages.  She could feel a slight headache coming on.  She placed her palm against her forehead.  Her phone vibrated, and in her annoyance, Lena didn’t even think to look down at the caller ID.


She heard a deep breath before the voice she’d loved for so long filled the dead air.

“Love. Where are you?”

“I can’t tell you, Nik,” Lena sighed into her phone.

She leaned against the wall of the room, now glancing out the window.  She splayed her fingers against the cool glass, tapping gently.

“I understand what you did.  I don’t forgive you, but… I just want you back.”

Klaus’ voice strained the further he spoke.

“I can’t…”

“You can,” he snarled into the phone.

“I won’t. I need space, Niklaus.”

The was a moment of silence as Lena said Klaus’ full name, something she rarely did unless provoked.  It was clear from his tone that he didn’t appreciate it.

“Well, you won’t be getting it from me.  I’ll find you if I have to.  Don’t make this harder for both of us.”

Lena snarled at the threat.

“Goodbye, Klaus.”

She quickly hung up and flung the phone towards her bed.  She’d avoid him for as long as she could, she decided then and there.  She’d have some fun and live her life on her own for as long as she could.  


The next day, Lena decided to walk around the small town and explore.  She’d already met two vampires here.  She wondered if there would be any more.  She walked through the town square and stopped walking when she spotted Damon.  She tilted her head, watching as he spoke with a blonde.  She decided to listen in from where she was.  She sat on a bench, slightly bored until she heard Damon say the name “Katherine.”  As if one doppelgänger wasn’t enough.  She remembered Katherine quite well, although it wasn’t from their interactions when Katherine was Katerina and human.  If she was being honest, she didn’t remember much about Katherine then, other than her screwing over Klaus.  Lena did have to admit, she had respect for someone who managed to screw over Klaus without getting themselves killed.  Since then, she had encountered the bitchy doppelgänger more than once.  Lena prided herself in getting the upper hand whenever she could, which included getting information about people.  Maybe she could use that to her advantage.  She was lost in thoughts, so Lena didn’t notice when Damon made his way over to her, sitting next to her on the bench.

“Are you stalking me now?” he asked with raised eyebrows.  “If you wanted to see me so badly, you could have just asked for my number yesterday.”

Lena smirked at Damon.

“Is that so? Well, I wasn’t stalking you, but I found your conversation to be quite interesting.  Did you screw Katherine?  Or… no, let me guess… you did, and she screwed you back.  Am I close?”

Lena could tell her comment pissed Damon off.  She leaned in close, placing her lips at the edge of his ear.

“Before you think of doing something I can promise you will be incredibly stupid, I’ll tell you a little secret.  Might as well since it would be rude for you to ask me my age.  I was turned in 1002.”  Lena placed a hand on Damon’s chest.  “You can do the math.”

She moved away, watching as he thought over his options.

“So, what, you’re old.  It’s not like you were turned by an Original.”

Lena tsked.

“Assumptions will only make an ass of you, Damon.”

Damon studied her, wondering if she was being honest.  For a moment, he wondered if he could use her.  Maybe she knew Katherine if she was that old.  If she knew Katherine, she might know something to use against her.  He decided to see if he could get anything out of her.

“So, you know Katherine?” he asked, switching the topic.

Lena leaned back, crossing her legs, which caught Damon’s attention for a second as his eyes flickered down.

“I knew her, briefly.  It was very fleeting.  You should know, she’s always on the run, that girl.”

“You don’t happen to know of something or someone other than a certain big bad hybrid that might scare her off, do you?”

Lena stretched her arms, laying one against the back of the bench.  She reached out, playing with the neck of Damon’s shirt.

“How about a deal.  I tell you about my time with Katerina, and you tell me why you need to get rid of her in the first place.”

Damon narrowed his eyes.

“What do you get out this?”

“I get to tell tales of my youth,” Lena said with an exaggerated pout and bat of her eyelashes.


Lena stood up.

“Good. Now, I need a drink before I start my story.  You got anything good at your place?”


Lena put her feet up as she drank the whiskey Damon had poured for her.  Damon sat across from her, drinking his own, while looking at her expectantly.

“Is story time going to happen anytime soon?”

Lena gave an exaggerated sigh.

“Well, if it must.  Let’s see… where to start.”

Lena tapped her chin, thinking of a plan.  If they found out she knew Katherine when she was a human, then they might connect her to Klaus, which was not something she cared to do right about now.  She decided to skip over that part.

“It was the mid-1600s and Katerina was, of course, on the run.  We were… hmmm… in what would now be Paris, I guess.  There were always parties being thrown and what not. I heard about her in the circles I ran with, so naturally, I decided to meet her for myself…

Lena was sipping her drink whilst sitting on a table, a few people crowding her.  She’d decided on a little excursion away from Klaus.  She was somewhere in France, partying it up the best she could. From across the room, she could spot a familiar mop of brown waves.  Katerina Petrova.  Something, maybe a slight defiance to Klaus, piqued in her mind as she found herself sashayed towards the younger vampire.  She smirked as she found Katerina unable to recognize her.  She held out a hand.

“Lena.  No last name, you know must know how troublesome those old names can be,” she said with an easy smile.

“Katerina.  I understand completely.”

“That’s all you’re giving me?” Damon complained.

“Well, I’m certainly not going to lay out all my cards before you’ve even played one.”


Damon’s eyes tracked down Lena’s body.  He was bitter about Elena picking Stefan over him.  Maybe a little break was in order.  He walked over to her, refilling her drink.  Damon sat behind her, deciding he would at least stall in the funniest way he knew how.  He laid an arm behind her on the couch.

“How about before that, I take you up on that offer you proposed yesterday?”

Lena narrowed her eyes slightly, her grin twisting into a grin.  She knew Damon clearly didn’t want to talk about his past with Katherine. It didn’t care much to her.  If he wanted to string this situation out a bit, she would to.  She had all the time in the world. She could play this game better than him any day.  

“Depends. Are you planning on screwing me on this couch, or do I at least get a bed?”

Damon gave her a wolfish grin, pulling her onto his lap.

“Well to be honest, I was going for two rounds.  Figured we could change the scenery for the second.”

Lena huffed out a slight laugh, splaying her hands on his chest.

“Only two?” she mocked as Damon’s arms wrapped around her torso and she quickly leaned down, meeting his lips.

Oh, Lena certainly planned to have fun with this one.


                                                         However long it takes.

                                                                 Yours, Klaus