Caroline Battle

When I was stuck on Arbor Day things @thetourguidebarbie hit me with “she can make plants erupt from the ground and do her bidding” which turned into this. Hybrid!Klaus, college student turned Mutant!Caroline. Featuring tree!sex (as in *against* trees no with trees, just to clarify!).

Short Shallow Gasps

The tiny huff of breath Klaus lets out – not quite annoyed but definitely impatient – is the last straw.

As they’d trekked through the bayou Caroline had ignored pointedly ignored his questions. What was her plan, how long did she think it would take etc. etc. Eventually, he’d gotten the hint and fallen silent. It wasn’t even that she didn’t want to answer, it was that she really couldn’t and she hated to admit it. Caroline was still figuring out her freaky mutant powers, what she could do, and they seemed to grow by leaps and bounds. It’s not like the crazies at Whitmore who’d experimented on her had provided a manual so she relied on instinct and a whole lot of trial and error. Once they’d arrived at a suitable location - enough space, decent tree cover – he’d taken to pacing. A pointed glare had nipped that in the bud.

She’d thought she could finally concentrate but nope. Did Klaus think that standing barefoot in the center of a clearing trying to coax life into being was her idea of a good time? She’d had big plans with Netflix and a batch of peanut butter cookies when he’d knocked on her door with what he’d termed an emergency.

Which it totally wasn’t but by the time she’d gotten the details they were already in the car and outside the city limits.

Caroline whirls, flips her hair out of her face, and stomps the few paces to where Klaus is leaning against a tree. His brows lift in interest as he surveys her but he doesn’t flinch away from her temper. “Is there a problem, love?”

She stops when they’re toe to toe, crossing her arms defiantly. “Yes, there is a problem. I am attempting to regrow a flower that has been extinct for fifty years. It’s not native to Louisiana, and oh yeah, I only have like three measly dried petals to work with. Do you seriously think that’s easy?”

He opens his mouth to reply but Caroline shakes her head, shifting forward and invading his space. It’s a classic-Klaus move, one she’d been on the receiving end of way too many times. She’s stopped finding it intimidating and Klaus doesn’t either, his lips curling in indulgent amusement. “Newsflash: it’s not.”

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starflash visits the tempe museum of contemporary art (T.M.O.C.A.) february 2013 

anonymous asked:

"we hate each other but you get shot in the arm and my house is the place you crawl to and you direct me as i cut the bullet out of your shoulder" klaroline au Please! !

Warning: This is not betaed so please excuse any errors.


Caroline smashed her fist against the bed. Maybe if she ignored the incessant knocking it would go away. The pounding continued. She threw the covers back with such violence the duvet came off the bed. Switching her bedside lamp on, she got off the bed and marched out of the room.

“This better not be that smirking idiot,” she muttered thinking of her next door neighbor, the painter.  The guy constantly made her life miserable by complaining if she as much as sneezed. He would come to her door several times a day to harp about the littlest things like her music was too loud or her blow dryer noise bothered him. She considered moving but the location was really premium and the apartment more than affordable.

She approached the door and looked through the peephole. No one was there. Caroline frowned. She was about to turn around when she heard another knock. This time lower on the door.

“Who is it?” she asked tentatively.

“It’s Klaus,”

Anger had her grinding her teeth, her fist closing. What the fuck did he want to complain about now? No, hell no, you are not opening that door, Caroline.

“I was sleeping in my bed. I am sure you didn’t hear anything. Now, go away,” she yelled.

“No, Caroline. Please. Open the door. I’m hurt. I need your help.”

Her inside stilled at the pain she heard in his voice. She lifted her hand towards the door handled but stilled it. It was late and she was alone. Should she really let the guy in? What if he was the psycho she accused him of being so many times?

“Please, Caroline.”

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For klaroline au week adversaries prompt: Klaus and Caroline have younger siblings who are in the same grade. There's a class fundraiser and they're competing over who can sell the most boxes of candy.

Have You And Grab You

Caroline hadn’t intended to spend her summer vacation helping Jeremy Gilbert sell chocolate bars. It had just kind of happened.

Okay, fine, it wasn’t so much ‘helping’ as it was completely taking over. Was it Caroline’s fault that Jeremy was a slacker with zero entrepreneurial instincts? She didn’t think so. And he (and his classmates!) would totally thank her when they were staying in a nice hotel on their class trip.

That’s what she told herself. But mostly she was just so very bored.

Caroline had been a teeny bit apprehensive about leaving Mystic Falls, scared she’d drown in the bigger pond that was Loyola University. But, much to her relief, that hadn’t happened. Kat, her assigned roommate, had turned out to be awesome even if she’d been scary upon first impression. Katherine had a knack for finding the best parties, and was the greatest wingwoman in the history of time. She was confident, and fun and a big part of the reason Caroline had come to love New Orleans.

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For anyone who’s in the “magcon” fandom (idk what else to call it tbh) just thought I’d let you know that Caroline lost her battle with cancer and Hayes and Cam will probably be hit hardest by it so just respect that when they come online to the news.

So this will be after the wedding battle because Caroline wears the dress but most likely before the sadness promo pics (unless this is Damon giving Elena a dream). Caroline looks pretty happy and not heartbroken. I would love if Elenas last scene with Caroline is being happy for her and Stefan.

Written In The Stars

A/N: Based on a prompt – I’ll mention the prompt in a later update, don’t want to give too many details away just yet.

Set in Season 7, the fic starts right after Valerie tells Stefan about the baby. 7x06 to be exact. So this is basically a mini-rewrite starting from 7x06. No flash-forwards. The first chapter will be very similar to 7x06 with major alterations of course. Chapter 2 onwards things will be completely different from canon.


He hung up the phone and turned around to glance at the woman who would have been the mother of his child had things gone differently. What would that have felt like he wondered? What would it have been like to be a father? He had never really come close to the feeling, so he couldn’t really imagine it. Sure he watched out for Sara, but that was more guardian like than anything else. He felt an obligation because she was blood and because his brother caused the single greatest tragedy of her life. So he made sure she was safe and secure. But he didn’t feel like a father; and he never would. He thought that was something he had made peace with. But now that he knew that he could have been a father, that there was indeed a child that was conceived but sadly not brought into the world because someone decided this new life would be an inconvenience, he couldn’t help but feel immense sorrow at his loss.

The grief of losing his only chance at fatherhood tormented him as he explained to Valerie that he would have wanted a child and that if Julian were to rise, he would kill him. 

“There are five guest bedrooms, pick one” he said. And she did. 

He opted for the couch. Sleep wouldn’t be easy to come by. Too much information had been handed out to him. He couldn’t possibly just drift off to sleep after all that had happened that day.

His mind wandered to Caroline. He had lied to her earlier. He told her that there was nothing monumental that she should know about. He wasn’t doing anything untoward he reasoned with himself. It wasn’t as if he was cheating on her. Guilt was an accompaniment to wrongdoing, but it was not his intention to wrong her, quite the opposite really… a white lie never really harmed anybody. He still loved her after all.

She was insecure as it was about Valerie, why cause her unwanted anguish by telling her Valerie was once pregnant with his child. That he wished he could have seen his child be born and raised him. She would empathize; she certainly would be heartbroken for his loss. But he knew her all too well. She would also over think it and wonder if he had a connection with Valerie that she will never have. No, he decided; the truth would be far more troublesome that it was worth. Ignorance was bliss; what she did not know would not harm her.

Chapter 1 - The Road To Hell Is Paved With Good Intentions

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Bryant took this photo of Cameron and Hayes praying for this wonderful spirit named Caroline who has been battling cancer. Her wish of meeting the boys came true. This photo depicts a moment of deep, honest emotion. The sensitivity of Cameron, especially, had come through; he was crying. After meeting Caroline, Hayes and Cameron embraced one another in a hug. This brave, young girl has definitely touched the hearts of many. It pains me to see people suffer. I’ve lost many loved ones to this illness. It is the worst feeling that no one should ever experience. I pray to God that he watches over her and everyone going through this battle on a daily basis. I pray they recover to full health and happiness. Stay strong and keeping fighting.