Caroline Battle Reader Awards

BEST DRAMA: Poldark (głosuj!)

BEST ACTOR: Other: Aidan Turner (wpisz i głosuj!)

BEST ACTRESS: Eleanor Tomlinson (głosuj!)

BEST NEWCOMER: Gabriella Wilde (głosuj!)

TV STAR OF 2016: Aidan Turner (głosuj!)


graphic battle: forwood + happiness
edwardrockbells vs. strengthofyourhearts


Vivid Vision’s beautiful photo set of our Disney Battle Princesses!

Each costume made and designed by cosplayer in them, except for Elsa, Jasmine and Snow White which were designed by the Jasmine cosplayer (Gladzy Kei)

Elsa// Jessica Nigri
Ariel// Caroline Dawe
Snow White// Andy Rae
Jasmine// Gladzy Kei
Cinderella// Jessica Roh
Megara// Megan Langan (my photo’s big because I’m selfish and a vertical one had to be the odd one out HAH)

The Holy Page “Growth” Compilation is a sequencing of songs and sounds compiled by Christian Filardo from bands and artists around the world. This compilation seeks to understand the dialogue between artistic creation and physical and mental growth. It is with much joy that I present to you a seed of expansion that transcends time and place. Enjoy.


released 10 November 2012 
Artwork By: Caroline Battle and Christian Filardo 

Mastered By: Nathan Rich You can buy the tape HERE!

A few months ago my partner Caroline Battle over @ Slowest Press and I got commissioned by writer Matthew Sherling to make an 8 page mini zine of one of his poems. Here is a look at the final result. The cover is made out of the Sherling’s old clothing and is also letter-pressed. 

So for the first time ever we are offering a super cool deal that includes a complimentary zine and cassette with any purchase of a single Holy Page cassette. If you buy any cassette that we have, you will get “Excess of Labor” which contains seven unheard B Sides from Power that didn’t make the final record. Also you will get an 18 page Xerox zine called HOMES, that includes drawings, photographs, and text. So get the swag while you can people. This is limited to the first 24 that purchase anything!!!

Battle Armor Disney Princesses!

A drawing of cosplay friends in their Disney Princess Battle Armor!

Armor designs by each person! Check them out! :)

Snow White - Andy Rae Cosplay

Megara - Megan Langan Art/Cosplay 

Cinderella - Pompay Cosplay - Jessica Roh

Ariel - Caroline Dawe Art/Cosplay

Jasmine - Gladzy Kei Art/Cosplay

Anna - Vivid Vision

Elsa - Jessica Nigri


starflash visits the tempe museum of contemporary art (T.M.O.C.A.) february 2013