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Seriously?! Are you trying to kill me with this Khanlock stuff?! It's so fantastic! I need it!! PUHLEESE!!

Here is all I have in one spot for you and anyone else who wants to read it. It is likely that one day, when my other elventy-billion other stories are done, I will finish it. Maybe. I think. And there may possibly perchance perhaps be some bonus material including a smooch. Maybe. ;)

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“I warned you,” Carol said firmly, standing on the walkwayin the back yard.

She could see Daryl’s eyes zig-zagging around the yard, searching out an escape route, but the only real way was directly behind Carol. She had him cornered.

“You wouldn’t dare,” he goaded.

Carol lifted her eyebrows at the same time she raised the nozzle of the bright green lawn hose in her hands. Her finger was poised around the trigger of the nozzle.

“Don’t underestimate me,” she replied.

Daryl raised his hands slowly, pointing one finger at her. “Don’t. I ain’t playin’.”

“Neither am I,” she said. “It’s been 72 hours since we walked through those gates, and all you’ve done is mope around in your own filth.”

“Hey!” He let his guard down.

Carol opened fire with the hose. The jet of clear water shot out and splattered around across the chest. He squawked and staggered backwards, arms raised as though to swat away the stream.

“Carol, quit it!”

Carol cackled and stopped the hose just long enough for him to lower his arms, and then she was aiming the water at his knees. He side stepped and started stalking toward her.

“Stop!” he barked, but the corners of his mouth were turned up.

Carol kept spraying him point blank until he reached her. Then he was throwing his arms around her, sweeping her clear off her feet, and tackling her to the grass, though he was careful not to actually body slam her. Carol squeaked and sat up, rolling them both over until he was on his back and she was straddling his hips. She ran the hose over his head, soaking his hair as he yelped at the cold.

“Dammit, get off me! You satanic—“ He grappled with the hose, breaking her grasp on it and expertly turning it around.

The cold water blasted against her chest, and she cried out at the cold, toppling backwards across his legs. Daryl sat up and kept the hose on her, and Carol twisted away, yanking the hose back. It slipped out of his hands, and she grabbed it. They both popped up onto their knees and froze temporarily. He was soaked and covered in grass. She was soaked, and her clean white shirt was smeared with grass stains and clinging to her chest. They both breathed heavily, and Carol kept her eyes carefully on him, trying not to give away the fact that Carl was sneaking up behind Daryl with a bucket full of soapy water.

It wasn’t hard to keep her eyes on Daryl. The water and the scuffle had resulted in his bangs being flung back and plastered to the top of his head, giving him a windblown look. The water was already breaking up the stains on his skin, making dark streaks down his arms and neck.

Carol squirted him with the hose again, and he dropped back on his haunches just as Carl dumped the bucket of water over his head.

“Shit!” Daryl yelled, as Carl ran off cackling.

Carol closed the distance between them, and Daryl was just clearing his eyes and meeting her gaze when she reached him. She mashed her mouth against his, running her hands against his chest, under the vest up over his shoulders, pushing the dirty leather down his arms. He rolled his shoulders and unexpectedly returned the kiss, bending her over backwards until she was reclining on the grass, with his weight pinning her down.

She giggled into his mouth, and he let up, looking down at her devilishly. She hummed in amusement and ruffled both of her hands through his hair. His face crinkled as she did so, and he snorted, revealing the closest thing to a smile that she’d seen since they’d reached Alexandria.

“Well now,” she breathed heavily, flopping back onto the grass in defeat. “Let’s get you out of those wet clothes.”

He snickered at her and shook his head. “Yeah, you too.”

“You gotta get off me first,” she hinted.

Daryl just lifted an eyebrow and promptly flopped completely on top of her, trapping her on the grass. His dead weight left her breathless, and she squeaked, swatting at his ribs.


He kissed her then, and she tilted her head into it, her hand wrapping around the back of his neck.

“—punk,” she finished as their lips parted. “Come on, let’s go inside.”

Be There

Carol turned the corner towards the alley, gun raised, and froze.  The walker she’d heard was a child; couldn’t have been older than five when he’d … turned.  Revolver shaking in her hands, she found herself unable to pull the trigger.  Through the rot she could see what remained of a baby face that would never be outgrown – round cheeks and small nose, a large head on small shoulders; even his stumbling was reminiscent of a child still mastering a walk.  Her heart ached fiercely as tears pricked her eyes and a lump formed in her throat.  She couldn’t put the boy down, she just couldn’t do it.

“Carol?”  She heard Daryl’s voice behind her as the small walker shuffled ever closer.  Still, she didn’t shoot or back away.

Daryl spotted the young walker and unease settled in his stomach.  He placed a warm hand over Carol’s  hands and forced them down before raising his crossbow to take the shot.  Finally able to move again, Carol spun around but the sound of the body hitting the ground made her knees go weak as a sob found its way from her throat; she leaned against the wall to remain standing.

“C’mon, there’s more of ‘em comin,’ we’ll stay here tonight ‘til they clear out,” Daryl set his hand on her shoulder and guided her through a door into the building he’d just scoped out.

After securing the exit they made their way to a top floor with broken windows.  The space was one large room with concrete columns throughout, holding the structure up.  They weren’t going to build a fire in order to avoid attracting any unwanted visitors; the full moon shining in would provide any light they needed when night fell.

Carol was silent, eyes distant as she curled up with her knees below her chin and arms wrapped around them.  Daryl let her be as he unpacked their supplies, pulling out a couple sleeping bags and single can of peaches plus a water bottle, walking the perimeter, and staring at the streets below.  When he finally sat down, he sat down beside her, opened the can of peaches, and shoved a spoon in it before offering it to her.  Carol took it and ate a few bites before returning it to him to finish off.  After the meal they continued sitting in silence as the sun set and city became dark.

“I should’ve known … how could I not see it?”  She whispered, staring at the floor in front of her.

“Don’ do that to yourse-“

I should have seen it!  I could’ve tried harder!  And then Mika, she’d-they’d both still be alive!”  Carol cried, tears streaming down her face.  She angrily wiped them away, tired of all the tears she’d shed compared to all the little girls she’d lost.

Daryl put his arm around her and pulled Carol close, holding her tightly as sobs overwhelmed her.  He would never understand this pain, the closest he’d come to it was putting down his already dead brother.  He would’ve given everything to switch places with Carol in that moment.  Anything to take away the pain of the worst choice a person ever had to make.  But he had nothing to give.  No silly flowers or awkward back rubs.  No hope for a world that wasn’t so cruel to those that least deserved it.  All he could do was hold her through the ache and hope it didn’t break them both in the process.