Carol and Daryl


between carol & daryl this episode was so GREAT. I mean AMAZING. Like butterfly in the stomach sweet. Because for one, Carol reciprocated one of THESE looks Daryl has given her:


(screencap by @imothelimo)

AND just their way of communicating without using all of these drawn out words??? Beautiful. They just KNOW each other and they have each other’s backs for even the smallest things like personal grooming (dont even get me started on that scene BITCH that was AMAZING), and when they’re eating and where they’re staying. 


I haven’t watched the show yet but I have seen the Caryl scenes and I swear, if this ship doesn’t go canon at some point. The writers, producers and etc are blind and stupid. No offense but seriously… the sexual tension, the major eye fucking, the soft smiles, the touching Daryl’s hair… god you would be blind if you say these 2 are not in love with each other. This has been a on going thing since S2, it is time to make this canon, it’s beyond time.

I think she cares for King but she cares more deeply for Daryl and it’s so obvious. We already knew Daryl cared even more so after AKs notes for 9x01. Since they have given her Michonnes comic ark, I have a feeling she will end up leaving King and end up with her true love or, after King dies Daryl will support her and be there and once she recovers her and Daryl will figure it out within themselves if you know what I mean.

Im also kind of hoping Henry will end up asking Carol about Daryl and her and maybe ask her if she loves him which will lead to Henry telling her to go after what she loves or something along those lines 💕😍

Either way, tonight we had another win! Caryl all the way on!

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Only Carol

Daryl Dixon was rude to a lot of people in Season 2 BUT the only one he apologized to was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon saw other people in the group losing hope and struggling to find their place BUT the only person he reached out to and tried to comfort was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon watched the others experience loss and grief BUT the only person he specifically chose to watch and help was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon lost other ‘family members’ at the prison BUT the only one he poignantly grieved for was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon came back to the prison with Merle, angry, defensive and distant with everyone BUT not CAROL.

Daryl Dixon put down Merle and came back to the prison overwhelmed with silent grief BUT not with CAROL.

Daryl Dixon flourished into the ‘rock-star’ of the prison community, with a tough but aloof image to sustain BUT yet CAROL allowed to call him Pookie.

Daryl Dixon went on a medicine run and left the whole prison behind BUT when he came back the only one he asked about was CAROL.

Daryl Dixon doesn’t always agree with Rick’s decisions BUT the only one he vocally and strongly disagreed with was the one that took CAROL away from him.

Daryl Dixon has cried tears of pain, loss, hurt and anger on several occasions BUT the only time he cried tears of JOY was when CAROL came back.

Daryl Dixon can destroy a tank, kill walkers with a chain and be 'cool’ doing anything BUT whenever he’s around CAROL he often seems to be off his game.

Daryl Dixon has spent a life time trying to get self-worth validation from other people BUT the only person he has ever openly asked about what they think of him was CAROL

Daryl Dixon knows how to be light and funny BUT the only person he’s openly tried to make laugh is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon isn’t very 'touchy-feely’ and it seems like his hair is a big deal to him BUT the only person he’s allowed to brush his hair and kiss his forehead is CAROL.

Daryl Dixon has spent his whole life covered with dirt and wearing whatever BUT the moment CAROL changed her clothes he not only noticed but also suddenly cared about what she wore.

Daryl Dixon has 'started over’ a lot throughout his life BUT the only person he ever talked about it was CAROL.

*gifs by @oohhshiny

The reason Carol leaves is because she’s afraid of losing the one person she loves most, Daryl. She continues to push him away, because she can’t stand the thought of him dying. That would absolutely destroy her inside. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that the last time Carol sees Daryl is when they are both digging a grave together. She gives him a long, hard stare as if she doesn’t want to have to bury him. Daryl and Carol look to each other for strength. They find strength in each other. Carol is afraid of getting hurt. She can’t stand the idea of the people she loves, especially Daryl, dying. For Carol love is pain and Daryl hurts (burns) her the most, because she loves him so bad. Let’s not forget when she told him, ‘I can’t lose you too.’ The reason she can’t lose him too is because they draw strength from each other. They only feel whole together, soul mates.